Learn from the Younger Generation

Learn from the Younger Generation

Learn from the Younger Generation

So I decided to do a podcast on what we can learn from the younger generation and what my children and grandchildren are teaching me. We have a classroom of a different sort as we get older.   It is not a formal one, but rather one that is in the environment all around us.  We learn from the younger generation; those in our neighborhood or in passing at church.

Wow, Bread

Who are the young people in your life?  Are they neighborhood kids, children, or grandchildren?   What are you doing to set an example for them and what are the recent interactions you have that has taught you something new?  Perhaps it is using a new appliance like an air fryer!

Today Linda is sharing a few stories that may help you think about how young people can influence you and those around you.


Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success!




Today’s podcast is all about making traditions.    Times when things were different, but oh so very relevant in setting a happy tone for today.   Every family is busy creating traditions in the things they do together, in the places they have lived, and with the things they experienced together.   Traditions are created and reinforced in just about everything we do; the times when families gather to share special birthdays, anniversaries, or celebrations.

Education can be Formal from a University, learned on a job, or experienced in life!

We share these moments in photographs like the one above here.   We gather trinkets like a matchbook cover from a restaurant to connect us with a special dinner.  Perhaps a place you met your significant other.  In this session, Linda shares stories of things her family did that were markers in history.   Where are your memories coming from? And where do you need to reconnect the dots to make more moments special.  Talk with your family and relive these special times.

“Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success!”


Who do you turn to?

Who do you turn to?

Who do you turn to when you need to figure things out?

Over the years, we all have mentors we turn to and take advice from.  We learn from them valuable skills that allow us to move ahead and do well in life.  Today Linda discusses a number of things that may help you along these lines.  In one section she suggests a book that addresses dealing with fear and other emotions.  It is an easy read and rather fun as well.  It is Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo.  Enjoy this week’s podcast.  It may help you figure out who to turn to for direction and advice. This is 2022 and it may be the time to put your foot forward and attack something you have been avoiding.

Take the first step forward and it may put you on the escalator of success!

Vitality Plus

Vitality Plus

Thinking Outside the Box to Create Vitality Plus

Do you know anyone who is excellent at thinking outside the box?  sometimes thinking from a different perspective creates vitality for us.  Linda talks about the founders of the Clubhouse app.  These men thought outside the box and kept working on the idea.   Good ideas roll over into great transformations.  

Do computers disconnect us?  We are all being challenged to communicate and be with one another.   What are your goals?   Are you in any of the Community groups like Moose, Kiwanis, Rotary, or a Veterans group?   Do you need to reach out more?  

It seems when we have children in the formative years, we are forced to be with others.  We join parent groups, drive kids to and from activities, and get involved.   As our kids grow it is easy to sigh away from getting into groups and volunteering.  Our energy slides elsewhere.  Why is that and how can we continue to connect?

What old-time thoughts do you need to shift from or into?    Release some stress by reaching out to others.  Ask others how they deal with circumstances.  Become interested in what others have to share.  It is valuable.

Our emotions change with different people.   Linda talks about the encounter she had at a dealership.  It started out as something she had to do, but flipped it over in her mind and turned out to be a lovely experience.

Planting vegetation and help for one another.

Plantings are so uplifting.   Do you have any to share?  Do you offer plants from your garden to others?  I have shared lots of Rose of Sharon Bushes and Hosta over the years.   It is so nice to share.   We need not only to share plantings, but the experiences we have had.  They can help others accommodate to difficult things.   It helps the budget and spreads love.  We leave footprints behind us.   What kind of footprints do you want to leave?  Where is energy coming from?   From dancing and playing or from working hard 24/7?

Please send us suggestions.

Jim Haisler invites you to give us ideas for topics.   Your thoughts and concerns are valuable to us and to others as well.  

Please listen today and enjoy the podcast. Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.

Thanksgiving Joy!

Thanksgiving Joy!

Welcome to this week’s Podcast of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments on the topic of  Thanksgiving.

                      Autumn Moments


The game plan is to stay in the positive zone this week.

Let’s all set an example for the next generation. 

Today I share some of the blessings and mini-miracles others have shared with me. 

Do hope you enjoy them!  

Every day is a new beginning and opens the door to learning new and exciting things.  Take that first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success!

Who Me?

Who Me?

Who Me?

Changes are happening to all of us.  You might say, “Who Me?”  This week’s podcast is loaded with questions and ideas to move you ahead.

Beauty in the changes of the seasons can elevate us. Throughout life, we go through times of difficulty. We suffer from health issues. We have friends or relatives that die. We struggle during times of financial moments. We need to have self-control, be involved with others, and focus on how we care for ourselves. Linda pulls it all together.

