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Vitality Plus

Vitality Plus

Thinking Outside the Box to Create Vitality Plus

Do you know anyone who is excellent at thinking outside the box?  sometimes thinking from a different perspective creates vitality for us.  Linda talks about the founders of the Clubhouse app.  These men thought outside the box and kept working on the idea.   Good ideas roll over into great transformations.  

Do computers disconnect us?  We are all being challenged to communicate and be with one another.   What are your goals?   Are you in any of the Community groups like Moose, Kiwanis, Rotary, or a Veterans group?   Do you need to reach out more?  

It seems when we have children in the formative years, we are forced to be with others.  We join parent groups, drive kids to and from activities, and get involved.   As our kids grow it is easy to sigh away from getting into groups and volunteering.  Our energy slides elsewhere.  Why is that and how can we continue to connect?

What old-time thoughts do you need to shift from or into?    Release some stress by reaching out to others.  Ask others how they deal with circumstances.  Become interested in what others have to share.  It is valuable.

Our emotions change with different people.   Linda talks about the encounter she had at a dealership.  It started out as something she had to do, but flipped it over in her mind and turned out to be a lovely experience.

Planting vegetation and help for one another.

Plantings are so uplifting.   Do you have any to share?  Do you offer plants from your garden to others?  I have shared lots of Rose of Sharon Bushes and Hosta over the years.   It is so nice to share.   We need not only to share plantings, but the experiences we have had.  They can help others accommodate to difficult things.   It helps the budget and spreads love.  We leave footprints behind us.   What kind of footprints do you want to leave?  Where is energy coming from?   From dancing and playing or from working hard 24/7?

Please send us suggestions.

Jim Haisler invites you to give us ideas for topics.   Your thoughts and concerns are valuable to us and to others as well.  

Please listen today and enjoy the podcast. Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.

Top-Notch Habits

Top-Notch Habits

The Bright Side of a Serious Situation

Linda shares a story about Joel Boyers and his fiancee, Melody Among. She had just earned her pilot’s license on August 21st. Her brother who lived in Waverly, Tennessee was trapped on a roof with his daughter. Could Boyers help? The floods killed 20 people that day. In many situations, helicopters cannot come into areas for a number of reasons, but Joel was cleared under these circumstances and with the help of Melody saved 17 people. Listen now as Linda connects how this story focuses on this scene.  Being top-notch in your field means going beyond the normal routine; especially if it means saving lives or helping others.

A  Top-Notch Habit includes reading books.

We all wear many hats. Here is a book by Edward de Bono wrote a book called the Six Thinking Hats. Available to us are White Hats that allow us to have data, Red hats encourage us to use our Intuition, and Black Hats allow us to consider how things may not work. Yellow is an uplifting hat and Positive. A green hat is one of creativity. The blue hat is one of Control and Leadership. Put on a hat that will help you get ahead of the game.  Which of these habits can help you be top-notch?

Create those good habits to help you in the next 2-5 years.

Now scales help us know where we stand on pain and in different areas. Scale yourself between 1 and 5. 5 is the best possible. Being creative, planning, clutter habits at work or home, eating habits, sleeping, social media time, or staying connected with others can be evaluated. Enjoy Linda’s commentary.

“It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” Benjamin Franklin


We all need to develop Self Knowledge to be Top Notch

Here are some of the questions.  What inhibits me? Or what may help me to grow? Where are the props I need? Which people offer me the best feedback? Who are the ones that help me be creative? Who are the people that help me stay creative? What time of day am I the most inspired? Do I prefer ambient noise or silence? Does a computer help or hinder me when it comes to using my time well? Do I still want to use a piece of paper and pen to make notes and encourage myself?

As a coach, I am always trying to help people build on their best attributes.  Just call 815-459-5161 and see how this may help you succeed in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.  Mini Miracles from Minor Moments is a podcast filled with education, motivation, and a touch of spirituality to help you grow and mature.   Enjoy!

“Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success!”  Linda Gullo

Taking One Step Forward

Taking One Step Forward

Taking One Step Forward

Starting at the beginning of any project or goal requires preparation and clarity. Today on Mini Miracles from Minor Moments we are addressing how to move forward.  We will look at the Power of One, the value of Clocks, a book called the Dip, Empty Nest Syndrome, the emotion of Anger and Juggling. One goal, one change, one step at a time. Minor moments may seem unimportant, but they are essential in making your dreams a reality. Each small step or event can add to your success.

The Power of One

1- The Power of ONE! Starting at the beginning of any project or goal requires preparation and clarity. Today we are addressing the Power of One. One goal, one change, one step at a time. Minor moments may seem unimportant but they are essential in making your dreams a reality. Each small step or event can add to success. Focus on one thing at a time! Allow others to make you accountable; you’ll step ahead faster and feel better of dealing with one thing.

Time is on Your Side

2- Clocks are all around us and help us stay on time. They help keep us on track.

A Book Suggestion

3- Achievers access great things by being on the top of the news. Here is a book that may help. The Dip -the little book that teaches you when to quit and when to stay with something! Godin is the author of numerous books.  He will guide you on how to move forward.  So you may want to check it out.

Empty Nests

4- The empty nest syndrome can be overwhelming. It helps us to pay attention to the adjustments that are available for you.  Look at this time with excitement for you and your loved ones.  Linda gives several examples and permission to grow and move forward on your own as a parent or caregiver.


5- Anger is an emotion that shows up when we least want it to manifest. As a secondary emotion to fear it is all around us.  It creates a fuel that promotes behaviors we don’t want. How do you deal with it.  Now this section helps us work through thoughts and actions that can be positive and helpful to avoid inappropriate behaviors.


6- Juggling is something we all do. And it is not the fun activities like in a circus. Chaffering kids, juggling schedules, and finances. We learn to constantly rearrange. It takes practice and a creative spirit. Learn to go with the flow of things!

Remember here at Delight in Living, Ltd. we offter Coaching to help you excel and create goals as well as Mental Health Counseling.   Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.


Memories in the Making

Memories in the Making

Memories in the Making

Welcome to this week’s podcast of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments with Linda Gullo. Jim Haisler welcomes all of you to our 200th podcast. Linda shares a trip to Carmel, Indiana. This town was very joyful, safe, and took on the look of a Hallmark story. Here she made memories with friends and family.   The people there were cordial; the visit was comfy and fun.   You too might enjoy a trip there. And they had many statues on the street that we embraced with laughter.  Enjoy this section.

Wow, Bread

Feeling connected

Bub’s Burgers is getting a free advertisement here. Because we enjoyed a couple of lunches there it may be a place for you to check out!

Stay on Target

Treasure chests hold valuable things. Here we have a chest of rocks with words on them that hold value. Encouragement comes in many ways. Find a word that inspires you and mount it on your refrigerator on under the glass on your desk. Think about the customs and traditions that led you forward.  These stones were given to me at various times and made special memories for me as well that I absolutely loved.  They may inspire you.

Our Treasure Chest becomes yours too!

Join us at Winner’s Circle link or call our office for help, direction, and joy. Linda helps you with issues you are dealing with, losses in your life, or resolving problems. We promise you’ll feel better after discarding issues in conversation.

Book Suggestion

This week’s book review this week is called START YOUNG.  It is great if you are raising children or have special children in your life that you want to cultivate.

Just “Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success!”  Join us every two weeks for a new podcast.  Next week’s is on taking the ONE STEP that will lead you to success.

Milestone Moments

Mini Miracles presents an Episode on Milestone Moments

What are Milestone Markers?

How do these markers stop and/or help you? Linda talks about a few stories that may help you find insight and awesome moments that identify you. These times allow you to go forward and thrive. Who helps you make milestone moments? When have you been transformed? Has something happened in the last few days that has given you insight?

Fresh Foods

Munch Time

Munch Time is our new section. It will take on a different look each time. Perhaps it will help you to eat better, to find new recipes or food studies, and/or thoughts about what to eat.  Today we talk about seasonings.


