Taking On New Roles to Find Joy

We all begin our roles upon birth.  We are instantly a child with an identity. We are given a name.   We may be the first in the family or one of many siblings, therefore, becoming a brother or sister.   Our roles keep developing and we either become good at what we do or we ignore the roles we are given.

             Siblings and Cousin roles here.

In this session of Taking on New Roles to Find Joy, you are called to think about and perhaps journal what gifts you have been given in these roles.  How does one role enhance and promote growth in another area of your life?

This is a Puppy that is learning her role in our family.

This is a great topic for the New Year.  Let your light shine.  Become the complete person God designed you to be and develop the relationships around you as well.  Listen to what you say and how you respond to others.

Remember when you take the first step it may put you on the escalator of success.