Another topic of seasonal changes involves the decisions that happen when we get married. Good marriages are created by a series of choices that call us to be team players. Loving one another calls for a decision to listen and give up what we want for one another.   Sometimes it calls us to sacrifice the time we’d rather be elsewhere to stay and help our spouses.

Choices are happening minute by minute to bring stability into our lives. What habits do you need to change? What things contribute to your happiness?


Create deadlines and note any reluctance to do things. How do you procrastinate?  Focus on the reason you are doing things and the reason you don’t do things. What are you avoiding?  Is there a fear that is holding you back?  Are you in pain?  Just tired feeling?  Are you being lazy?

Have your beliefs changed in the last year? Are you more isolated in the last year? Are you allowing yourself to be making decisions based on newscasts? Have you lost cultural imprints? Are you getting enough hugs? Watching more TV and taking on those thoughts rather than thinking through what you need or want?

What do I want?


Where do we get joy? Do you thank those who help you or take the time to tell others what nice things they have done for you? Are there things you need to pay forward? Do you give verbal “tips” or just monetary ones? Start with a ripple effect of kindness and thanks!  Gina Hamadey tells us the real magic that comes when we express it. She wrote 365 notes of thanks to people around her.  Her book is listed below.

Dealing with Excess

Determine if you have extras laying around your house? We all do! Do you have excess in your pantry? Do you use the same outfits, but have a closet packed with extra clothes? Extra stuff can create confusion and clutter messes with our thinking.  Choices help us get rid of excess stuff. It helps all of us. The more things that you have around may make a difference if you share them. It helps you and helps others too. Transform your life by sharing!

Books mentioned in today’s podcast include:

OFF Balance by Matthew Kelly
Happiness is a Serious Problem by Dennis Prager
I want to Thank You: How a Year of Gratitude Can Bring Joy & Meaning in a Disconnected World by Gina Hamadey

If you’d like to receive our Newsletter, it is sent out by snail mail.   Just email me at linda@delightinliving.com and request a copy.  Thanks.  Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.

Yes, No, Maybe So!

Yes, No, Maybe So!

 Decision Making

Welcome to the Autumn Season and all the wonderful colors that magically appear.   Today’s podcast is on making decisions and staying happy.  Mini Miracles from Minor Moments happen all the time.   Recognizing the smallest joys can be so uplifting. Saying yes, no, or maybe so can change your beliefs about many things.

Making purchases has changed over the years for us and for many people. Shopping used to take place by us going into stores, comparing prices, or learning about what was available. We would talk to our friends and ask about the best deal. Nowadays, one goes on the computer to do research. We talk less to people in the know. We are making decisions without engaging with one another. Do you miss this?

How do these decisions affect us, our businesses, our children, or other occupations? Do you think you spend money differently?  YES?   Are you happier? NO? or MAYBE SO?

Finding ways to be happier

How do you set your goals? Have you refined your manners? How about learning new skills?  Are you connecting with other people more or less than in the past? Does your environment lift you up or keep you stymied? Linda suggests trying to move things around in your home or office. It can be very uplifting to your spirit and how you think. Finding or creating an uplifting life is beneficial and helps us stretch. It can be hard to accommodate when things are happening to you. Even if something seems insignificant.  Small things can make us depressed or they can be uplifting and a mini-miracle.

Finding comedy relief helps greatly!

Linda shares about a dog her family enjoyed and how to deal with disappointments that happen all the time. How do you deal with them? They don’t need to be big things. There isn’t a simple black-and-white way to remedy disappointments. Time, resources, and talents allow us to find comedy relief.

Be thankful for the people around you. Try to be good to them as well.  Check out our past Podcasts as well and send in ideas for us to consider.   Soon we will be having guests back again.  We enjoy taking that step.

Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success.

Here are your choices: Yes     No    or   Maybe So
Thinking Well

Thinking Well

Mini Miracles from Minor Moments 203

How can some things seem so ideal on television or social media? We do not live in the era of the Golden Girls and an ideal Hallmark community. Today Linda addresses the reality of living a life with family, friends, jobs, and daily events.

Getting things done

Set up a schedule, a plan to help move you forward. Completing projects will move you ahead. Make lists and prioritize. What are the things that are holding you back to complete things? Are you waiting for someone to get back to you?

Belief Systems

Where did your beliefs come from? Do you follow the news? Are your thoughts from your family or are they cultural? Are they coming from the people you work with? Has a devastating loss affected the way you attack your day? What books are you reading that are contributing to your thinking203? where are your thoughts coming from?

What adjustments do you need to make?