Big projects that are broken down into portions that we can handle may lead you to bigger accomplishments. Are you doing something new in your home? Are you trying to accomplish something new at work? We develop systems and strategies to help us get projects done well.
Repeating habits and being consistent are essential to making strides.

Linda gives examples about training dogs, painting the outdoor furniture, praying consistently, exercising regularly, or ways of traveling. She talks about procedures and how you will get to the end well. Let time and processes work for you.

Entering into adulthood

Communicating is taking on a new vision after the pandemic. We are beginning to socialize again and reconnect. It may include doing things together or then just talking. It might include sketching together, taking photos with one another, or engaging in the arts. Not only do words give us a way to communicate, but emotions and doing things together can be a way to express ourselves too.  These feelings can be developed artistically, in playing musical instruments or physically moving.

Linda suggests a few ideas to help you become creative and grow. Maybe it is through volunteering, traveling, writing poetry, or learning something entirely new.

“Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success!”

The Values in Linking UP Together

The Values in Linking UP Together

The Values in Staying Connected

Welcome to our latest session of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments with Linda Gullo.
What do you want to do next? What do you deserve to do for yourself that you may not be doing yet?

Share your Smile

Values in Linking Up with the people around you.

You need to stay informed and learn the newest things. The latest grouping here is a Book Study where we will discuss books and help one another grow in wisdom. Check-in at our registration page.    It is time to connect again with groups you belonged to prior to the Pandemic or jumping into new adventures. Perhaps it is a community church that you once attended or the local bowling alley for some well deserved time with friends.   Just reconnect and get involved.  We have all been virtual for quite awhile, now let’s connect in person.

Linking up

We need to be positive with everyone we encounter. Is it your neighbors that are awesome? Perhaps your team at work? We all need to continually learn how to be sociable and interact in positive ways? What values do you want to have? Who can teach you the things you need right now?  What can you share with those who come in contact with you?

A Postage Rate increase may be coming soon. Maybe this is a good time to get those FOREVER stamps that will  help you stay connected with mailing out personal birthday cards and special notes.  Do it now before the prices escalate. Sending out personal messages is always a good idea and everyone loves the personal touch of a note.

Talents show up in many ways. Some of these talents are visible where others are not. Are your talents highly visible?

Be sure to connect with our Winner’s Circle Mastermind 

Delight in Living Studios

Also big thank you to Jim Haisler for his continued support in our Podcasts in helping all of us feel included.

Remember taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success.   Take yours now, don’t let fear stop you!


Measurements, Tags, & Self Love

Measurements, Tags, & Self Love


Linda starts by talking for a few minutes about the concept of measuring. We need to learn these things that are used every day. We take it for granted that everyone knows simple math skills, but it isn’t true. Listen as you are encouraged to recognize and acknowledge how lucky you are to know your numbers.

This little segment is about measuring and shared for many reasons! First of all, we all have the same basic needs when it comes to learning things. 2ndly, we take it for granted that everyone knows how to do these things, 3rdly, thinking things through and taking the time to be accurate with measurements is really important to have a quality lifestyle. When we dress in clothes that fit us well, drive a car big enough to adapt to one’s 6-foot frame, or sit comfortably in the chair we need to know sizes. This week be conscious of how important these skills are and be thankful for this knowledge.

Chill Out with this Wellness Warrior to help you.!

Measuring temps


Mini Miracles from Minor Moments allows one to see the joy that comes from the smallest happenings in time.  Scheduling in the opportunities for growth and diversity in our days is good.  They don’t need to be hourly sessions, but just wholesome and authentic moments.  One needs to do that for making the most of time, talent, and quality.  Not only do we help ourselves, but we help everyone around us feel appreciated.  Enjoy the smallest events and successes.

Scheduling & Notations!


Linda shares looking out of a window overlooking the City of Chicago and how framing can help us move forward. Seeing things in the daytime may look totally different to us in the evening because of the lighting.  Obstacles and challenges are framed differently when one is alert as opposed to being tired and worn out. Sometimes we see how others resolve problems and find excellent solutions when we know what they are sharing is the truth. We see obstacles that may be in front of us and then we can avoid them.

