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Top-Notch Habits

Top-Notch Habits

The Bright Side of a Serious Situation

Linda shares a story about Joel Boyers and his fiancee, Melody Among. She had just earned her pilot’s license on August 21st. Her brother who lived in Waverly, Tennessee was trapped on a roof with his daughter. Could Boyers help? The floods killed 20 people that day. In many situations, helicopters cannot come into areas for a number of reasons, but Joel was cleared under these circumstances and with the help of Melody saved 17 people. Listen now as Linda connects how this story focuses on this scene.  Being top-notch in your field means going beyond the normal routine; especially if it means saving lives or helping others.

A  Top-Notch Habit includes reading books.

We all wear many hats. Here is a book by Edward de Bono wrote a book called the Six Thinking Hats. Available to us are White Hats that allow us to have data, Red hats encourage us to use our Intuition, and Black Hats allow us to consider how things may not work. Yellow is an uplifting hat and Positive. A green hat is one of creativity. The blue hat is one of Control and Leadership. Put on a hat that will help you get ahead of the game.  Which of these habits can help you be top-notch?

Create those good habits to help you in the next 2-5 years.

Now scales help us know where we stand on pain and in different areas. Scale yourself between 1 and 5. 5 is the best possible. Being creative, planning, clutter habits at work or home, eating habits, sleeping, social media time, or staying connected with others can be evaluated. Enjoy Linda’s commentary.

“It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” Benjamin Franklin


We all need to develop Self Knowledge to be Top Notch

Here are some of the questions.  What inhibits me? Or what may help me to grow? Where are the props I need? Which people offer me the best feedback? Who are the ones that help me be creative? Who are the people that help me stay creative? What time of day am I the most inspired? Do I prefer ambient noise or silence? Does a computer help or hinder me when it comes to using my time well? Do I still want to use a piece of paper and pen to make notes and encourage myself?

As a coach, I am always trying to help people build on their best attributes.  Just call 815-459-5161 and see how this may help you succeed in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.  Mini Miracles from Minor Moments is a podcast filled with education, motivation, and a touch of spirituality to help you grow and mature.   Enjoy!

“Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success!”  Linda Gullo

Taking One Step Forward

Taking One Step Forward

Taking One Step Forward

Starting at the beginning of any project or goal requires preparation and clarity. Today on Mini Miracles from Minor Moments we are addressing how to move forward.  We will look at the Power of One, the value of Clocks, a book called the Dip, Empty Nest Syndrome, the emotion of Anger and Juggling. One goal, one change, one step at a time. Minor moments may seem unimportant, but they are essential in making your dreams a reality. Each small step or event can add to your success.

The Power of One

1- The Power of ONE! Starting at the beginning of any project or goal requires preparation and clarity. Today we are addressing the Power of One. One goal, one change, one step at a time. Minor moments may seem unimportant but they are essential in making your dreams a reality. Each small step or event can add to success. Focus on one thing at a time! Allow others to make you accountable; you’ll step ahead faster and feel better of dealing with one thing.

Time is on Your Side

2- Clocks are all around us and help us stay on time. They help keep us on track.

A Book Suggestion

3- Achievers access great things by being on the top of the news. Here is a book that may help. The Dip -the little book that teaches you when to quit and when to stay with something! Godin is the author of numerous books.  He will guide you on how to move forward.  So you may want to check it out.

Empty Nests

4- The empty nest syndrome can be overwhelming. It helps us to pay attention to the adjustments that are available for you.  Look at this time with excitement for you and your loved ones.  Linda gives several examples and permission to grow and move forward on your own as a parent or caregiver.


5- Anger is an emotion that shows up when we least want it to manifest. As a secondary emotion to fear it is all around us.  It creates a fuel that promotes behaviors we don’t want. How do you deal with it.  Now this section helps us work through thoughts and actions that can be positive and helpful to avoid inappropriate behaviors.


6- Juggling is something we all do. And it is not the fun activities like in a circus. Chaffering kids, juggling schedules, and finances. We learn to constantly rearrange. It takes practice and a creative spirit. Learn to go with the flow of things!

