Strategic Life Coach can be your Catalyst for success

Asking for help is wisdom, not weakness

If you have been struggling with self confidence, tried losing weight, taken endless classes and you’re still feeling down and out you may want to check us out.  Even when life is handing out endless lessons, you may be stuck.

Testimonials from Clients

"Linda, I wanted to thank you for your professional listening and evaluation. Things are good for me. I have set strong goals for my career and firm boundaries in my personal relationships. I have referred 2 girlfriends to you.”


“Thanks Linda – you continue to be a light and inspiration to me- I feel lots of peace and that usually means I am on the right trace- and I really believe this is God’s perfect will.”


“Linda I can’t thank you enough for all all your loving support and encouragement. You were definitely “heaven sent”. What a wonderful process of acceptance, hope, and faith. You helped me walk this path.”

 ~ K ~

“I want to thank you for all your excellent advise. As always greatly appreciated. I don’t know if I could get on my life without you.” Regarding relationships, I will take it slowly; again your advise!

~ EH ~

Work with me and Take the step that will change your life.

Marriage Counseling

Marriages often look well to the outside world, but may be splintering within the walls of their home. Couples are called to be teams; two people working with one another. Working together to encourage, grow, and protect each other may need some support.

Turn to Delight in Living, Ltd. for the guidance.

Timely Topics

Pick a Topic you like to be a part of and
Lets “Gather together.  Learn, share, and discuss options to the challenges your’re addressing.
You will leave with hope, ideas, and confidence to manage the situation.”


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Road Blocks that keep you in the same place

Road blocks often show up and stop us from trying new things.   One may feel insecure or doubtful to make a phone call, try a new activity, or take the next step toward progress.   It is as if there was a monkey on your shoulder chattering all kinds of insecurities.   Well toss those thoughts aside and rewire your thinking for total success.   We are here to help!

“One step can put you on the escalator for success.”

Don’t miss out!

Learning to love yourself makes loving others easier

Whether you are raising children, running a business, or living through a loss, one must be forgiving and love themselves. For many of us we have learned to give our time and talents away. All of a sudden we feel empty and unlovable.

Linda Gullo, Delight in Living, Ltd.

“Living Fully”

“Are you hiding away?”

“Just Exhausted?”

“Running on Empty?”

Take a step in improving your Life

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