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Enhance Your Thinking Episode 247

Enhance Your Thinking Episode 247

🎙️ Enhance Your Thinking - Explore, Reflect, and Inspire! 🌟 Dive into thought-provoking questions that will encourage you to ponder what truly matters and reflect on the gratitude within. This episode explores various aspects, including: The Impact of Our Inner Voice:...

Strategic Life Coach can be your Catalyst for success

Asking for help is wisdom, not weakness

If you have been struggling with self confidence, tried losing weight, taken endless classes and you’re still feeling down and out you may want to check us out.  Even when life is handing out endless lessons, you may be stuck.

Testimonials from Clients

A couple of weeks ago I was consumed by negativity because I wasn’t doing the greatest in school.  I was silently beating myself up making myself sick with anxiety and beating up my mentality.  It felt like a failure, stupid, and like my whole life revolved around a letter grade.  I was so upset that any mention of school brought me to tears.  I came in and talked with Linda, and it felt so good to get all this negativity out.  she helped me realize it’s ok to struggle, but don’t lose yourself in it.  she made me realize my life is so much more than just a letter grade.  That in life, it’s ok to fail as long as you tried and get back up.  Talking to her relieved me of my silent bashing.  It’s a reminder that I am a person with feelings, not a statistic.  My metal since taking with her that one time is much better.  I accept my failures as lessons, and I remember I am a human with feelings, not a pass or fail.  I ended up continuing this challenging course, and I’m still passing, but I keep in mind to not get so consumed with darkness.  THANK YOU, LINDA.

Talking, having a listening ear, and a reminder that I am not my failures have helped me mentally a lot.  For a class to make someone physically sick, mentally sick — it’s not right.  My mentality now is much better than before.❤️


When I came to Linda (Delight in Living), I was experiencing confusing and frustrating situations in both my personal and professional life. 

Over the years, Linda has been able to provide me with tools and wisdom that I can apply in all situations.  She is a very important resource for me and I will continue to count on her advice when seeking clarity and solutions for life’s many challenges. 


Linda walked with me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She listened with unconditional love and gently guided me to hear my inner voice She helped me to find my strength and to make decisions that helped my family find peace. I will forever be grateful for her kindness, love, and wisdom.


“Linda, I wanted to thank you for your professional listening and evaluation. Things are good for me. I have set strong goals for my career and firm boundaries in my personal relationships. I have referred 2 girlfriends to you.”


Linda I can’t thank you enough for all all your loving support and encouragement. You were definitely “heaven sent”. What a wonderful process of acceptance, hope, and faith. You helped me walk this path.


I have always been a firm believer in balance. Balance in what you eat, the balance between work and play, balance in sleeping and awake time. But then life happens, and everything gets out of wack. Linda has always been there to help me get things back into balance. She provides a sense of calm, leads me back to routine and opens my eyes to new and different perspectives to keep my life flowing smoothly. She provides me with tools and ideas to keep me moving forward toward my goals no matter how small they may be. Linda is a person you can depend on, and that is so comforting to me to know that someone has my back and cares. My hope is that everyone has someone like Linda in their lives.

CB 11.19.21

“Linda, I wanted to thank you for your professional listening and evaluation. Things are good for me. I have set strong goals for my career and firm boundaries in my personal relationships. I have referred 2 girlfriends to you.”


I want to thank you for all your excellent advise. As always greatly appreciated. I don’t know if I could get on my life without you.” Regarding relationships, I will take it slowly; again your advise!


“One step can put you on the escalator for success.”

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Learning to love yourself makes loving others easier

Whether you are raising children, running a business, or living through a loss, one must be forgiving and love themselves. For many of us we have learned to give our time and talents away. All of a sudden we feel empty and unlovable.

Linda Gullo, Delight in Living, Ltd.

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