Self Development

The Brilliance of Expectations

The Brilliance of Expectations

The Brilliance of Expectations helps set us up for successes and failures.  Linda discusses how being aware of these flaws in our thinking can effect your emotions.

Light bulb Moments that appear as Mini Miracles!

Circling yourself with people you trust can help you appreciate life.  Looking for the Mini Miracles from Minor Moments allows you to see them blossom in your life and among your friends.

Keeping yourself joy filled


Recognizing Your Purpose

Recognizing Your Purpose

Welcome to discovering your Purpose.  What are the things that sabotage us?  What are the community needs that you can help with on a regular basis?


Are You Lost?   Finding our way calls us to be with others and be engaged in life!

Linda recommends

Steve Dotto

Crystal Lake Kiwanis


The Advice is Simple; Taking Action is Hard

Today’s message is The Advice is Simple; Taking Action is Hard.  If you follow me regularly at the Mini Miracles from Minor Moments Podcast or read my blogs, you know that I follow Mel Robbins.  She is the Author of The 5 Second Rule.  So I was listening to one of her talks on U-Tube today   She discusses how we tend to act on our feelings as opposed to doing what we need to do.   For example: we all know we are to exercise, but it is easy to say, “I don’t feel like it!”

Our lead photo is a child all bundled up for an outing.   Parents obviously dressed her appropriately for the weather.  She may not have wanted to go out, but there was no option.  There is no one to dress or control you except yourself.  You have to take action even if you don’t feel like it.


Self discipline is very easy for some people, because they prioritize what is important and then create habits to pursue what they want.  They write lists and check off their progress.  They set deadlines that help them accomplish goals.  Often we are so good at helping others attain what they want, but we get caught in the trap of not getting what we want.   I can attest to that as a caretaker.  Caretakers are often teachers, counselors, and/or parents.   I fall into all three categories.   I have learned to put myself last.   It is not a good thing!

Self awareness is very important.  We all need to help ourselves.  We need to “parent ourselves!”  Today put yourself first.  Do something you need to do for yourself.  Many people are snowed in during this cold snap. It provides time to read, exercise, or clean out that cabinet that needs to be organized.  You may not feel like it, but do it anyway.  Parent yourself and take ownership of who and what you want.  No one is going to give you a gold star or an award, but you’ll feel so much better.  Check out Brendan Burchard here. Brendan is the High Performance Coach and inspires us to get results.

Take a step forward, it can put you on the escalator of success!

The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come

The Best is Yet to Come!

Yes, the Best is Yet to Come. Rosy turns 11 in March and has been fighting congestive heart failure the last 2-3 weeks.  Medicine has been helping her respiration and a modest diet has helped her rally around.  The extremely cold weather makes her rush in and out quickly, but it is more often than normal.

Our Love!

Rosy as a 2 year pup stands guard in our yard.

Today as I was preparing her food, I reached over to hand her the medications in a small ball of peanut butter.  She accepted it graciously.  I found myself saying, “The best is yet to come!”   On the counter was her breakfast which was dog food and a scrambled egg to entice her to eat. 

At 10 she is still fond of tossing and playing with her toys. She does not destroy them, but seems to know they are for fun.

The best is yet to come is advice I needed to hear lately too.  It seems that when things are going wrong, this mantra really  helps.   It extends to a way of thinking that has served me well over the years.  Sometimes the advice we give to others is really for ourselves, so I have learned to key into that insight.

As a student, I would do my homework and know the reward was in knowing the material.  That would usually result in good grades.  If I did my chores, it meant time out to play.  The reward would be as a result of the effort. As an adult I need to start flipping this a bit.  I need to play more and recognize that much of the hard work has already been done in some areas. 

Somehow we’d all like the prize before putting in the work.  We’d rather weigh less, but still eat out of control.  We’d like to have the good things in life like a new car, but aren’t patient enough to wait and save for it.   As I get older, waiting is even harder.  

