Today’s podcast is all about making traditions.    Times when things were different, but oh so very relevant in setting a happy tone for today.   Every family is busy creating traditions in the things they do together, in the places they have lived, and with the things they experienced together.   Traditions are created and reinforced in just about everything we do; the times when families gather to share special birthdays, anniversaries, or celebrations.

Education can be Formal from a University, learned on a job, or experienced in life!

We share these moments in photographs like the one above here.   We gather trinkets like a matchbook cover from a restaurant to connect us with a special dinner.  Perhaps a place you met your significant other.  In this session, Linda shares stories of things her family did that were markers in history.   Where are your memories coming from? And where do you need to reconnect the dots to make more moments special.  Talk with your family and relive these special times.

“Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success!”