Being Genuine and Liking Yourself means gathering from your past the good things and building upon them every day of your life. Welcome to Podcast 224  on being genuine and liking yourself. Being aware of what you are doing and how you are moving ahead comes from your past and present.

Who taught you to live well?  Where did you grow up and who set the limits for you? Who kept you accountable? Who watched out for your welfare?  Do you have a good conscience as a result of having good boundaries and wholesome values?

Changes in our times have happened because of a number of things.  Standards have changed.  People no longer work for one company for a long period of time. We pay for things differently. We don’t all know our neighbors like we once had done.  Fewer people are attending a specific denomination church.  So much has changed. What are you accepting and what is causing you to question your environment or make changes intentionally in the way you live? Now is a good time to reflect.

Do you connect with a specific type of music?  What does that music do for you?  Does it connect you with joyful or sad moments?  Linda talks about earworms that keep buzzing in your head or mental landmines that wake you in the middle of the night. How do you clarify things that need your attention?  Are you looking for answers?

Where do you find light for your thoughts and insight?

Phases of life help us advance.  We are all continually going through developmental changes. We are lucky to have businesses and people in our community to help us and support the local schools and events.  Linda talks about a man who set an example of this nature in his community.  His generosity and the community he lived in benefitted everyone greatly and he will continue to be remembered for a few generations.

Taking the next step forward may put you on the escalator of success.