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The Beat Go On

The Beat Go On


The Light Bulb moments when a child is able to rollover or stand up, they see the world from a different perspective. They develop resilience from trying and trying again. They keep trying to get up over and over again. Resilience continually flows and helps us adapt.

As adults, business owners, and everyday workers or parents we have the capacity to develop a sense of gratitude along the way too. We become clearer thinking when we study, focus, and have positive goals.  It is never to late to develop the attitude of gratitude.

Linda talks about her time as a new teacher at the age of 21 and how fitting it was for her. She loved being a teacher and being with kids. She had the energy and could relate to the 7 year old children she taught.  We all need to stay connected to our “why” we do the things we practice each day.

She continues to discuss the 7 year increments in a woman’s life. These changes in life are teaching us to navigate and refine our skills and talents. We keep building resilience and joy. So many things are developing just as the small baby in the first 12 months of life.

Learning to Navigate begins early!

Enjoy each season of your life.

“Finding your calling is like finding your why! It is the reason you exist; your purpose for living. When you do that, it changes everything.” John Maxwell

What are the pillars of your life?
What are the common denominators in life? Emotions? Desire to be fed? The need to have contact with others and commune with one another? The ability to share ideas, read, travel, and brainstorm.

Are you ready to go back to school? Are your family members ready to do that? What is on your plate?

Going back to school reminds us to keep learning at all ages!

Join up with others. Accountability is so very helpful.
It helps us stay on track and grow. Studies have shown that public statements make us accountable. Partner up with people you trust. Have others you trust give you feedback.
Question what it is you need to learn.

Hospitality Goes Along Way
Understanding one another goes a long way. It gives us the opportunity to connect with our peers, our family, our community. We need to be adaptable to change.

Search for The Power of Prayer and The Opportunities of Growth

Take the next step forward; it may put you on the Escalator of Success.

Trying Something New

Trying Something New

Trying Something New

A Fisherman’s Tale that came true. This 4 year old tried something new and Bingo, she was a success!

Thanks for Jim Haisler for his Introduction to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments.

  • Last week Linda shared time with Cliff Ravenscraft and his upcoming Conference in September.
  • Learning a new Podcasting Mixer and how it works!
  • Working the goals we set up for ourselves.  Linda shares her two main ones!   What are your dreams, visions, and goals.
  • She shares the obstacles that pop up, laughing aloud at the ringing telephone!
  • Understanding the stages of life and the opportunities each presents for us.
  • Connect with us here for coaching opportunities.

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  • Make changes that you need to do, BUT DO ONE THING AT A TIME!

    FOCUS   F=follow O=one C=course U=until S=Successful

  • Education is important.   Learn the skills you need and apply them immediately.  Learning is changing all the time.   Know what information is important.
  • Book suggestion is THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL by Andy Andrews.
  • Take the next step forward to put you on the Escalator of Success.
Thank God for Our Mentors

Thank God for Our Mentors

Thank God for Our Mentors

Good Morning and Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments where it is the small seemingly insignificant moments in our lives that blossom into awesome Mini Miracles. Every week we are here to share stories, ideas, and information to help make your life easier and happier.

Welcome to this weeks podcast # 143 with Linda and her guest Cliff Ravenscraft. Linda interviews Cliff Ravenscraft as he talks about his journey in the Online world of Podcasting and where he is now.

In 2016 Linda began asking everyone she knew about Podcasting and no one could help.  Then in a forum, she received the name of Cliff.    She promptly signed up for his course and the rest is history.  Today she talks to Cliff about the evolution of Mini Miracles and shares with listeners Cliff Ravenscraft.

Cliff talks about  podcasting he began as a hobby and how it has grown into a bigger dream. Today, Cliff focuses on his role as a business mentor and life coach. He mentors coaches, consultants and thought leaders through the transition from their unfulfilling day job to their own responsible and profitable online business so that they can live the life of their dreams and do the work they feel most called to do in this world.

Check out Free the Dream Conference September 13 -15th in Franklin, Tennessee.

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Being a Cheer Leader for Others

Being a Cheer Leader for Others

Being a Cheer Leader always looks like fun and actually it is fun!   Under the most trying circumstances, there are a many ways to be lifted up and pull out the positive features.  Just today, I attended the Funeral of an old friend.  We knew each other for about 40 years and would always greet each other with a hug and cheerful interaction.   I must say today was sad and yet so uplifting.

