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Holiday Delights

Holiday Delights

Holiday Delights come in all kinds of packages and in the Minor Moments of each day.  Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments as Jim Haisler and Linda Gullo kick off another Podcast.  Every day is a place we’ve never been before, so we need to look ahead to all the wonderful surprises.  There are events filled with joy and hidden blessings in the challenges we face.

Living fully isn’t easy as people face fires, illnesses, long term recoveries, or losses, but there are pieces of light and wisdom mixed in.  So how do we filter these times?  Where do you find joy and light in moments of pain and sorrow? It calls us all to help one another.  It calls us to celebrate the wins every single day.  Furthermore, it teaches us to have a sense of humor!

Circle of Life

The Circles of Health, Wealth, Kindness, & Color brings us to completion.

As this year comes to a close, let’s rally in the steps you have taken forward.  Learn from the mistakes and know you can forgive yourself for the slip-ups.   Rally in the wins of work, meeting a nice person along the way, or the great dinner with family and friends that is coming up this week.  Maybe you only lost 10 pounds, but it is still excellent.  If you didn’t accomplish what you set out to do, there is a new day coming to make a small step forward.   Taking that one step may put you on the escalator of success.

Get out the new calendar and knowing who you are, just set up fun stuff for yourself.  Block out times whenyou want to do special things and DO THEM.  Get a team together that will help you forge ahead.  Call on people who are ahead of you on the journey.  Look for them at church, at meetings, in the community, and ask around.   Help is nearby.

By all means, join us regularly here at  There are many new and exciting things going on at Delight in Living!  Here in the office and online, we will be supporting your efforts and struggles with blogs, podcasts, and bits in wisdom. Join us for Timely Topics, and groups onsite.  We want to part of your life!

Advent is coming to an end!

Blessings for you as you celebrate and in the New Year of  2019!  Oh and please tell others about our site.  We’d be most appreciative!

Being Prepared for Success

Being Prepared for Success

Welcome to this weeks Mini Miracles from Minor Moments Podcast. Today’s topic  is on Being Prepared for Success.  We begin with Jim Haisler’s Introduction.  Enjoy the story is Linda’s episode at Woodfield Mall about getting locked out of her car.

Check out Timely Topics on this site about the monthly programs.  Next month is on Anxiety.

Are you a parent or have experienced packing up a diaper bag?  Listen to how this is relevant to you.  This is a section on preparedness! Listen to some questions on how you might consider as we wind down the year. Have a great week!

A 17 Month Desk Top Calendar gives us perspective!

Taking just one step forward may put you on the escalator of success!

Programming Your Way to Success

Programming Your Way to Success

Good morning and welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments. A Staple may hold your papers together, but what holds you together are the minor moments so join us here every week for Mini Miracles from Minor Moments on Friday.

This weeks Podcast is number 112. Today we are going to talk about healthy way to program yourself to success. You know we literally need to take time to relax and it is good to do in 5 minute segments.

If you have the art of writing then perhaps the best thing for you to do is to journal. Journaling is so wonderful, because it allows his to put our thoughts down in writing.It allows us to make lists, to doodle, and to get our minds activated. it also allows us to center in and clarify what we are doing in our lives. So it doesn’t hurt to sit down and jot down a few thoughts.

Get that pencil out and begin journaling!

I like to have it in a book that I can carry around with me, because then it is there at my fingertips. The other thing is perhaps you have a dog or a cat, you know there is nothing more comforting then to sit down and pet that animal. Just to take the time to s-l-o-w down and relax. Also we fuel ourselves with things we shouldn’t. A lot of people start their day off with a cup of coffee and that isn’t all bad. I think we all need to have a routine and know what works well for us, but if its to it down and have a cold glass of water then that’s good too. We need to stay fluid and keep our systems. Because our systems are designed to work well when we have fluids in us.

One of the things I have been guilty of for many years is multi-tasking. I think it began when my kids were little. I would have the kitchen sink full of dishes soaking, I would run downstairs and have the washing machine on. Or I’d be helping the kids with something and the phone would ring and I’d be talking to my mother. It just seemed that I would so many things at one time and kinda stayed with me for many years. I have to tell you that it’s not the best way to operate.

In the last few years I have been very conscious of what I have been doing and focusing on one thing at a time, like doing this podcast. When I focus on doing one thing at a time it gets down well and completely and I know that everything I’ve done is the best I can do. That is true with so many things. I have my Christmas cards in the next room here. I have wanted to write notes and send them out. And I haven’t had time to focus on them. I did about ten of them and then got distracted so I put them aside. I know there is plenty of time between now and Christmas to get them out to people, but I want to take time —even if it’s 10 at a time or 5 at a time to get them down well. I am going to feel good not multitasking. I will feel that they are done well.

