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So How Did YOU Make that Choice?

So How Did YOU Make that Choice?

So How Did YOU Make that Choice?

Making choices continues to be the topic this week, because it is such a powerful one.   Our choices may be as simple as waiting for a cup of coffee or something seemingly insignificant.   So this morning I stopped at our local coffee shop and ordered my black decaf.   When I got to the drive up window the girl asked if I could wait for the brew to finish.  I looked behind me and no one was there, so I said sure.   I proceeded to pay her and wait.  Still no one around, so I sat patiently.  Then the young girl comes up to the window and tells me to move my car to the other side of the building and park to wait.   I replied, “No, there is no one behind me.”   She said something to the effect that they needed have a quick turn around time.   I said, “No, I do not want to drive around the building as the parking is horrible and I would have to go around again to get out,  AND, there is no one behind me!”   She left the window and said something to the other clerk.

Fast forward, the usual clerk came to the window.  She was smiling, and thanked me for waiting and handed me my coffee.   AMEN.   Now as I am pulling away, a car pulls in behind me.  I had not disrupted anywone and saved myself gas, aggravation, and time.   As I thought about this, several things struck me!  First of all, I seldom refrain from being compliant in situations like this.  2ndly, her request just didn’t make any sense.   3rdly, I was the customer and wasn’t interfering with their business.  4thly,  Kindness and a smile from the second clerk secured the chance of my returning!And that takes me back to choices.   We need to operate on the facts behind the choices we make.   Who is the outcome serving?   Making decisions is easy when we know the situation.   Making decisions that you have thought through then don’t need to be 2nd guessed.

Now some choices may be much harder than this.  Examples might include spending money on a trip or costly purchase.   It may mean one has to decide on a drug to take, a treatment for cancer, or a decision regarding a loved one.  Years ago I had to decide on whether or not to have my husband under major heart surgery.   When the facts were in, I said “NO, it isn’t an ethical option.”   That was 17 years ago and one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I hope it isn’t the last good decision I make!

Check out   The simple hack to make a decision with Mel Robbins!

Teaming Up is a Great Idea

Teaming Up is a Great Idea

Over the many generations, the idea of teaming up has made sense.   In the days of adventure, when people needed to hunt for their food, it was common that warriors and hunters teamed up either with another person or a companion dog to catch their prey.   In the development of religions, people worked together to go into remote areas together for safety.

Team Work is Fun and    Profitable

Growing up we were taught to meet up with friends and stay connected.  Today that should be easier, but I am not sure it is that easy.   Yes, we have our phones and many other ways of communication, but going places and doing things together isn’t always easy.  Schedules, work demands, and family obligations often demand we split up.  Parents pick up one child while the other parent takes care of dinner.  We just find ourselves split and doing less together.  Figuring out how to “Pair Up” again is a good idea.   After all we can save on fuel, feel connected, and prioritize.

Memories are made and recorded when two or more people are enjoying things together.   In my late 30’s, I worked with a Franciscan Nun who was always going out of her way to make people feel better.   Often she would bake something special or gather items needed for the elderly couples nearby.   These people we often farming people who were shut in due to injuries or ailments.   She’d tell me, “we are going to visit …” and away we would go.   She had been taught from her order to always go with someone and she followed through with that understanding.   I must say even though she has passed on, I still have vivid memories of running these purposeful errands of mercy as a team.

Teaming up goes beyond physically being with another person.   We can team up in business to make things run smoother for our clients.   We can team up as parents and provide a united front for our children.   It makes us more consistent and simplifies family rules.

We can team up in approaching community needs.  Our local Crystal Lake Kiwanis runs a yearly Santa Run on the first Sunday of December.  We do it in conjunction with many other groups who work together.   We have teamed up to help one anothers causes and make the Community even stronger.  In the process, we have come to appreciate one another more.   It is great fun with a great purpose, as well.

Take the one step forward today to team up, it may put you on the escalator of success!

Thanks to Jo Anne Ollerenshaw for the photograph!





Organization is a Matter of Developing Excellent Habits

Organization is a matter of developing excellent habits.  How well do you organize?  Do you have a list of priorities you want to accomplish every day?   Our habits develop by repeating the same behaviors and routines.   Sometimes it takes us awhile to be consistent, but once we practice the new behavior, it is easier!  Try it.   Drive in a different direction if you want to avoid that fast food restaurant.  Change a password, if it will help you change the sites you want to visit earlier in the day.   Check out your appointment book and make an appointment with yourself to exercise or take a walk if you want to ramp up the time you exercise.   Create shortcuts to get were you want to be sooner rather than later.

I find that making a list on a form I have created is easy.  I fill out the form each evening of the contacts I need to make, the people I need to reach, and the people I am waiting to hear back from.   It is so very useful.   I place the list in my purse and unfold it as I get into my car in the morning, just in case I need to stop somewhere before I go into the office.  I put down the phone numbers to make it even easier.  It is such a simple thing that I adapted doing from Brendon Burchard.   He has excellent ideas and a great book called High Performance Habits.   Check it out, it’s very good.