Here it is winter and very cold this week.  Below zero!  I am totally impatient to get outside into our garden den and soak up the sunshine.  I’d love to be shedding the coats and added sweaters!   I’d love to walk safely without the concern of falling on ice or freezing.  I see friends traveling and think I’d like to be joining them, but realize reality doesn’t allow that right now.

Where are you in this thinking?  Do you believe the best is yet to come?  What are you doing that will lead you to the big payoff?   Are you dieting?  Exercising?  Working on a project with a long term goal that will pay you dividends?   Are you saving money for a trip?  Are you waiting for the joys of seeing a new grandchild?   Or perhaps getting in that garden with all the baby plants from your seedlings?  

The best part of winter for me used to be ice skating.  I no longer do that, but realize that winter if the prerequisite of Spring days and more light.   “The best is yet to come!”  

Solutions to Everyday Problems

Solutions to Everyday Problems

Every week Linda brings a short story to the forefront and helps us recognize there are mini miracles to find along the way.  Enjoy this weeks podcast on accepting, learning, and growing!

Rosy wasn’t curling up so well this week!

Linda talks about water and the Santa Rosa fires of 2017.  How do you monitor your water?

Join us every week for insights and conversation!

Oh Glorious Snow or Is It?

Glorious snow blesses the Midwest and offers opportunities for joy!  We do know however, that snow affects us all differently.   It all depends on one’s self talk and health status.  For some people it provides an opportunity for having fun and results in complete joy as shown here.  It is beautiful and miraculous as it transforms the empty branches with a coating of glistening white.  Snow angels start appearing as kids play in it.  Snow artists are developing magnificent creatures and snowmen!

For those who enjoy seasonal sports like ice skating, skiing, and snow boarding, this weather is a delight.

All this snow is wonderful!

For others snow is depressing and isolating.   Snow depression and Seasonal Affective Disorders referred to as SAD are real. Withdrawal from activities, depression, loneliness, fatigue and mood changes are real.  Especially for those with physical limitations.  People feel isolated and suddenly become hermits.  Our seasonal office helper here is demonstrating how weather can be limiting us.

This mischievous elf got caught sleeping on the job!

The shorter days offer less light and opportunities to stay connected so we need to consciously stay involved.  A few suggestions are:

  • Play board games or get out a deck of cards to stay mentally sharp.
  • Puzzles are favorite pass times and offer moments of time spent together.
  • Write notes for the holidays.
  • Make phone calls to those you need to connect with to hear their voices.
  • Exercise helps us stay vibrant and moving.   Stretch often and take a walk outside the front door just to feel the freshness.
  • This too shall pass, the weather is temporary!
  • Meditate or write out your calendar with birth dates and appointments for the coming year.
  • Let this time become moments to crochet, woodwork, write, and do crafts.  Perhaps time to mend and catch up on organizing.

For me, I need to clean up shelves and nick nacs,  washing crystal, and getting ready for the holidays.  The snow slows me down to get things done here at home.

When all is said and down, tuck yourself in as Rosy did last night.   Today she actually let me put her bright pink and gray snow cape on.  It keeps her dry, but allows me to see her in the deep snow.

Rosy curls up in a bed half her size for a nap.

Enjoy your day and Cyber Monday!   Take just one step forward and put yourself on the escalator of success!

Focusing On a Good Life Takes Practice

Focusing On a Good Life Takes Practice

Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments where we reap the greatest benefits from focusing on the simplest moments in life.   Do enjoy Linda’s Podcast!

Vision – Focus on the Small things in Life!

Many times we focus on the negative things and become shallow in our thinking.  Oprah once introduced a gratitude journal and we all need to focus on those positive things.

Grateful for Clothes and the Opportunity to Learn!

Linda focus’ on people who bring joy to our community.  Making today the best day ever.  Today take the time to Listen to your body!

Rest when you need it: ask for help and be grateful!

In the last section Linda tells us how two friends dealing with health issues take it as a warning to deal with their situations.    It inspires her to take a few steps in slowing down.  Listening to our bodies is good advice for all of us. Do you slow down enough to stay well?   What do you do to help yourself?  Please enjoy this podcast and share it with others who need to find joy in the smallest moments in life.  Have a great day and super week!  Take the first step to put yourself on the escalator of success.

