Following Up on Counseling Care

Following Up on Counseling Care

Counseling care can be the most awesome thing you have ever done.  Linda Gullo has been in practice at Delight in Living, Ltd. for over 20 years.  Here she offers a few thoughts on why people seek out counseling.

Our mental health and the way we think about things makes all the difference in the world.  Whether it is resolving a problem, having faulty thinking, or just plain old grieving, counseling is a great avenue to pursue.  In a world where people search for quick fixes and self medicate or just try to ignore the signs and symptoms of loneliness, counseling can help immensely.


This simple 11 minute podcast will hopefully inspire and help you find the care you need.  Let the one step place you on the escalator of success.

Counselors are the Best HIDDEN Secret Around!

Counselors are one of the best hidden secrets around town. This is a first in a series of how we can address issues that tamper with our happiness. This short and impromptu conversation Linda shares with you can help you find meaning and resolve problems along the way.   (This is not a script of the podcast, but simply an overview.)

Linda discusses some of the stigma or concerns that you may think about.   Issues that are keeping you from being happier can be addressed and resolved.  There may be resolution that is quickly resolved by simply discussing a few topics with a professional.  One may be grieving from a major loss in your life.  You may be simply lacking a focus due to stress.  It is good to have a counselor in your rolodex that can be easily contacted as you need one.  It is like having a mechanic to call when your car doesn’t start.   We take better care of our pets than we do taking care of our mental health.

Be strong and seek help. Don't keep hidden concerns keep you from finding joy.

Be your own Bulldog & sniff out the help you need.

Although faulty thinking accumulates over time , one can step away and reclaim thinking for themselves.   We can filter out what doesn’t reflect our values and find happiness.  It floods back into our lives with a few minor adjustments that come to our attention.

Communication is an ongoing process.  We need to feel comfortable with ourselves to enjoy life fully.  Although we use words, we aren’t communicating what we really need or want.   The people around us are also so involved in their own lives that they do not have the skills or time to reach out and help you resolve problems.

Stay tuned for the next Podcast in a week on the potential goodness that arises and some of the topics you are able to bring forward.


Stop waiting and begin creating the life you want.  Don’t keep hidden helpers  (namely Couselors) away.  Take the first step forward and put yourself on the escalator of success.  Try counseling.  Get the support and joy you richly deserve.

Looking for JOY All Over the Place

Are you looking for Joy?

Welcome to the first edition of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments for April 2018. This is your Host Linda Gullo and I am here to welcome you to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments. You know by now that these occur every single day! We just forget to recognize and enjoy them fully.  It’s the minor moments that present opportunities for us to get to know ourselves better.

Today is Podcast 85 on JOY – “yup I said JOY!”  With Easter just this past Sunday, it reminded me that there are so many Easter blessings that will be showing up. Already the days seem longer and the sun is popping up (even in light of some brief snowfalls here. It just is the season to be joyful. Today as I left the house, I noticed that several of the trees had buds—that is so nice to see. And there was a furry line of green were I have lilies planted.  Every time something new comes up there is an opportunity for us to carry in JOY and embellish it.

The State of Oregon

Fresh Flowers by Debbie

An invitation to a business nearby came via the email. I knew the timing would not work, but I longed to reconnect with the lady who sent the invitation.  A Quick email back to her directly and BINGO, we had breakfast together yesterday morning. We have so much in common with one another, yet we haven’t sat down to really share in 2 years. What is that about? It was a wake up call to me that and something I am trying to change. I need to stayed connected with the people who make life JOY FILLED.

Years ago I remember Oprah saying that we needed to create things around us that are beautiful. To put ourselves in an environment that made us happy. It took me back the the earliest years of my marriage. I loved being a homemaker. My son said I was the first Martha Steward. I loved decorating our home, sewing the curtains and making covers for all the kitchen appliances. I found a great fabric outlet from an upholstering company and thrived on going there. Our yard was embellished with all kinds of bird houses and fun things. Together my husband and I refinished pieces of furniture and made our home a true reflection of us. We have always loved our home and the environment we created around us! To us that spells JOY and good time.

So perhaps if you are missing that feeling of happiness, stop and think what is fun for you? What would the ideal life be?  Is it going to a concert with a bunch of friends or to the local outdoor concerts each summer? Is it repainting an old piece of furniture or taking up a new hobby.  Maybe it is learning something new that you do with a group of people? Are you missing the JOY of people in your life? Engage in hobbies or groups where you can be involved.

One of the hardest things in many marriages is when one person has a hobby and the other one doesn’t. Or when the two hobbies clash. Perhaps you love messing around on the computer but your spouse likes to cook and wants you around all the time.

