Creating a Happier Life

In today’s short 20-minute podcast of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments with Linda Gullo, the discussion revolves around having a happier life.  How does one do that?   It begins with a new philosophy of creating variety in your life. Creating a happier life is easier than you think!

Variety can become a key to happiness in the foods you eat, in the people you involve yourself with, and the hobbies you create.   It involves a new revolving mindset to develop a healthy mindset in times of change in your life.   As we age new ideas and thoughts come to mind.  We learn from the moment of birth and continue to evolve until old age.   We are changing along the way due to cultural changes and the environment in which we live.

Now is the time to hear some simple ideas that may guide you into a happier state of mind.  Enjoy this week’s podcast called Creating a Happier Life. 

“Take the next step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.”