Remember here at Delight in Living, Ltd. we offter Coaching to help you excel and create goals as well as Mental Health Counseling.   Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.


Preparing for Greatness

Preparing for Greatness

Preparing for Greatness

Jim Haisler welcomes everyone today to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments with Linda Gullo. Enjoy this week’s information and the ideas for journaling.    Here is a quick review, but certainly not word-for-word.


1-Physical battlefields include several.  Perhaps it is healthy eating, or physically moving more. What limitations do you have? So from physical battlefields, we move into how we may be thinking!

2-Intellectual processes are going on constantly.  Are you listening to others? Are your thoughts coming from you or from others?  Do you need to be better read or more involved with your community?  What thoughts do you have to pitch because they are no longer serving you to be the best version of yourself? Is it time to change belief systems that are no longer relevant?  Turn to meditation and spirituality as another battlefield.

3-Spirituality takes on many levels.  Are you prayerful?  Do you have fidelity to what you do or to the other people in your life?  Do you give from your abundance, from values you believe in, or are you living apart from others?  We often think we have nothing to share, but we have plenty!  Do you follow the basic ten commandments that so many of us follow?

4-Emotional battlefields are often leading us down the wrong path. What are they leading you to do that may not be good?  Are your emotions wiping out wholesome thinking?  Is anger, jealousy, or laziness keeping you from doing what you KNOW is the right thing to pursue?  As a resut you may self critical and not realize it. 


Linda shares a story about a Squirrel who visited her yard. The story lends us inspiration to be on task. This squirrel sets an example for each of us on following customs. We need to follow systems that work. He showed being prepared. Also, this squirrel was good about being consistent. Do you have backup plans? Enjoy this story on being ready and having backup options in places.

Book Review

Book review – by Seth Godin, a marketing guru. Today we learn about a little book that teaches us when to quit or when to stick through something in the book The Dip.   Enjoy the short review on a book that may end you inside.  He has a variety of books available. He is known for great quotes like the following one.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”
Seth Godin


Do you need to reset attitudes? Are you changing boundaries with groups you are in? Are you aware that one’s behaviors of helping others may be limited? What attitudes do you need to alter? Are you in need of learning to switch from being at work to be focused on those at home? Do you need to find time alone?

Join us every two weeks for Mini Miracles from Minor Moments with Linda Gullo.

Join our Book study or  Mastermind which meets weekly for personal and business development.

Measurements, Tags, & Self Love

Measurements, Tags, & Self Love


Linda starts by talking for a few minutes about the concept of measuring. We need to learn these things that are used every day. We take it for granted that everyone knows simple math skills, but it isn’t true. Listen as you are encouraged to recognize and acknowledge how lucky you are to know your numbers.

This little segment is about measuring and shared for many reasons! First of all, we all have the same basic needs when it comes to learning things. 2ndly, we take it for granted that everyone knows how to do these things, 3rdly, thinking things through and taking the time to be accurate with measurements is really important to have a quality lifestyle. When we dress in clothes that fit us well, drive a car big enough to adapt to one’s 6-foot frame, or sit comfortably in the chair we need to know sizes. This week be conscious of how important these skills are and be thankful for this knowledge.

Chill Out with this Wellness Warrior to help you.!

Measuring temps


Mini Miracles from Minor Moments allows one to see the joy that comes from the smallest happenings in time.  Scheduling in the opportunities for growth and diversity in our days is good.  They don’t need to be hourly sessions, but just wholesome and authentic moments.  One needs to do that for making the most of time, talent, and quality.  Not only do we help ourselves, but we help everyone around us feel appreciated.  Enjoy the smallest events and successes.

Scheduling & Notations!


Linda shares looking out of a window overlooking the City of Chicago and how framing can help us move forward. Seeing things in the daytime may look totally different to us in the evening because of the lighting.  Obstacles and challenges are framed differently when one is alert as opposed to being tired and worn out. Sometimes we see how others resolve problems and find excellent solutions when we know what they are sharing is the truth. We see obstacles that may be in front of us and then we can avoid them.

Framing is having a purpose and a plan to see clearly.