Take the one step to put yourself on the escalator of success.  You’ll be glad you did!

Being at A Loss for What to Eat!

Being at A Loss for What to Eat!

Being at a loss for what to eat in spite of so grocery stores and restaurants is real. Everywhere we look there are recipes and food.  We are very lucky to have such a variety available, yet we often repeat the same dinner salad or latest sandwich again and again.  There are endless meal plans for a variety of needs, like diabetes, heart disease, and low sodium diets.   Every magazine entices us to read it with articles on what to eat.

Many of us over the age of 40 are all too familiar with the famous DIETS out there.   We have all tried them and often the weight bounces back on or we develop allergies to some of the foods.  We go back to the old staples and return to old habits.   In thinking about this I have come up with a few basic strategies that could help.

Find people who can support you and buddy up for accountability.  We all need it!

Good Health & Fresh Foods

1- Eat in moderation and on a regular schedule.

2- Know what agrees with your body.   Are you lactose intolerant?  Do you break out in a rash from tomatoes or strawberries or something else?

3- Learn how to eat  variety of foods so that nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and fiber naturally work for you.

4- Read labels and clearly understand what you are digesting.

5- Watch what you are drinking.   Carbonated drinks aren’t all created equal; sugars are everywhere.

6- Snacking can be so misleading, because we start putting more in our mouths than we realize.  As a kid, my mom would give us each a small bowl filled with a treat.   When it was gone there was no more.   To this day I find it an excellent way to control overeating.   It is the refills that sabotage us!

7- Don’t replace sensible eating with doing more exercise.   Both exercise and a healthy balance diet work together. 

8- Eating does not have to be restrictive; it can offer a wonderful place in your life.  Here a few sites to check out: › Weight Loss

Take the one step that can put you on the ESCALATOR OF SUCCESS  — in this case, feeling your best!

Creating Good Attitudes & Self Awareness

Creating Good Attitudes & Self Awareness

Do you have bad attitudes?  A disposition where you could throw up your hands in frustration and defiance and then not care? You reject the best of life and then live with regrets blaming it on other people, problems, or events?

Do you feel people are indifferent to your feelings and emotions. Perhaps you feel stepped on and ignored. It is usually when things begin going wrong in our lives. We feel unheard and lonely.  I have just written an e-book on Creating Good Habits & Self Awareness using a series of very special photos. I will be sending it out to individuals who request it.

It calls us to look at our habits, our desires, and who mentors us.   It is a light-hearted, but important look at life. So many of us get swallowed up by the wrong things.  How about you?   Are you aware of your short comings, your actions to overcome them, and how many chances there are for you to grow?   Start now.   Call our office for an appointment or sign up for Timely-Topics.  You won’t regret it!

Morton Arboretum’s Troll’s Exhibition

Those Empty Places We Visit Can Be in Our Own Minds

Those Empty Places We Visit Can Be in Our Own Minds

We all have been to an empty building or an empty mall.   It is quiet and the lack of people is an oddity.   After all, we know malls, businesses, stores, and many other places need people.   I recall walking into my parents home after they had died.   It seemed so empty and lonely without their spirits of joy and the usual “hi honey” greeting.   My mind was also feeling void of joy and the emptiness within was so overwhelming.  I missed the laughter, voices, and television or radio in the background.

I think it must feel lonely and confusing for those who have memory losses.   The feeling of loss, and not knowing where everything familiar has gone has to be difficult to comprehend.   The loneliness has to come in waves.   That is true at many other times too.  For people who can no longer see, hear, taste, smell, or understand, their worlds take on a different dimension.

These moments of loss follow us after we have lost a job, after the death of a loved one, after the loss of health or senses, or perhaps a pet.  When these times occur, we are often confused and have memory issues as well due to all the energy it takes to process the missing pieces.  I know firsthand when my spouse was terribly injured, he did not know me.   All the memories we held together were now just mine alone and the inability to share them was as bad as his amnesia.   I suddenly could not remember important numbers, facts, and materials I needed for teaching.

In the coming weeks, we are having a series of “Timely Topics” in our office and one of them is on grieving, recovery, and moving ahead after a loss.   Please consider attending and also letting others know about the 1/2 DAY group session.   You’ll be glad you did, as you will meet others along the journey.  You’ll  also find some concrete ways to move ahead into a happier time.

Join in and find your way back onto the steps of life.   Slowly you’ll be on the escalator of healing and making strides in dealing with issues.  You’ll talk about things you may have needed to express to people around you in a gentle and kind way.  Now is the time to fill the voids.  Please consider joining the series.

Solitude or Emptiness?