Framing is having a purpose and a plan to see clearly.


Linda shares how sometimes we do not hear and absorb nice compliments. Make sure others hear your compliments.   Often people don’t take in the average comment as a positive thing.  You also need to receive kind thoughts others share with you and see that they are blessings.


Comments we hear are not always accurate. Be careful that we don’t label others or make comments that are negative. Be careful not to let tags and comments hold you back or make you fearful. We can be hurt by a label —“you are too fat, too loud, ADD, unkind,” etc. We need to throw them away. Just like a broken bone or a physical injury, many tags are temporary. We need to be careful not to put labels, tags, or impressions from others into our minds as permanent. Things change as we grow. Don’t be put in a corner or get stymied because of some label. It isn’t a good thing. Believe in yourself. Get a team of good people around you to help you know the truth and see things as changeable.  Take into account self love as a gift.

Remember to take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success!

Living Fully Alive

Living Fully Alive

Today’s Podcast discusses a number of things.   The first is about nourishing our bodies. Listening to what our body needs will look different for each of us. We all come from different cultures, different experiences, and different food traditions. How and what we eat is connected to our mindsets, beliefs, and of course, our habits. One thing to recognize is that we are an accumulation of our habits. Those small steps that we do every day often unconsciously move us forward or stall us. It is like making a pot of grandma’s soup. We just do it because that is how it has been done. But now, we need to think differently about what we put into our stomachs. Are we feeding an emotion like anger, anxiety, or just boredom? As a Health Coach, I help people look at their nutrition as one part of the solution. We need to think about how we see and vision food as well. Do you see a large amount of food as nourishing or is there one small plateful that really fills you up?

Eating Well

Several years ago I bought a stack of 9-inch plates from Pier One Imports that really are a perfect size. A complete meal fits comfortably on it and keeps me in check.  The American Diabetic Association suggests a 9-inch plate for us so I felt good with this decision.

Simply focusing on freshly cooked or steamed vegetables is filling and can help a person feel healthy. Our skin, our digestion, and our attitudes about junk foods seem to disappear. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a burger, roasted chicken, or a favorite fish. Those things are wonderful proteins that give us strength and should remain part of our diets. Eating well means giving our bodies the nutrients and fuels it needs. We all want to flourish and the quality of our eating can then be supplemented with great hydration. Fresh water and moving complement our bodies. What visions do you have for food?  Is it just to fill you up?

Mental Health Check-ups!

Find a good counselor or psychotherapist to keep yourself mentally well.  We are ready to help you in this regard!  Changes continue to challenge us to grow!  So here are a few of the newsy things to read.

A few thoughts regarding last week’s Crain’s News

Just a few thoughts on a couple of articles that may ignite your thinking.  Enjoy this section.  The looks at Malls as they become apartments.   And what are the shortages now.  Manufacturers having problems getting metals, woods, and chips.   It is affecting all of us.

Education – Where do you get yours?

Nelson Mandela has said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I do believe that. But I wanted to say that there are many forms of education. Education to think for oneself, education to learn a wide variety of skills and plateaus and education that is from self-experience. Not all education comes from going to a school and copying what someone else knows as the truth. We need to learn vicariously, but not necessarily regurgitate what is shared with us. Books offer us the content to read, absorb, or claim. It also allows us to disagree and question. Today I hope the young are not just learning from the internet that is often incorrect in one direction or another. We need to be resourceful and question the things coming our way. The basics of reading, writing, and being kind and sociable are also part of the educational system. We need to be respectful of all people as the commandments of God teach us, but we need to protect ourselves and our families also. The secret to a good life is learning to be content with yourself and your own choices.

Education can be Formal from a University, learned on a job, or experienced in life!

Reframing  & Adapting to Change

Linda talks about looking out of a window.  It can be refreshing and offer many opportunities for clearer thinking. Changes give us opportunities.  Linda shares a story about her father’s car being crushed by a cornice and a number of changes that can be for us or seemingly against us.  It is the way we frame change.  Now to look at the generations around you!