Linda shares how sometimes we do not hear and absorb nice compliments. Make sure others hear your compliments.   Often people don’t take in the average comment as a positive thing.  You also need to receive kind thoughts others share with you and see that they are blessings.


Comments we hear are not always accurate. Be careful that we don’t label others or make comments that are negative. Be careful not to let tags and comments hold you back or make you fearful. We can be hurt by a label —“you are too fat, too loud, ADD, unkind,” etc. We need to throw them away. Just like a broken bone or a physical injury, many tags are temporary. We need to be careful not to put labels, tags, or impressions from others into our minds as permanent. Things change as we grow. Don’t be put in a corner or get stymied because of some label. It isn’t a good thing. Believe in yourself. Get a team of good people around you to help you know the truth and see things as changeable.  Take into account self love as a gift.

Remember to take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success!

The Value of Good Mental Health

The Value of Good Mental Health

The Value of Good Mental Health

Each side of our brain serves us and allows us to function well. This was discussed in the last podcast with great enthusiasm.  What profession are you in often is often reflected by the side of the brain you use the most to accommodate to life. What profession have you chosen? Why have you gone into that area of work?

Linda talks about creating a Sphinx she created in elementary school and how often our culture and family help develop our talents.  You will be able to hopefully think of a time in your life when you too enjoyed a time of learning.

Next Linda shares an experience of being on a bus in Italy that was stalled due to an emergency on the road ahead. It turned out to be a fun and unique event for her. It remains such a good remembrance of how people were able to connect. A normal moment was not tense, but rather a beautiful time. Our minds interpret things in different ways. For someone else, the experience may have been uncomfortable or nerve-racking, but that is because we are from different backgrounds.

Fragrances also connect us to different moments. It is like listening to music. Certain songs take us back to fun or even tragic moments.  Have you ever been to an auction? Have you ever experienced something that gets you into a new place? Just think for a moment about a trip to Disney or the local zoo. The characters and animals are entertaining. Our imaginations seem to blossom.

We are here to help you!

We are here to help you!

We all learn on different levels. It is good that we perceive things differently because we can share them with one another. So If you are having problems learning or dealing with things, travel and try new pathways.

Pathways to Dealing with Anxiety

1-Have regular exercise or movement as part of your day. Moving helps us get past the anxiety.
2-Stay in the moment and take time to breathe.
3-Og Mandino’s University of Success says the only event in the entire world you can control is what you are you are thinking and feeling at the present moment.
4-Enjoy the weather right now, especially if it is pleasant. Feel the sunshine and the fresh air. If it is raining, feel the moisture as a wonderful thing. Take each day one at a time. Stay in the moment.

Now what?

What is it that you need to do or accomplish this week?
Is it a language you want to learn?
Linda talks about her Father’s journals. How it went from factual information and costs when her dad was younger. With time the journal entries evolved into feelings and emotions and as time progressed so many other things seemed relevant. You’ll learn why.  Listen and enjoy this section..

Learn in whatever way is easiest for you. If it is in art, then express yourself that way. If it is with people, then immerse yourself with them. Perhaps music speaks and teaches you to appreciate yourself. It can be from fragrances, smells, or foods. At every age, we can learn from board games.

Linda is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and also certified by Optavia in partnership with the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education & M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University.  She is here to help you feel your best and succeed.

Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.

Making Good Decisions

Making Good Decisions

Making choices and decisions can be difficult and many of us are in the process of trying to decide on many different topics throughout our day. We are trying to prioritize what needs to be done and the best way of doing those particular things. Our choices and decisions are ongoing. We are continually making choices and decisions from the time we are small. Today on Mini Miracles from Minor Moments the idea of how to proceed may be helpful for you. Often it the smallest thing that ignites your fire and allows you to elevate your income, the relationships you relish, and the feeling of being accomplished.

Time Changes our Perspective

As we age we make many choices. Choices of exercising or activities that move us ahead. Choices of who to spend time with or choices of when to travel or how we plan a trip. In today’s world, people are making the choice of whether they want the vaccine. One starts looking at the pros and cons. You may be making choices of eating to build a better immune system. Perhaps selecting types of exercise that will be good for you.