It can be hard to balance things out when that happens. I recall a funny episode in my sewing room years ago. I had a fabric model called Sally Stitch. It was my size and I’d pin and design clothes on her. She stood in the sewing room while I was playing at the sewing machine one day when my husband walked in. Apparently he was lonely for some attention and decided to be silly. In need of some attention from me, he began to dance around with Sally. I remember laughing at his antics. But he did get my attention, so much so, that I remember it all these years.

When I am totally bored and need a boost, I will go to a Floral shop and look for pretty smelling flower arrangement. Suddenly the muggy humid air and freshness wakes me up and gets me moving again. It is particularly helpful in the dark long days of winter.

Even now I find myself with other people flocking to buy trays of the newest annuals and perennials each spring. How about you? Are you ordering those gardening manuals or thinking of your yard? It’s fun to see the crocus’ and baby violets popping up.

So ladies and gents, I wish you all a marvelous springtime of JOY and getting out and about this weekend. Take that first step, it will put you on the escalator of success and Joy.

Until next week, have a glorious weekend, and do something fun!

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Counseling & Coaching-Partners in Care


Hi I am your host Linda Gullo and this is podcast #87. I hope Mini Miracles from Minor Moments will indeed help you find that good things are blossoming all around. These small daily events are truly gifts that give us a feeling of playfulness, confidence, and fulfillment.

Today the topic is one that was requested from a friend who is in one of my Mastermind groups. Just what is the difference between a counselor and a coach? do you prescribe drugs? do you do hypnosis? What training do you have?

Well, Delight in Living counseling is celebrating 20 years in business. It has offered one-on-one psychotherapy. People present concerns from their past that may be affecting their current relationships, occupation and/or choices. Perhaps something in ones family has erupted and is dividing the family.

Has the loss of a job thrown you into depression? Are you suddenly branded with a disease? Are you watching the decline of a parent? How do you proceed?

Often their presenting issues seem obvious and simple to deal with if you are not the person in crisis. Conversations with a professional counselor can help you get past the experiences that keep resurfacing. It could be that you lost a sibling and now you are a generation past that and you see things with your own family that are troubling.

Not all counselors use the same approach.  Yet most counselors are pretty well educated. They can direct you to care takers who specialize if they themselves do not do certain forms of care.

Insights opened up during therapy sessions bring opportunities for greater success and joy through reframing, openly discussing, and seeing the good that has evolved along the past.  Problems, although very real, become little easier to confront. Ideas on reframing their importance or ways to restructure thinking, removes barriers that are preventing you from enjoying life as it is today.

Counseling calls for a therapeutic bond to take place between the client and therapist. A level of trust and confidentiality is essential. Neither Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors nor Coaches prescribe medication. We do as Counselors know the many drugs our patients are taking because of their effects, whether long or short term, and will in some cases, be in touch with the doctors who have prescribed them. This is an option that the patient or client has chosen. They must give written consent for this.

People often present symptoms of depression. They may have physical side effects of high blood pressure, frequent headaches, or short tempers when tension seems to overflow. Anger resentment and or anxiety may contribute to relationship problems. Job losses, poor health, or monetary concerns may result and need to be addressed for things to improve.
Counseling care is often covered for Clinical DSM diagnostic codes. Coaching is usually not covered by insurance.

Counselors allow a safe environment in order for people to safely vent and regain confidence. Sometimes thinking clears up and a pathway to resolve long standing frustrations can evolve.If patients are on medication the counselor can and often will be in touch with the prescribing psychiatrist for continuity purposes.

Coaching on the other hand takes on a different approach. Coaches have endless stories and illustrations to help their clients set goals and move ahead. There are life coaches, as well as, business coaches. Neither are licensed although they may have received training and continuing education requirements in other areas. They may have become coaches from working at large corporations or carry an expertise that allows them to train.

Mini Miracles Coaching is a diversion of Delight in Living and offers online and phone coaching services. For people starting in business, moving across the country or pursuing new dreams this service offers hands on ideas to setting up plans on zeroing in on goals. A well-trained professional is able to facilitate growth and confidence.

As a counselor for the last 20 plus years, I have enjoyed working in Behavioral Health. It has allowed me to be with people and move them ahead. Now as I ease into the Coaching realm, I will be using these skills to help people adjust to feeling better in their day to day lives. Adjusting their physical, spiritual, and daily needs into packages of success and fulfillment.

Hopefully this has helped make a few distinctions between counseling and coaching.  Remember that asking for help is wisdom, not weakness.  We are here to help you take a step that will put you on the escalator of success.  Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine that spring brings to us.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Every day gives us opportunities to color outside the lines.   Kate Halma and Linda  Gullo discuss “She couldn’t keep her color inside the lines so, she drew new lines.”   Do you do that?  Do you color outside the lines? Do you think about other people and how your words or actions affect other people? Do you find it hard to stick to rules, or do you bend easily with the circumstances?