Be Cheerful

Being cheerful begins with feeling good within ourselves.  Linda shares a quick rundown of her latest fun project.  Hopefully you will be inspired to find some minor moments that move you into recognizing Mini Miracles.



Take the one step that will put you on the escalator of success.  Share with others your joys and sorrows.  Connect and become refreshed.

Following Up on Counseling Care

Following Up on Counseling Care

Counseling care can be the most awesome thing you have ever done.  Linda Gullo has been in practice at Delight in Living, Ltd. for over 20 years.  Here she offers a few thoughts on why people seek out counseling.

Our mental health and the way we think about things makes all the difference in the world.  Whether it is resolving a problem, having faulty thinking, or just plain old grieving, counseling is a great avenue to pursue.  In a world where people search for quick fixes and self medicate or just try to ignore the signs and symptoms of loneliness, counseling can help immensely.


This simple 11 minute podcast will hopefully inspire and help you find the care you need.  Let the one step place you on the escalator of success.

Navigating the Path You’re On

Some people are so good at navigating the path they are on.   They seem to know what roadblocks are ahead of them or what to expect along the way.   An example I’ll share is about a family based business that was well structured and set up during the 2nd World War.   Sales rallied because of government contracts at that time and their excellent President rallied his workers with him.   He continued to know who his target audience was and to build a healthy clientele for the next twenty years.   Eventually the man sold his business to a partner and then sold off property that was owned for storage over the years following.   He also planned well for his family and sought a more relaxed lifestyle for himself and his wife.  He lived well and enjoyed reading in his final years.

Finding a new path and purpose!

It dawned on me that this is not the case for so many people.   Layoffs, job changes, health challenges and family disruptions cause many people to set up franchises or seek other lines of work.   Their path, although once thoughtfully set into play, just seem to tumble and fall apart.  Every day is a search and rescue existence to make money, pay bills, and stay well.   How does one earn money?  How does one pay for medical issues? Is one able to drive or access food, shelter, and other people with ease?

Taking time to plan is good.   It can be a series of steps set into place.  Perhaps putting aside a small amount of money monthly.   It may include adding to ones education or skill set.   It may mean relocating to a smaller home, eliminating costs, or reversing plans that just don’t add up for a long term resolution.   Maybe it is getting involved with other people and building new relationships.  Design the path you want to pursue and then it will begin to develop naturally.

In talking to a wealth management person I learned that many people are not able to go to the next level of life because they have failed to plan beyond the present.   If it is one thing I have learned from being a psychotherapist, it is that we need to have a purpose.   That purpose may change as we age.   We may devote more time to new hobby, travel the world, or volunteer teaching a second language.   It may mean moving to a new area to be in touch with family so one can be in a more metropolitan area.  Or even moving to a smaller country setting and starting a garden.

One thing to keep in mind in pursuing changes is to think things out well.   What is the long term focus for making the changes.  Is it to save money?   Is it to be with more people you love?   Is it to have a place to run your new business or hobby?

So today’s simple exercise is to: #1.  Get outside your comfort zone.  Make new friends and connect with older ones. Start with just one.  #2.  Decide on something you want to do and seek information on doing it.  #3.  Listen to those around you and see how you might benefit from their experience.

Have a great day and take that one step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success!

Linda is an Educator, Counselor, and Catalyst that will help you inspire you to live 
your life the best possible.

3 Ways to Spell Contentment

I watch Rosy as she navigates through the day showing me there is a way to find contentment.   She has slowed a bit, but just long enough to observe what I am doing before she charges up the stairs behind me.  She waits to see if I am running back down them again or staying there.  She is the clue to the first way to spell contentment.   #1.  Know what it is you really want to accomplish before expending the energy to do so!

Watching efficient and productive people shows us the second way to find contentment.   It is simple.  People who accomplish a lot of work have learned how to prioritize and do it well.   They perform one task at a time and finish it.  Then they sit back for the moment to appraise the situation and salute themselves for a job well done.

Pay Attention



The third way to find contentment is to stay active and show up to the events that mean a lot to you.   These may be personal or business related.  Contentment comes from appreciating the good things in life.   Gratitude and a spirit of recognizing how others have touched your life is by taking an active part in their activities.  It is recognizing how others have succeeded.   We need to stay joy-filled and happy with the accomplishments of those around us.

The next time you feel frustrated or discontent with with yourself, ask “why am I dissatisfied?”  Perhaps it is a restless feeling for something you have yet to achieve.  Perhaps it is because you have not reached out to those around you.   Do you need a break from your responsibilities?  Maybe it is time to sit back and watch like Rosy often does to just reevaluate if it is worth the effort to run up those stairs again!

Linda is a Counselor, Educator, and Catalyst.  She helps people navigate through the tough times and achieve their dreams.   This summer she is offering one-on-one tutoring for students.   She’ll help them learn to organize and focus.  In the Fall, when it is time to return to school, they will hopefully be more engaged having practiced a few basic skills.


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