Free Up Your Mind

Decisions take on a number of important factors. Just like a computer, our mind needs to be freed up to make wise choices. The best results come from knowing the right path to take. Sometimes we are worried about making the wrong decision and as a result, we let good opportunities pass us by. Indecision and confusion deplete us of energy that could be used to keep us mentally healthy.

The Illustration of Getting a Dog

Linda illustrates how to make choices by telling us a story about her decision to purchase a dog. She asked herself many questions, some may help you come up with questions to ask yourself if you need to look at when you have a decision about jobs, commitments, vacations, or even important things like having surgery.

Are you deciding on going back to school? Are you trying to change your financial situation? Perhaps you need to move to a different size home or help fund a family member?

Steps to Help You Move Ahead

Decisions are not always easy, but here are a few ideas on how one can actually make good decisions.  Our choices boil down to a few specific things :1- visualize the destination of your actions and how you can control the outcome, 2- Look at the opportunities available now, 3- What choices are there? 4- Next create habits that are simple, easily repeated, and time focused —even designate a good time to think things through —it may be while taking a walk or getting alone and sitting away from confusion. 5- Put yourself among like-minded people who share your values and commitments—get their feedback. 6- Use humor when things seem too hard to decide.

Our weekend Winner’s Circle meets on Tuesday at 10:30 CST and perhaps you’d benefit by joining it. You can check it out at


“Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success!”

Measurements, Tags, & Self Love

Anticipating the Best

Hello and thanks for joining me on this 191st podcast. Today we are going to discuss the repercussions and emotional responses that seem to be coming to us during this winter season and all of the news about Corona. So many people are affected by the loneliness and the isolation that has been created this past year. We cannot undo these times, but the way we interpret and deal with them can be uplifting rather than being a downer.

Simply because we are not interacting with one another in the usual way we do, our thinking may be getting cloudy, empty, and irrational. We are not receiving the feedback from others that is so important to us and to our loved ones. Because we are alone, our aches, pains, problems, politics, and isolation causes us to focus on negative situations.  Instead, we need to anticipate fun things and have things to plan for as the year evolves. Gardening, hobbies, family picnics, birthdays, weddings, or gatherings can be tentatively planned.

Expectations & Dreams

Linda shares an episode with a neighbor and how relevant it is to recall the seemingly insignificant moments. They are in fact the things that bring us joy. As 2021 comes into February we need to connect on all levels to help all of us grow.


Fresh garden produce

Start making tentative plans that will give you something to look forward to and plan. Find books to read. Create a plan for your projects and things to guide you ahead.

Get your passion in line with changing times. Time to stretch!

The 2nd section of the podcast is on our memories. Just a few thoughts to improve yours and recognize how important they are to all of us.  Memories help us deal with losses and with difficult times in life.  They are also fun to make with kids, families, and friends.

These short commentaries are not word-for-word of the podcast, so please enjoy listening.

Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.

The Art of Thinking Clearly

The Art of Thinking Clearly

Enjoy listening to a Variety of Important Thoughts on moving forward. These will help you develop the Art of Thinking Clearly

Linda shares about a few highlights from Thanksgiving. Yes, many families and friends connected by ZOOM. The man who created zoom, Eric Yuan, has gotten us beyond physical limitations. We are so lucky to use technology to stay connected.

Staying optimistic during these times allows us to grow. We can help each other. We are able to feel complete. Send Linda your ideas for topics.


A few thoughts on an article from Success Magazine in the January/February 2121 issue talks about practices for setting goals. Although the article is directed at Money goals, Linda shares how these steps can help us in every aspect of our lives.
1-Systems help us, don’t rely on willpower.
2-Allow Habits to move you ahead, don’t focus on outcomes
3-Being flexible helps us; don’t be rigid. See things with humor.
4-Stay committed, but don’t try to be perfect. It is good to complete things.

Take that first step, it may put you on the escalator of success!


What makes things complete for you? Is it good relationships? Finishing a book? Calling your children and embracing them? What makes your life rich? How do I develop the art of thinking clearly? What relationships are important to you? What do you do that makes you feel better? Even though things may be difficult, now is the time to creative something special. It could be a hobby, a new area of learning, or way to make changes intentionally. Get a coach —Call me.