Eliminate Clutter, Embrace the Season, and Enjoy Preparing for Your Life!

Eliminate Clutter, Embrace the Season, and Enjoy Preparing for Your Life!

Eliminate Clutter, Embrace the Season, and Enjoy Preparing for Your Life.   Welcome to Podcast 108 where Linda brings the best of Minor Moments and how they can escalate into Mini Miracles.

   Preparing for the Job  Ahead

Eliminate the clutter in your life. Linda shares about Shredding papers in her office.  It is very freeing to eliminate unnecessary clutter and unneeded paper.   Try it.

Embrace the season and enjoy the various times in your life.

Finally “Preparation” for your life can make things

Thoughts on Making Choices

Thoughts on Making Choices

Welcome to Podcast 107 where thoughts revolve around Making Choices!   (This content is not written out in its entirety.  Kindly listen to the podcast and enjoy it!

Podcasting Delights

Making good decisions is an ongoing process based on the information we have at any given time. We are all making choices constantly. Some less important than others! We teach our children at an early age and we often make choices under pressure. Today Linda addresses how to make informed choices.


Sneaking in grocery shopping or a quick stop for gas may be impulsive, but it is still a choice.

The question becomes do we make them logically?
OR do we make them emotionally?

We make poor choices when we are rushed, upset, or confused.  It is when we don’t have all the facts that we often make mistakes that play out in the long term.

When we have extremes it may be easier to say “yes” or “no”, or that something is “red or black.” When it comes to purchasing a car the decision may include more than the purchase price that makes the decision.  We need to decide on the style, color, dealer, or other factors like interest costs.

Linda shares the example of how she watched a lady who had to return a package to Amazon. She had a small child with her who needed assistance. Also she shares a situation about returning a package to Walmart. So many things aren’t as easy as we’d like them to be!  Returning products purchased online may be more work than going out to a store and buying them in person.

Vision and understanding our own values, and approach to dealing with life, calls us to balance our thinking with old and new content. We may need to clear out the clutter from our minds.  It often begins with doing a physical action.

Have a good week and take that first step that will help put you on the escalator of success.
It’s Never Too Late to Dive Into Action

It’s Never Too Late to Dive Into Action

It never too late to dive into action.  Welcome to Mini Miracle from Minor Moments where you will find a personal adventure in minor moments that lend insight and relevance into our lives.   Linda talks about the variety of people in our world who help contribute to defining who we become.   She talks about the wonderful stories that pop up around us. Note the people we meet on the journey.

Today she is talking about getting unstuck, letting the Fall season work for you, and recognizing how the little things add up.

A Good Message for all of us to get going and keep going!  From  the door of a local Rehab Center, we find encouragement!


  • How do you get unstuck?  How do you find motivation?
  • Go to resources that are factual.
  • Read, listen, and keep well informed.
  • Learn about the current events of 2018 in the community and world at large.
  • What skill are you in need of learning?  Identify them and learn them now.
  • How will you learn the information you need to get up to date?
  • Toss out the bad vibes and feel better about yourself.
  • Exercise, move, and do your best.  The best may not be perfect, but that’s okay.
  • Just start doing something and don’t compare yourself to others.   Rather let others set an example.

Use posted notes for encouragement. Make yourself signs with inspirational messages and put them where you can see them regularly.  Join with friends in walking and getting together.

Next Linda addresses let the Fall work for you.  The Fall Season blesses us with vibrant colors, lively smells, and cool night breezes for good sleeping.

Fall into Good Habits

So  getting unstuck is simple with some the ideas listed above.  The opportunities to read, play, and embrace the changes in weather lend itself to great joy.

Fall is a great season to walk outside.  Pick apples with your family at the local orchards.  Listen to your favorite podcasts and music.  Carve the pumpkins and roast the seeds for family fun. Enjoy a campfire with friends and enjoy the rich smells of burning leaves.  Finally, recognize how the little things add up to make your life rich and joy-filled.


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