To program yourself for success, you also have to have good habits. Is it important that you walk every day? Is it important that you get a good nights rest? Absolutely! All the above.

We need to know what we are doing and how to take care of ourselves. As I get older I think, oh my gosh all the times I didn’t take care of myself,– mea culpa, mea culpa, I am really guilty about that.

Another way to program yourself for success is to realize there is help around you. For years I did not take that help as much as I do now. I have someone in the office, Barb who comes in the office each week who gets things filed and organized. I have a virtual assistant Jenny who now helps me on a regular basis, and best of all I have a couple of good friends that I can bounce things off of and that too is so very important. So my little team here is growing, my helpers are growing. I look around and see that I have support in ways that I didn’t recognize that I had support.

Magic chimes lead us into the next section.

Did you know that there are 6 rules to changing your life? First of all put things on a Calendar.  Calendars are so wonderful for us. They take care of our memories and keep things in front of us -acting as memory. The 2nd thing is not to schedule two things at the same time. I know that sounds silly, but it is easy to do; to think we can double up and get more done in less time. It doesn’t work that way. Multi tasking has never worked well for any of us. 3rdly, use blocks of time for yourself. Make sure you have blocks of time to do the things you want to do for your own individual benefit. set a reminder for everything. It’s important to set time limits.We can get so consumed in a project and forget everything else. this happened to us last night. My husband and I were working a jigsaw puzzle- and we get so invested in these puzzles that 2 hours have passed and its “oh my gosh we should get to bed”.It’s so important that we set reminders for everything in our lives. Another thing that helps is if you are a computer user, a phone user and other technology yes of advises, make sure that you sync them together. It’ll help you keep life easier.At the end of each week, take time to review and see all that you have accomplished. What you have accomplished and what you need to do the coming weeks. This is simple; sometimes the simplest things go right past us. BUT it is easy to do these things to change your life.

What trail do you set for yourself when it comes to being successful? My goal is to be successful and creative in the meantime and help people learn things that are going to make their lives easier. For example today I was watching Rosy. Yesterday I was outside in the snow and I had made a trail to the garden house at the back of our property.

As I was doing that,, my husband asked me why I was bothering to do that and I said I wanted to have access to the Delightful Den any time of the year and this is the time of year I need to make a trail. We all need to set trails for ourselves. Trails for success for achieving anything we want to succeed in. A few days ago I had set in a path; the snow blew over it. I was back at shoveling it again; clearing the path. Today I noticed that Rosy, was following the trail to the back of our yard. Funny Rosy followed that path as if it was a trail made for her. she went to the back to take care of business and then I noticed that she followed the trail back again.

Your presence in life and your performance in life also follows a trail. For some people its successfully dressing. They are always classy, neat and clean and present a profile that is just spectacular. They are neat and clean; they have a touch of styling to them. They dress appropriate for everything they attend and they fit the occasion just superbly.

I think that is how we have to be with our lives too. We have to be available to help one another. When the time happens that we have to be at a hospitable to help somebody or suddenly someone needs our help because they have a flat tire. any of the little things that happen in our lives . We have to be available to help each other at any point in life.

Your presence and performance and the example you set speaks volumes. So my question to you today is what trail are you following to get to the point you want to be at? What do you need to do to be successful? Decide and then just do it. Show up and say what you need to say. Do what you need to do and you’re available for everybody. think again, what is the trail you are setting for yourself. Where do you want to end tip?

Magic chimes.

In concluding today’s podcast, I wanted to share a few things as we enter into the month of December. Yes, I know we will be meeting here again next Friday as well, but I wanted to tell you that celebrating the holidays can be very stressful. We want everyone to stress less. Set your vision on specific traditions and celebrate those. Simplify your decorations, maybe it is better to have less, than to be stressed and putting out so much. Also we are all going to be driving places and the weather is not always the best, so drive safely, set enough time aside for all scheduling and for all the thing s you need to do; for the things that are important and relevant for you. Be selective in what you decide to attend. Most of all be prayerful at this time of the year and connect with those you find are very special to be with. Enjoy the times with your families and have a really good month. I will see you next week at the same time. Remember putting your best foot forward may put you on the escalator of success. Until next time this is Linda and have a good week.

Oh Glorious Snow or Is It?

