Joy Filled Goals

Angus Nelson is an executive coach for men.  I heard about him from a friend from Dallas.  Angus gave advice about getting help.  He said that we often spend  $20,000 to 55,000 on a car that lasts only a few years, but refuse to spend money on our own mental health.   Our mindsets are the most important thing we should attend to so that we are well and happier.

We all need a personal counselor or coach.   We all need people we can get direction and insight from professionals.  I am fortunate to have friends in these fields and love their insights.

Now what goals do you have in place?   Zig Ziglar talked about how to set goals.  Here is my interpretation of what he said.

Identify your goals.

Be specific and crystal clear on how you will measure your success.

Will it take a specific amount of time?

Do you need to measure it by the amount of money you’ll make?

Is it because of something ethical you have in mind?

He said we need to visualize the goal after it is attained.

Know the obstacles so when they come up you can put them aside for the sake of growth and advancement in your goals.

In the podcast I use the example of eating well.  Listen to this!

Do you need to learn something new or something that you need to update in the way of skills?

We also need to engage in relationships that will help us grow.  It may be a colleague, a family member, or your local coach.

Different times in our lives provide opportunities


People in sports learn how to visualize.

What are you grateful for?   These are two questions that Linda begins asking.

Check out the podcast for all of them.