Look to the Generations Around You

Looking to different generations offers us a good perspective.  We can be there for one another.  We can be mentored by others if we are open to changes.

Our podcast is meant to drop pieces of Education, Motivation, and Spirituality into your pathway to use as needed.  We are here to help you.  We plant seeds of kindness, opportunities to grow, and the best of everything.   Listen often as we drop pieces of newsworthy information for you.   Remember to take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.

Have a great week and join us here or at the podcast Mini Miracles from Minor Moments about every two weeks.

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The Value of Good Mental Health

The Value of Good Mental Health

The Value of Good Mental Health

Each side of our brain serves us and allows us to function well. This was discussed in the last podcast with great enthusiasm.  What profession are you in often is often reflected by the side of the brain you use the most to accommodate to life. What profession have you chosen? Why have you gone into that area of work?

Linda talks about creating a Sphinx she created in elementary school and how often our culture and family help develop our talents.  You will be able to hopefully think of a time in your life when you too enjoyed a time of learning.

Next Linda shares an experience of being on a bus in Italy that was stalled due to an emergency on the road ahead. It turned out to be a fun and unique event for her. It remains such a good remembrance of how people were able to connect. A normal moment was not tense, but rather a beautiful time. Our minds interpret things in different ways. For someone else, the experience may have been uncomfortable or nerve-racking, but that is because we are from different backgrounds.

Fragrances also connect us to different moments. It is like listening to music. Certain songs take us back to fun or even tragic moments.  Have you ever been to an auction? Have you ever experienced something that gets you into a new place? Just think for a moment about a trip to Disney or the local zoo. The characters and animals are entertaining. Our imaginations seem to blossom.

We are here to help you!

We are here to help you!

We all learn on different levels. It is good that we perceive things differently because we can share them with one another. So If you are having problems learning or dealing with things, travel and try new pathways.

Pathways to Dealing with Anxiety

1-Have regular exercise or movement as part of your day. Moving helps us get past the anxiety.
2-Stay in the moment and take time to breathe.
3-Og Mandino’s University of Success says the only event in the entire world you can control is what you are you are thinking and feeling at the present moment.
4-Enjoy the weather right now, especially if it is pleasant. Feel the sunshine and the fresh air. If it is raining, feel the moisture as a wonderful thing. Take each day one at a time. Stay in the moment.

Now what?

What is it that you need to do or accomplish this week?
Is it a language you want to learn?
Linda talks about her Father’s journals. How it went from factual information and costs when her dad was younger. With time the journal entries evolved into feelings and emotions and as time progressed so many other things seemed relevant. You’ll learn why.  Listen and enjoy this section..

Learn in whatever way is easiest for you. If it is in art, then express yourself that way. If it is with people, then immerse yourself with them. Perhaps music speaks and teaches you to appreciate yourself. It can be from fragrances, smells, or foods. At every age, we can learn from board games.

Linda is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and also certified by Optavia in partnership with the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education & M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University.  She is here to help you feel your best and succeed.

Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.

Staying Mentally Well

Staying Mentally Well

Staying Mentally Well

We have minds that have unlimited potential and Linda addresses some basics about learning.
Are you creative? Do you like books? Are you able to communicate well? Do you memorize well? What do you like to do in our free time? What are you thinking about? What are you doing to improve your health?

Good mental health is the basis for all of us so we can enjoy life.  Our brains are made to work well for us.

Um? Will that get me into trouble?

Health Coaching is now available through Linda.   If you are interested in losing weight and feeling better call 815-459-5161 to set up a time to talk.

Adaptability Quotient

IQ’s measure intelligence.  EQ’s measure emotional intelligence.  AQ refers to how well a person reacts to the inevitability of change.  So what supports the capacity to make changes well?   Linda talks about unlearning old information!  Listen and see what insights you can talk away.


Call us if you need help, want to suggest topics, or what to share some good information.

Remember to take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success!