Learning the rules and knowing when to apply them is of great importance.   The ladies talk about safety and the boundaries that rules provide for us.  Listen to their short stories and enjoy them. There are times that rules are designed to protect us.  Often they help us stay healthy and require us to follow guidelines.   Enjoy the new picture you color and remember to adapt what works well for you on paper and in life.

One step can put you on the escalator of success.   Have a bright and happy day!


Consider joining our Mastermind group here under the products guidelines.  We’d love to help you grow in spirit and with your business.

The Pitfalls of Faulty Thinking

The Pitfalls of Faulty Thinking affect many of us.  Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments.   It’s the minor moments in life that allow us to make giant leaps forward.  It’s the minor moments in a conversation with a friend that opens up clarity and insight for you.  It’s those minor moments that bring us joy and mini miracles in our lives.

Welcome to Podcast #85 on the Pitfalls of Faulty Thinking and how these thoughts affect all of us.  This is your Host Linda Gullo and my Co Host, Kate Halma.   “Good morning Kate!”

“Good morning Linda.

Today we are going to open the can of worms called Faulty Thinking.   It is a large one so let’s jump in.  Kate starts in with sharing a story about a friend from her wellness business.  It was all about a misperception and how not having all the facts created faulty thinking.   Listen and enjoy this ongoing conversation as Kate and Linda discuss faulty thinking.  Listen to their ongoing stories and enjoy them.

Here are the two quotes the ladies mentioned:

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”  (William Shakespeare)

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”  (Henry Ford)

Check out the book, The Itchy Soul by El Edwards that Linda was reading.   It is available through our Affiliate link here at Amazon.

In the Midst of Confusion!

Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments. It’s the minor moments in life that allow us to make giant leaps forward. It’s the minor moments in a conversation with a friend that opens up clarity and insight for you. It’s those minor moments that bring us joy and mini miracles!
Welcome to Podcast # 84 called “In the Midst of Confusion!”

This is your Host Linda Gullo and today I have a short podcast with a list of insights for you to think about. Do you stop and think about the biggest win in your week? This can give you great insight. For me it was checking in with a doctor, because of a foot problem. Once I knew what the issue was all about, I began to resolve the problem and also took measures to rearrange my diet. It is amazing how one thing can clear up our minds.

In the midst of confusion we can lose our way.  Often we just give up and ignore taking any steps forward. We are stuck. In the midst of confusion we can lose our way.   Every week in life gives us opportunities for growth and personal insight.  Today someone asked me, “So you think everyone should be in therapy?”

Without skipping a beat, I said “yes, of course!”   At least everyone should have a therapist set up for themselves.   One doesn’t think twice about having their home covered.   They know who to call to fix the furnace.   There is the local Mr. Fix-It, even if it is a family member.   There is the garden guru, the chimney sweep, and the exterminator on call.

For ourselves, we have our dentist, podiatrist, and doctor’s numbers in our smart phones for the regular check up or emergency.   We don’t think twice to get the dog into the vet when it rips its nail or needs shots.   So why in the world, wouldn’t you have a therapist in your phone who knows your situation?   It doesn’t mean you need to clock in every week, but  it certainly helps with things get hectic and you’d like to talk thing through.

After the conversation with this person, I thought of a host of questions.

Where do you want to be? Who is holding you back?  Why do you spend hours on the phone or sit at a restaurant by yourself on social media?   Why haven’t you tackled the list of “to-do’s”  you made 3 weeks ago?  Who have you put ahead of you on the list?   Are you exercising?  Drinking too much?  How do you want to improve?   What purpose in life are you fulfilling?

Well there are not perfect answers or a vitamin you can take to answer and fulfill these questions.   It isn’t like fixing a broken window with specific steps to take.   There are many ways to reach your destination and many people who may help you make the journey, but a therapist is there for you to help you recognize that you are silently ignoring certain things in your life.

Now is the time to take the first step that can put you on the escalator of success.

Story of Uncle Charlie

Children see things so differently than adults do. There ability to accept things as they do— helps all of us conquer the difficult things in the world. I love to be with small children. They delight in things we can’t even see. They giggle and have genuine reactions to simple things. We get so derailed on our vision of life as we get older. Our ways of seeing things are clouded by fear and perhaps a single bad experience. We know a little to much for our own good.

As a child, we owned a big Maple table with folk art painted on it. The table was also a big part of our childhood adventures. My brother who is 5 years older would cover the table with a big black Indian print blanket. The instant playhouse was great fun. We’d crawl in and out of the flap door. The chairs were our shelves to put things on. We just enjoyed hours of playtime there.