Glorious snow blesses the Midwest and offers opportunities for joy!  We do know however, that snow affects us all differently.   It all depends on one’s self talk and health status.  For some people it provides an opportunity for having fun and results in complete joy as shown here.  It is beautiful and miraculous as it transforms the empty branches with a coating of glistening white.  Snow angels start appearing as kids play in it.  Snow artists are developing magnificent creatures and snowmen!

For those who enjoy seasonal sports like ice skating, skiing, and snow boarding, this weather is a delight.

All this snow is wonderful!

For others snow is depressing and isolating.   Snow depression and Seasonal Affective Disorders referred to as SAD are real. Withdrawal from activities, depression, loneliness, fatigue and mood changes are real.  Especially for those with physical limitations.  People feel isolated and suddenly become hermits.  Our seasonal office helper here is demonstrating how weather can be limiting us.

This mischievous elf got caught sleeping on the job!

The shorter days offer less light and opportunities to stay connected so we need to consciously stay involved.  A few suggestions are:

  • Play board games or get out a deck of cards to stay mentally sharp.
  • Puzzles are favorite pass times and offer moments of time spent together.
  • Write notes for the holidays.
  • Make phone calls to those you need to connect with to hear their voices.
  • Exercise helps us stay vibrant and moving.   Stretch often and take a walk outside the front door just to feel the freshness.
  • This too shall pass, the weather is temporary!
  • Meditate or write out your calendar with birth dates and appointments for the coming year.
  • Let this time become moments to crochet, woodwork, write, and do crafts.  Perhaps time to mend and catch up on organizing.

For me, I need to clean up shelves and nick nacs,  washing crystal, and getting ready for the holidays.  The snow slows me down to get things done here at home.

When all is said and down, tuck yourself in as Rosy did last night.   Today she actually let me put her bright pink and gray snow cape on.  It keeps her dry, but allows me to see her in the deep snow.

Rosy curls up in a bed half her size for a nap.

Enjoy your day and Cyber Monday!   Take just one step forward and put yourself on the escalator of success!

Having Relevance in Our Lives

Having Relevance in Our Lives

Having relevance in our lives is ongoing and helps us build our own integrity.   Every day is a new day with the potential to love and live life fully.  Join us weekly for Mini Miracles from Minor Moments.  This week Linda shares how quickly our days start and shares her quick start to Friday.  Getting Rosy’s nails done was relevant; when the opportunity presented itself, the day was kicked into gear.

When did you first feel relevant and important?  Do you recall a grandparent’s hug or warm embrace from a dear aunt?  These small, but meaningful encounters make us the people we become.   Thinking about how you function in life helps you embrace an identify and form integrity.  Always in small but significant steps, we find our way into adulthood.  We change roles in our employment, in our homes, with our families, and in society.

Our day kicked off with Snow!

How are you transitioning from one role to another?  Linda talks about her experience in team teaching.  It was a trend that lasted for a short time, but then all of the methods and needs in society help transform us into different menus.

Are you a parent with different age children?   Obviously the way you parent and the needs of each child change us and our family units.

Linda shares how her father-in-law’s heart surgery was an example of how trends and medicine continues to change. 


Take the one step that may put you on the escalator of success.


This content is not scripted.   Please listen and enjoy the short upbeat podcast every Friday.


Chasing Away Loneliness

Chasing Away Loneliness

Chasing Away Loneliness isn’t the easiest thing to do.   It is the smallest things in life that bring us great joy.   Welcome to Podcast 110 and the Fall Season.  Hopefully this weeks podcast will allow you to be aware of how all people suffer from this emotion more often than one thinks.   Now with Halloween behind us and all the fun building through the Fall season, how will you reach out to other people.  It will help you and others around you.

Halloween Fun allows us to connect with one another.

Conversations connect us to one another.  Linda shares how the conversation about dogs allowed a man installing shades to converse with her.   The simple things in life can make things so much better.

Enthusiasm is contagious and takes away our loneliness!

Linda talks about the Winter Olympics of 1994 and how much of it thrill it brought to her.   Dan Jensen was a success in reaching a gold medal.   She connects this memory with how people celebrate.  How do you connect ? Who do you talk with each day?   Do you reach out to others?

Creativity begin from within! Sharing ideas can help us all!

Delight in Living offers support for the Mini Miracles Weekly Podcast.   Won’t you support us with using our Amazon link.  It is an affiliate of ours and we appreciate your using it.

We are not much different from one another!

We are not much different from one another!

We are not much different from one another.  Let me explain.  There is a lovely clerk at our Walgreens store. She is always very charming with a welcome greeting as one enters the store. I thought it might be a store policy, until I realized she is the only one who seems to do it. It makes me look for her each time. She is just so genuine with the smile to match!  It puts me in a better mood.

