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Memories to Carry You Forward

Memories to Carry You Forward

               The Holy Family

This weeks podcast is about Memories.  Memories are valuable to us.  Even the small seemingly insignificant moments like pizza parties with the cousins or times spent together across the backyard fence can enhance our lives.  It can include moments when one sits with a grandparent, with a child, or with an older friend.   Our memories carry us through the sad times and losses in our lives to the times when we are walking through gardens or with our grandchildren like I did this past Holy Week.  We visited being at a Retreat Center with my daughter and two smaller grandchildren this week. The gardens were coming to life and the opportunities to find peace for the moment were wonderful.

Remembering each day is special especially when it helps you to laugh over the silly things you have done or the times when being with other people is so uplifting.

Hope this Easter Weekend lifts you up to the many Blessings God has in store for you.

Remember to take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success!

Life’s Transitions

Life’s Transitions

Life’s Transitions

As we enter into Holy Week, it made me think of all the day-to-day transitions we make.  Often we make these minor moments link together seamlessly and without a great deal of thought.   We flow from taking care of daily issues and from longing for something new or better.   In today’s podcast, Linda addresses the times you may be dealing with and how they affect others around us.

Open the Door to a new Outlook

Take one step, it may lead you onto the escalator of success.

Purging on Paper to Find Clarity

Purging on Paper to Find Clarity

Empty your Mind for good health and clearer thinking!

Linda brings us up to date on one of the oldest Art Forms in History.  Writing things down can be the best form of relaxation and relief.   It does so many things for us, including:

  • reducing stress
  • bringing seemingly insignificant moments to the surface
  • recognizing internal strengths
  • keeping things in perspective
  • putting ideas into practice
  • Untangling situations and developing clarity
  • Decide the difference between a thought and a feeling
  • Clears the mind so there is space to develop
  • Helps a person put words to what is happening in their lives
  • Heals relationships
  • Strengthens a sense of self
  • Improved self trust
  • Offers new perspectives

Learn to frame things into positive sentences and therefore into positive thinking.  Take the first step forward, it may put you on the Escalator of success!

Putting Together An Agenda

Putting Together An Agenda

Why Rush?  Agendas, Calendars, Dates, Times create agendas for us.   Why bother?  Linda tells us how agendas are valuable for us.

A 17 Month Desk Top Calendar

Being efficient helps make time to have fun.  It helps us accomplish good things for our families, our health, and our community.  It helps us to use our resources well.
Finding Clarity for Yourself

Finding Clarity for Yourself

Finding Clarity for Yourself

Finding clarity is an ongoing struggle for most people, because life is always evolving.  Even the smallest moments make the biggest mini miracles.

Linda shares about one way to see clearly evolves with changes.  She begins with a story about new glasses.Who do you want in your life?  What are you doing to make that a GREAT relationship.

What throws you into a state if confusion?  Is it when your schedule is compromised by other peoples agendas?   Is it doing something new?   Is it in completing projects?

I am always on a mission to find minor moments of joy.   And they appear when you look for them.  We need to see clearly and that is what this podcast is all about today.  Simplicity, clarity, and direction are so very important to us.  Look for templates, calendars, lists, and pictures to help you find solutions.

“Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.”

It’s All About Happiness

It’s All About Happiness

Welcome to Podcast 123 of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments. 

It is the minor moments in our lives that bring forth the greatest miracles.

Today Linda is sharing some takeaway’s she received in the book .  Thanks to Dennis Prager for one of the most insightful books I’ve read recently.   Also check out Matthew Kelly’s Books.  The Rhythm of Life is one of my favorites.and his most recent book which I am still working on but enjoy is the Culture solution. Thanks, don’t forget to take

Thanks to Dr. Nick at the Crystal Lake Veterinary Hospital for all their care and concern.

How to Catch More Sleep

How to Catch More Sleep

How to catch more sleep is unique for each person depending on their work cycle, but here are a few suggestions to help you.

What are your sleeping conditions?  Are you in a quiet end of the house or in a nosy environment?   If you grew up in a house with lots of noise and found that comforting, a quiet place may not work.  A friend of mine sleeps with the radio on in the house.  If you had a house of quiet, trying to find a place of rest that is peaceful, cool, and comfortable is essential.   Scientific research tells us that going to bed at a regular time helps us stay regulated.  However, having said that it is often difficult to be consistent. This is particularly true if you have small children, work varying shifts, or are a caretaker.

Often the use of noise machines work well.  I spent a night with a few friends up in the Milwaukee area years ago.  We were all going to a conference the next day and bunked over at one of the nearby homes as guests of one who was also attending with us. To my surprise she announced that the only way she could sleep was with white noise, so we all agreed to try it.   Surprisingly fast, I fell asleep and slept well for the entire night.  There are many machines that offer a variety of sounds from the sound of ocean waves, to repeated sounds.