Folk Table

We were out of the way and able to play cards or our games nearby our parents.

On one occasion an Aunt of mine came over with a man she was dating. He was a hefty gentleman with a good laugh and smile. His name was Charlie. On this day, my mother and aunt were busy chopping celery for chop suey. I remember the scene so clearly and the sun of the nearby window shining in through old fashioned lace curtains as I played underneath the table.

The man had a unique leg. As a 3 year old, I saw it was shiny like my dolls legs and I focused on it. It had no hair, was pink, and well just fascinating. His shoes matched each other but I could see that his legs were different.

Years later as a teenager, Charlie & my Aunt lived in Indiana. It was a marriage of companionship. They seemed to thrive on doing things for one another. My aunt was a great cook and Charlie seemed to enjoy sitting at the kitchen table with his coffee and fresh fruit pies on many occasions.

Charlie drove a car with a ball on the steering wheel. My Aunt did not drive and he would take her around town or where ever she needed to go. Often he’d sit in the car and wait for her.

He had only one arm; the left sleeve dangled down- often tied at the wrist or tugged in. He’d ask me to help him wash and dry his hand before dinnertime. I realized early-on how difficult life must have been, but he seemed to take things in stride.

Charlie had been in an accident when he worked for a railroad company. He had slipped on ice during the night on and was run over by a train. Because of the extreme cold, he survived the awful accident. He learned to get around with a prosthetic leg that strapped onto his body.

Both he and my aunt lived full lives. My mom told me he as a bouncer in a bar following WW II. He owned a tavern and would pick up cases of bottles and stack them with ease. Obviously he managed to keep strong physically, as well as, mentally. He seemed to thrive on being with people and I am sure that keeping involved with others helped him immensely.

Everyone deals with their concerns in a different way. Learning how you do that is a key to solving problems. I am thankful for the minor moments of playing underneath our table and having a safe fortress.

I am thrilled that I saw adversity from a child’s point of view and that I learned how people were able to carry on life’s duties in spite of their limitations. I read that success is never owned; it is only rented, and the rent is due every day.

So try new things often, be aware of all the opportunities that we put off or the problems we amplify. Enjoy the minor moments that are steps onto the escalator of success.

See you next week as Kate and I dive into a topic of Embracing Sad Moments.

Powerhouse Phrases to Help You Grow

Powerhouse phrases to help you grow can be a bigger part of your life.   Today Linda Gullo and Kate Halma discuss sources of energy, strength, and encouragement.

“You can do it!”  “That’s awesome!”   “You’re the best!”  “Good job!”   “I appreciate you!”  “Count on ME!” 

Linda tells the story of a lady she volunteered with at a local resale shop many years ago.   The lady who was a mother of many was also a mother for her that day.  She mentored for Linda in a powerful way.   Check out the story and how she reminded Linda to “hold her head up high.”  She encouraged her to put things in perspective.   Her words became powerful words that still resonate.   People can give us encouragement in when and how they say things to us.

Kate and Linda encourage everyone to think about the value in words.  One of the messages that Kate reminded us to follow is “Don’t own that!”  Listen to this podcast and see just what she was referencing.

Kate also referred to the inspirational sayings that both thrive on as shown in this photo.  This is just one of 3 doors at Delight in Living, Ltd. that help clients and patients to step through the difficult and challenging times in life.

Encouragement changes frequently here at Delight in Living!

Louise Hay who created  Hay House Publications offered Affirmation cards that gave people powerful and positive messages.  Those cards which are still available at bookstores and on line ( were encouraging.

Linda quotes Isaish 40:30– “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (NIV).   Verses from the Bible and people of fame often leave us with wisdom in their words.

Finally Kate shares “nothing is impossible; the word itself says I’m possible!”

Put you best foot forward, “just one step may put you on the escalator of success!”  Thanks and have a great day!



Join the ladies in 2 week when they will discuss, “EMBRACING SAD MOMENTS”  We hope you enjoy these podcasts.   Please let us know by signing in for updates and to encourage us too.   We’d love hearing from you.

Linda can be reached at 815-459-5161 most days of at

Legacy, What Do You Want to Leave Behind?

Legacy can be defined in many ways.  What do you want to leave behind?  Kate and Linda discuss the different ways people are remembered and encourage you to think about the legacy you are building.   Is a quality of some sort like inclusiveness, kindness, hospitality, genuineness, availability, being an aunt, or monetary?

What do you want to leave as your legacy?

Here are some of the books mentioned:   Wise Moves by George Ludwig, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene’ Brown, PhD., LMSW, Your One Word by Evan Carmichael or Giftology by John Ruhlin.

We’d love for you to follow us regularly.

Join us as a Mastermind Participant or think of signing up for one of our workshops.   We’d love to work with you.


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