Welcome to Podcast on Self Sabotage

1- Do you find that you don’t follow through with promises you have made to yourself?  Are you creating self sabotage moments?

2- Are you avoiding things you should be doing?

3- What kind of thinking do you have?   Are you positive?  Are you always doubting your choices?

4- What steps forward are you taking?

5- Are you learning to be mindful of time, of when you procrastinate, or of the times you sabotage your own goals?

6- Find time to breathe, to think clearly, and to find balance by journaling, listening to music, or taking a walk.

Unplanned Surprises Can Be Delightful

What neat things are happening to you that weren’t planned?  Linda tells us about her cornstalks that surprised her.   What surprising things have happened to you this week?

Bucket List Ideas

This section of the podcast talk about what a bucket list includes.   Why even have a bucket list?   Does it mean that you need to plan and dream about?   Bucket Lists are meant to be up lifting.

Buckets have all kinds of contents!

1- Do you want to travel?

2- Do you want to connect with special people?

3- Do you want to learn a language?

4- What goals do you want to eliminate?

5- Do you have an old bucket list that doesn’t have meaning anymore?  Throw it out and begin again.

6- Do you need to talk to friends or  learn a new hobby?

“Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success”    —Linda’s Own