Scheduling time for        REST!

What we are learning is that it is essential we get up at the same time.   Years ago I had a doctor who was practical and yet a genius.  He sat down with me on the first visit in a quiet room and asked me a series of questions.  One of them was what time I woke each day to use the restroom.   I gave him a time and still find after all these years that it hasn’t changed.   So why share this with you?  Well it is obvious that we all seem to have an internal clock that keeps us on tract.   Obviously after many years of schedule changes, having raised a family, and jobs, I realized that some things are consistent.  This is really relevant when it comes to our times of rest.

Recognizing your Internal Clock

Yesterday I was not watching the clock, but Rosy, our American Bulldog, barked to alert me to her eating time.   She has not been well this past month, and has not eaten well, but her habits are set in place.  Ironically, I fed her and she ate okay.   She also can be sound asleep and awakes at 8:30 pm to remind us it is time to go outside.  People are no different with their internal clocks, but we often delay going to the washroom or  ignore being tired.  We stay up past our bedtimes and regret it the next morning.

The use of  weighed blankets can also really be helpful.  I was first taught about this through one of my patients.  These blankets calm the body and allow the person to settle down.  So I personally tried one to learn if it worked.  They are excellent at keeping one from tossing and turning.   It reminded me of the bundling we do in helping newborns to sleep.  We swaddle them to make them feel secure.  They come in a variety of weights according to whether one is a child or an adult.  The first time I used one it slid onto the floor and unlike other blankets meant I had to get out of bed to physically pick it up again.  I found it rather funny, but missed it right away.  These blankets come in a variety of colors and duvets are available to cover them as well.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Another remedy is having something about an hour and a half before bedtime to relax you.  For years a glass full of milk was suggested and it has helped many people I know to feel satiated and to sleep well.  My husband likes an apple and has copied this habit from his father.  Perhaps it is keeping the body from feeling hungry at that time, equalizing blood sugar, or just a powerful suggestion!  It may be something to try and see if it helps you.

Hoping a few of these ideas might guide you  into a restful night and consistent habits to make your life better.  Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success. 


The Brilliance of Expectations

The Brilliance of Expectations

The Brilliance of Expectations helps set us up for successes and failures.  Linda discusses how being aware of these flaws in our thinking can effect your emotions.

Light bulb Moments that appear as Mini Miracles!

Circling yourself with people you trust can help you appreciate life.  Looking for the Mini Miracles from Minor Moments allows you to see them blossom in your life and among your friends.

Keeping yourself joy filled


Recognizing Your Purpose

Recognizing Your Purpose

Welcome to discovering your Purpose.  What are the things that sabotage us?  What are the community needs that you can help with on a regular basis?


Are You Lost?   Finding our way calls us to be with others and be engaged in life!

Linda recommends

Steve Dotto

Crystal Lake Kiwanis


The Advice is Simple; Taking Action is Hard

Today’s message is The Advice is Simple; Taking Action is Hard.  If you follow me regularly at the Mini Miracles from Minor Moments Podcast or read my blogs, you know that I follow Mel Robbins.  She is the Author of The 5 Second Rule.  So I was listening to one of her talks on U-Tube today   She discusses how we tend to act on our feelings as opposed to doing what we need to do.   For example: we all know we are to exercise, but it is easy to say, “I don’t feel like it!”

Our lead photo is a child all bundled up for an outing.   Parents obviously dressed her appropriately for the weather.  She may not have wanted to go out, but there was no option.  There is no one to dress or control you except yourself.  You have to take action even if you don’t feel like it.


Self discipline is very easy for some people, because they prioritize what is important and then create habits to pursue what they want.  They write lists and check off their progress.  They set deadlines that help them accomplish goals.  Often we are so good at helping others attain what they want, but we get caught in the trap of not getting what we want.   I can attest to that as a caretaker.  Caretakers are often teachers, counselors, and/or parents.   I fall into all three categories.   I have learned to put myself last.   It is not a good thing!

Self awareness is very important.  We all need to help ourselves.  We need to “parent ourselves!”  Today put yourself first.  Do something you need to do for yourself.  Many people are snowed in during this cold snap. It provides time to read, exercise, or clean out that cabinet that needs to be organized.  You may not feel like it, but do it anyway.  Parent yourself and take ownership of who and what you want.  No one is going to give you a gold star or an award, but you’ll feel so much better.  Check out Brendan Burchard here. Brendan is the High Performance Coach and inspires us to get results.

Take a step forward, it can put you on the escalator of success!

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