Prioritize what you do. Are you patient? What things do you need to evaluate to keep your energy flowing well? Acknowledge the positive and negative ways you look at things and take responsibility for what actions you are taking on a daily basis.


Why journal? The advantages of journaling help us to remember things. It helps us to identify our actions, our thoughts, our emotions and creates clarity. It allows us to find a focus on the things we want to accomplish. You can list the order of how to take action on different projects. Journalizing is empowering. We can detach from things that are negative and allows us to focus on fun things and positive accomplishments.

Finally, take that first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success. 

Top-Notch Habits

Top-Notch Habits

The Bright Side of a Serious Situation

Linda shares a story about Joel Boyers and his fiancee, Melody Among. She had just earned her pilot’s license on August 21st. Her brother who lived in Waverly, Tennessee was trapped on a roof with his daughter. Could Boyers help? The floods killed 20 people that day. In many situations, helicopters cannot come into areas for a number of reasons, but Joel was cleared under these circumstances and with the help of Melody saved 17 people. Listen now as Linda connects how this story focuses on this scene.  Being top-notch in your field means going beyond the normal routine; especially if it means saving lives or helping others.

A  Top-Notch Habit includes reading books.

We all wear many hats. Here is a book by Edward de Bono wrote a book called the Six Thinking Hats. Available to us are White Hats that allow us to have data, Red hats encourage us to use our Intuition, and Black Hats allow us to consider how things may not work. Yellow is an uplifting hat and Positive. A green hat is one of creativity. The blue hat is one of Control and Leadership. Put on a hat that will help you get ahead of the game.  Which of these habits can help you be top-notch?

Create those good habits to help you in the next 2-5 years.

Now scales help us know where we stand on pain and in different areas. Scale yourself between 1 and 5. 5 is the best possible. Being creative, planning, clutter habits at work or home, eating habits, sleeping, social media time, or staying connected with others can be evaluated. Enjoy Linda’s commentary.

“It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” Benjamin Franklin


We all need to develop Self Knowledge to be Top Notch

Here are some of the questions.  What inhibits me? Or what may help me to grow? Where are the props I need? Which people offer me the best feedback? Who are the ones that help me be creative? Who are the people that help me stay creative? What time of day am I the most inspired? Do I prefer ambient noise or silence? Does a computer help or hinder me when it comes to using my time well? Do I still want to use a piece of paper and pen to make notes and encourage myself?

As a coach, I am always trying to help people build on their best attributes.  Just call 815-459-5161 and see how this may help you succeed in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.  Mini Miracles from Minor Moments is a podcast filled with education, motivation, and a touch of spirituality to help you grow and mature.   Enjoy!

“Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success!”  Linda Gullo

Taking One Step Forward

Taking One Step Forward

Taking One Step Forward

Starting at the beginning of any project or goal requires preparation and clarity. Today on Mini Miracles from Minor Moments we are addressing how to move forward.  We will look at the Power of One, the value of Clocks, a book called the Dip, Empty Nest Syndrome, the emotion of Anger and Juggling. One goal, one change, one step at a time. Minor moments may seem unimportant, but they are essential in making your dreams a reality. Each small step or event can add to your success.

The Power of One

1- The Power of ONE! Starting at the beginning of any project or goal requires preparation and clarity. Today we are addressing the Power of One. One goal, one change, one step at a time. Minor moments may seem unimportant but they are essential in making your dreams a reality. Each small step or event can add to success. Focus on one thing at a time! Allow others to make you accountable; you’ll step ahead faster and feel better of dealing with one thing.

Time is on Your Side

2- Clocks are all around us and help us stay on time. They help keep us on track.

A Book Suggestion

3- Achievers access great things by being on the top of the news. Here is a book that may help. The Dip -the little book that teaches you when to quit and when to stay with something! Godin is the author of numerous books.  He will guide you on how to move forward.  So you may want to check it out.

Empty Nests

4- The empty nest syndrome can be overwhelming. It helps us to pay attention to the adjustments that are available for you.  Look at this time with excitement for you and your loved ones.  Linda gives several examples and permission to grow and move forward on your own as a parent or caregiver.


5- Anger is an emotion that shows up when we least want it to manifest. As a secondary emotion to fear it is all around us.  It creates a fuel that promotes behaviors we don’t want. How do you deal with it.  Now this section helps us work through thoughts and actions that can be positive and helpful to avoid inappropriate behaviors.


6- Juggling is something we all do. And it is not the fun activities like in a circus. Chaffering kids, juggling schedules, and finances. We learn to constantly rearrange. It takes practice and a creative spirit. Learn to go with the flow of things!

Remember here at Delight in Living, Ltd. we offter Coaching to help you excel and create goals as well as Mental Health Counseling.   Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.