Acceptance: Self Confidence in the Making

On today’s podcast Linda talks about the definition of Acceptance.  In our lives we have to learn to accept a variety of things.  Unfortunately not everything is what we would like, but we learn to distinguish the reality of circumstances and how we might be able to change things along the way.  Using a series of personal experiences you’ll hear a few things that hopefully will guide you ahead. Sometimes we need to look outside of ourselves and see what is really going on.

Looking Outside to see the reality of what is happening!

Linda shares about a story about how a friend’s visit with her to learn about a program some 30 years ago gave her insights.  Her friend Sue accompanied her to an information center and afterward helped her accept going forward.

She also talks about accepting or rejecting medical advice.  How do you do what is correct?   What concerns do you have?

As always Linda invites you to give her ideas and topics.  Feel free to call 815-459-5161!  Asking for help is wisdom!!!

Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.