Thinking Outside the Box to Create Vitality Plus

Do you know anyone who is excellent at thinking outside the box?  sometimes thinking from a different perspective creates vitality for us.  Linda talks about the founders of the Clubhouse app.  These men thought outside the box and kept working on the idea.   Good ideas roll over into great transformations.  

Do computers disconnect us?  We are all being challenged to communicate and be with one another.   What are your goals?   Are you in any of the Community groups like Moose, Kiwanis, Rotary, or a Veterans group?   Do you need to reach out more?  

It seems when we have children in the formative years, we are forced to be with others.  We join parent groups, drive kids to and from activities, and get involved.   As our kids grow it is easy to sigh away from getting into groups and volunteering.  Our energy slides elsewhere.  Why is that and how can we continue to connect?

What old-time thoughts do you need to shift from or into?    Release some stress by reaching out to others.  Ask others how they deal with circumstances.  Become interested in what others have to share.  It is valuable.

Our emotions change with different people.   Linda talks about the encounter she had at a dealership.  It started out as something she had to do, but flipped it over in her mind and turned out to be a lovely experience.

Planting vegetation and help for one another.

Plantings are so uplifting.   Do you have any to share?  Do you offer plants from your garden to others?  I have shared lots of Rose of Sharon Bushes and Hosta over the years.   It is so nice to share.   We need not only to share plantings, but the experiences we have had.  They can help others accommodate to difficult things.   It helps the budget and spreads love.  We leave footprints behind us.   What kind of footprints do you want to leave?  Where is energy coming from?   From dancing and playing or from working hard 24/7?

Please send us suggestions.

Jim Haisler invites you to give us ideas for topics.   Your thoughts and concerns are valuable to us and to others as well.  

Please listen today and enjoy the podcast. Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.