It doesn’t take much to realize how much we have in common with other people.  While visiting a local nursing center, I noticed how much pain and the desire to be noticed was evident all around me.  People want attention.  It doesn’t need to be much.  Just a simple “hello, you look so well today” will do the trick to begin a conversation and help a person who has no one around to pay attention.

Whether it is a finding a spot to park or having someone greet us, it makes us happy.

Often reaching out to the visitors there too is important.   Everyone is rushing around trying to be supportive, but they are due a courtesy “hello” as well. Yesterday, as visitors were leaving, I intentionally made it a point to say “have a good night” as they were walking out from their time at the rehab center.  Every single one of them pleasantly replied.  When I returned home I too was greeted by Rosy and it made my day complete.

Always on duty to greet  me or alert me to intruders, my dog is attentive!

It is that mere acknowledgement that we all need. You know the feeling yourself when you are recognized at a store when searching for a product; it feels good to have a helping hand when you are in a hurry and you are trying to find a product. Our local ACE is also very welcoming. It beats the bigger stores because of its customer service.

It is the same feeling you had as a kid when you were picked to be on a team.  You felt seen.  Or when you were recognized for doing well on a project, you felt inspired to keep working.   Recognition is needed by everyone.   Let’s reach out to each other.  Make that call, visit that friend, and have a Blessed Sunday!


Creating a Good Life

Creating a Good Life

Good Morning and Welcome to Podcast # 105, Creating a Good Life  .  This is Linda Gullo from Mini Miracles from Minor Moments where every week I come to you with a different sort of topic; a different idea for the week.  Something that’s going to propel you forward and help you have a super, excellent week ahead.  My mission here is to help others process change. I like to walk along with you,  to support you, to help you, to let you know what’s going on in my own life.  And perhaps it will help you find clarity in your life.  Linda shares a few thoughts from her own life that will help you find clarity in your life! 

Listen for the encouraging tips here!  Linda loves to continue learning and will share some of her favorite people to follow.  Here they are:

Michael Hyatt’s Platform University is just a click away.

Cliff Ravenscraft

Mel Robbins from Success

Brendan Burchard has written about on High Performance.

Steve Dotto has many U-tube helping pieces for the technical world.

Ray Edwards is the Prosperity Academy Guru

Move on Up!

They all have passion about what they do, just like I do for helping you! 

Build the Confidence Muscle is my new course coming up.  It is my new and an encouraging videos and PDF sheets to help you!  Look forward to it!

Linda shares a story of going to the local hospital for a meeting and listen to what happens!  How have you repeated things in your life that seems so easy to deal with and on other days we go in different directions.  Ar you looking in all the wrong places for answers?

Seize the day and go forward.   Take that first step!



How Are You Juggling “Life” this Week?

How Are You Juggling “Life” this Week?

Fall is a time for change and calls us to be at our best.   It is currently a time for me to adapt many of my learned skills now.  I need to put into place a priority list.  I have noticed so many of you are also juggling schedules, responsibilities, and family duties.   It can feel overwhelming, but you can do it well.  Hang in there and listen to Linda’s short and powerful inspiration.

Juggling many things can keep us balanced!

What are the things you can change?   What is holding you back?  Can you plan ahead?  How are you keeping yourself well?

Take one step at a time and keep moving forward.  It will put you on the escalator of success.   You’ll be surprised at how well things work out.   Have a blessed week.

Is Simplicity the New Game Plan this Year?

Is Simplicity the New Game Plan this Year?

Living life well can be as easy as playing a game.  Once you have decided on a plan of action it is a big adventure.   In this podcast of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments Linda has a few thoughts on Less being better for us.  Less stress, less clutter, fewer choices might lead to a happier lifestyle for you.

Podcasting Delights

As Linda flips the page to another thought, it turns into celebrations.   We all need to celebrate.  It may be a birthday that holds special meaning, a retirement party from a long held job, or the advent of a new business?  It could be any number of achievements.

Graduations help to  create new  starting points and close the door to an old chapter.

We all look to see how the future will open the door to new things, but just take time to watch children play and try to join in.  How are you going to get the energy that they have?  Is it seeing things for the first time?  I think that is why so many of us want to travel and be adventuresome as we get older.   We want new experiences, sounds, and joyful moments.

A Prize

See what I found?

Finally, in this podcast Linda tosses out the idea of grabbing on to an encouraging WORD.   Name it and claim it as a possibility for growth and adventure!  Blossom, seize the day, and make it special to you!

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