Temporary Times

Many times when people are going through difficult times I like to remind them that these times will pass. It is good to discuss the options and sorrows with others.   It helps to dissolve and resolve issues.  Temporary moments can also be moments of joy and then we need to share and multiply the happy moments because joy needs to be shared so we can engage in laughter and smile. If something difficult is happening to you, then it is good to share them with someone who can help.  They often help to carry the pain and lessen the times of struggle.

I also share thoughts about two visits I am anticipating when connecting with friends this coming week.  Of course, there are a few challenges and concerns coming up as well.  When things are going well it is actually good to write those down in a journal  It helps keep our minds clear and joy-filled.


Multitasking used to be something I did all the time.  Nowadays I try to focus on one thing at a time.  I find I do better when I concern myself with one thing at a time.  Studies have shown us that heavy multitaskers were less effective.  I just read on the internet that only 2% of the population can multitask and the other 98 % were unable to do so.  That tells us that most of our efforts are not really helping us.  Neurosciences tell us why multitasking does more harm than good.  Look around you and see how multitasking works for or against you.



What is the most stressful time of the year?   Does a specific season affect you more than other times?  Has someone in your family died and that date shacks you up yearly, or inspires you to respect a specific need?   

Is there a season that brightens you up like a month of birthdays in your family?  Or a season of traveling?  When are things particularly good for you?

What skills did you use?  Did you have a time when your memory was top-notch?   Linda shares how different opportunities allow us to accomplish things well.  What changes are you recognizing?

Timeliness gives us opportunities to grow.  We may be able to connect with people more or travel as we become empty nesters.  Perhaps car trips are now wonderful for your young children.   Look for what you are able to do now and absorb these moments.  Enjoy time with other people and develop new relationships as well.  Make memories that will keep you upbeat!

Thanks for listening today on these three different issues.  Please submit topics and ideas for the podcast.  Many of these ideas come to me through clients, community suggestions, and reading.

Take the next step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.