The gentleman who died this week was 93, faith filled, and ready to meet his wife in the eternal life.  His next two generations were seated in the pews and friends were scattered around to celebrate his life.  I ran into another person during the service; another witness to the Godly ways of the world.  I witnessed tears, smiles, and hugs.  All offered to one another as a form of empathy, understanding, and support.

Cheerleaders make us happy. Being one is even more fun!

Embracing life and all its challenges keeps us on our toes.  We are supposed to be an example for one another.  What kind of example are you?  Do you go out of your way to embellish the gifts of those around you?  Do you have a good joke to share or something that can help them navigate the journey?

When I was a child, I loved parades.  We lived near a parade route and I would go to every one that our community celebrated.   The Marching Bands of the local schools, the floats honoring the Kings and Queens of different High Schools,  the Firetrucks, and bright customs and the various groups passing out candy and gadgets, made my day.   I saw smiles, and the Veteran’s in uniform saluting the flag.  So many wonderful and respectful measures were taken!

Enthusiasm is contagious!

Let us show respect for those who serve our communities, our nation, and our elderly.   Let us give back to them credit for all the wonderful examples of work ethics, of showing up daily, of attending Church, and being our cheerleaders.   Blessings for a great day!

Put that first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success. 

How to Design Your Life

How to Design Your Life

How to Design your Life

Mini MIRACLES from Minor Moments invites you to recognize the small moments in life that become Mini Miracles!

1:30 Setting goals and having a daily focus begins with intentionality Focusing into what is important begins with writing down what seems insignificant.

2:30 Redefining your goals helps us define. Being accountable helps us stay on task without a lot of effort.

4:30 Taking the small steps to discover habits that are in need of replacement helps us.

6:00 Finding companions on the journey can help several people develop your goals.

7:30 Celebrate your successes!


8:30 The ongoing process of learning calls us to dump all thoughts and replace with new updates

10:00 The medical world is always finding through research new information.

10:30 Be open to new learning, and learning from other wizards in the industry.


11:40 Looking to children for advancing in coping with life.

Taking the first step forward may put you on the escalator of success.

Weeds, Seeds & Growth

Weeds, Seeds & Growth

Weeds, Seeds & Growth

1:00 Announcer Jim Haisler welcomes Linda Gullo, your Hostess.

Greetings to Podcast 140 on Weeds, Seeds, & Growth in your life!

Are you weeding out the negative things in life? Today we are recognizing the Freedom we celebrate over these 4th of July Holidays along with the simple idea of weeding out the negative ideas and replacing them with joy.

1:15 Weeds are popping up all over due to the constant rains here. Linda talks about WEEDS. Weeds in life that also pop up! When things go wrong, can you identify the stressors or issues that are interrupting your life style? Are you values being crippled?

3:00 Seeds of encouragement have been placed in your life early on and they are still being planted. Linda shares a few incidents where seeds of encouragement were planted in her life. Who has planted seeds of encouragement for you? What seeds have erupted.

5:30 Linda announces she will be talking with Cliff Ravenscraft in the coming weeks.

6:30 The Value of GPS. Do you know how to read a map? What path are you on? What goals and directions do you have? How do you implement them?

7:45 Linda tells a story about a little bird sitting on a ledge? Are you like this little bird? Are you confused or blocked? What is your roadmap?

9:35 Becoming an Architect. Which titles or behaviors do you hold? Are you an Executor, a person of Influence, a Relationship builder, or a Strategic thinker? Which skills are you working to develop?

13:50 How are you avoiding pain? We all have it physically and mentally. How are you dealing with any of these? We often we have to walk through things with our spouses, parents, and children. It is hard to be the support person too. Anxiety and depression are things we all deal with at different times. Linda discusses the value of focusing on solutions.

Take the first step to put yourself on the Escalator of Success.

Trying Something New

Pity Parties

Welcome to this weeks Podcast on Pity Parties.

  • Our Introduction is from Jim Haisler who welcomes our Hostess Linda Gullo
  • 1:45  Expectations going wrong
  • 2:45 The worst kind of tumor is a Pity Party
  • 3:30 Getting our attitudes stuck in the quicksand
  • 4:00 Focus on Positive things-Be Grateful
  • 4:45 Focus on a Specific Goal to carry yourself forward
  • 5:30 Take action -All situations are temporary
  • 5:45 The sooner you start; the sooner you’ll reach your goal
  • 6:00 Read the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins
  • 6:45 Look for Levity
  • 7:15 Don’t Isolate
  • 7:30 Physically move to help your mood improve
  • 9:00 Sorrows shared are divided; Joys shared are multiplied
  • 10:00 Freshen up -sprucing yourself up makes one feel better
  • 10:45 Be kind & generous
  • 11:00 Add music to your life
  • 11:45 Or praying may help immensely
  • 13:00 Add on a “tic-tac-toe” box and think outside of the BOX
  • 14:00 How is your memory today?

    How are you seeing things?

Remember that it takes one step forward that may put you on the escalator of success.

Clarity and Vision

Clarity and Vision

When we are children, we take so much for granted.  We assume everyone can hear, see, taste, smell, and connect lovingly.   Our world is awesome, because the sky is the limit.  Fast forward, we begin to interact with more people, places, and things than just our loving parents or family members.  Slowly we learn the pain of getting hurt, or being ignored, or smelling bad things.  We learn to adjust to the smells of foods, the environmental odors of the earth, plants, and misty rains.  Our world of fragrance, the sight of running pets, and the awesomeness of butterflies whirling around us expose us to new stimuli.  We usually can see the details on the smalls bugs, and earthworms.  We can see far away and observe the changes happening around us.  If one is lucky their actual site opens up the world of learning.  By adulthood, we may be cynical and toughened to feel the joys that we once felt.  Is that what you want?  How can that be changed?  Are you comfortable where you are at in life or do you want new challenges and ways to contribute to the world around you?



Several years ago, I locked myself out of the house.  I laid down on the front lawn with my dog, who was also locked out with me.  Suddenly my perspective changed completely.  The dried pieces of grass were pinching my legs, the fresh grass was waving with the wind, and the world looked so different at the dog’s eye level.  I could react to the movement of the nearby squirrels and relate to the blowing dandelion fluff in the air and across the street.  Although I don’t remember how I got back into the house, I do recall the clarity and vision I had at that level and often would say to our dog “so what are you seeing that I am missing?”

     An eye level view!

Clarity comes to us in the words that we hear, through the people we meet, and of course, in the books that we read.  We take in the details and expand our knowledge to fit the work we are called to do.  Where do you need clarity in your life?  Are you looking for guidance and direction from others or searching for it on the internet?  Are you called by God to expand your vision or are you satisfied to stay where you are at in life?   Watching the inquisitive of children is so exciting for me.  I hope I never lose the ability to grow and question the world I live in each and every day.  Every person, situation, and challenge one faces imprints and impacts us.  There is a trace of influence or a new concept to absorb.  How cool is that?

Morning Flowers greet us!

Now is the beginning of new clarity and vision.  Literally we need to see the world around.  We need to feel the joy and life giving spirit that thrives in children, relationships, and with our pets.  We need to learn by taking a step forward into something new, it can put you onto the escalator of success. Join us here midweek and on Friday’s for our weekly podcast on finding the fulfilling minor moments that grace us with mini miracles.  Or connect with us at Delight in Living, Ltd.

Promoting Positive Attitudes for Yourself and Others

Promoting Positive Attitudes for Yourself and Others

Learning from the past successes and failures can bring us significant opportunities to help one another.  Think about 10 people who played an important part in your life. They can be parents, grandparents, neighbors, or bosses.  What did they teach you?  Was it a spirit of kindness, organization, joy, or how to be social?   Every person we encounter has the capacity to lend us a helping hand or great insight.  What will you pass on to others?Linda shares how the way we learn either helps us conquer life and supports our lifestyles or deflates us.  Being aware of our own learning styles also can allow us to touch others in a positive way. Responding to the needs of one another quickly adds joy, affirmation that we are worth it,  and positivity.  As grandparents we can lend a helping hand in a way to parents simply because we have different skills, less pressure, and the wisdom to do the small necessary things that affirm children.

Enjoy the stories and ideas that may help you take the first step to riding the escalator of success.



Prepare for Success

Prepare for Success

Preparing for Success may take time and thought, but once you are prepared, the task may not only be fun, but profitable.  Linda addresses in Podcast 137 the small insignificant mini miracles may come from the rhythm that we set in place.  It may work for you too?

A smile, a well packed backpack and enthusiasm help prepare us for a good day!

Reliable and genuine people make the first step to becoming great leaders easy.  When development starts early, it often continues to grow as we enter into adulthood and business.  No matter what environment we are in, we need to develop the skills that can help us to be independent and allow us to contribute to society.

What are you working on?  What do you want to accomplish?  Who do you need to connect with in the coming weeks?   What ambitions do you have that you are working on each day?

As you listen to this weeks podcast, hope you have a few great “takeaways” to move you forward!   It may put you on the escalator of success.

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