Dealing with losses can be a difficult thing.It causes us to change and adapt to situations. Losses can be dealt with by changing ones perspective. What will bring you joy?

Integrating self care helps us with adapting to our needs and those of others. Linda shares a few ways to help us change our thinking.

What do you need to focus on? With the holidays in full swing we all need to apply new skills and reflect on the things that are wonderful. Are you learning something new?

Be creative, complete things, and be deliberate. Keep a variety in your life. Do small things, as well as, larger things. What feelings are controlling you rather than using good mental thoughts. Make lists. They can be destroyed and torn up but they help us think things through.

Saying YES or NO?

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?” ISAIAH 43.:19

Note that these are just a few topics and they are not the "word-for-word 
content of this podcast!
How to Advance and Focus

How to Advance and Focus

Oh boy, we seem to be living in a World of Distractions.  

Everyone knows it and those who are achievers are constantly trying to keep focused. Here are some bits of help to encourage you to filter some of them out. None of us are exempt from the phone calls, interruptions, and getting caught up in an unproductive mode. First of all, I must say that some people are better at staying focused than others.   It takes effort, practice, and a few tools.  Perhaps we are creating a whole new generation of attention deficit individuals.   Too much to do and so hard to direct our attention to just one thing.

Here are a few clues that might help.

Do only one thing at a time.  Prioritize and schedule!  If you are working on washing the dishes, do just that one chore.  Finish and move on.
If you are driving, by all means, put that cell phone away.  We all get distracted.  Put it on the dash, with the phone upside down.  If you carry a purse or briefcase, put it inside.  If you do need to use it, stop in a parking lot or safe place, take care of the issue or call and put it away.
Disconnect your E-mail for the moment.   Make time to direct your attention to emails. Clean up the loose ends, and dump the garbage.  Once a week, I go through and dump all the Clutter.   Set up an extra email if that will help separate unwanted messages. Communicate your needs and timeline to connect with others.

A serviceman for my garage door, called with his situation.   It gives me peace to know the schedule and his intentions.  Be good to those you work with or for by communicating changes in time or your specific needs! Be sure to express your schedule and keep it in check.
If necessary turn off the music or radio in the car or office.   It is easy to begin listening to the announcer or music and now focusing on the tasks at hand.
Turn off the computer sounds, because it signals incoming emails and can defocus you.

Write down and carry your lists with you to keep focused on running errands.   It is easy to see something in a store and get sidetracked, but a list will get you the things you needed in the first place.  I tend to figure out in my head the pathway to being efficient and list my chores in that order; it helps because distractions pop up even driving.   It is easy to be impulsive and then one forgets the places you meant to stop.

Complete the project at hand. This allows a person to proceed clearly into the next item.
Lastly, discard the unnecessary, delegate if possible, and deliver what you can on a timely basis.  The day is yours, make it a pleasant one and savor for the small gains!

Taken from: All rights reserved ©2020 Mini Miracles from Minor Moments

How to Enjoy Life

How to Enjoy Life

Welcome to Podcast 187 and the month of October.  Hope you are enjoying the beautiful colors.  They bring us an understanding of how to enjoy simple ordinary opportunities that can make you feel awesome.

Simple things help us find Balance

Balancing energy, eating, sleeping, and getting work done helps us enjoy life. Working smarter not longer can make us feel accomplished. How to work smarter and get ahead will make your life easier. Here we tackle a few strategies of the mind and how we can advance. Focus on one thing at a time. Think ahead to get necessary things done for today. Building a Healthy Mindset takes away the idea that you are a victim, but rather you are in control or on a good path towards a goal. Creating small habits and doing small things to advance helps one feel good. Dealing with challenges can also move us ahead in ways we can’t control.

Building a Healthy Mindset

There are options for us like making small changes and habits. Linda shares about her exercise calendar that gave her a feeling of accomplishment. Create habits with a starting point by finding a cue of something you do regularly. Little strategies help us get the final line easier.


I completed this!          It calls for a celebration!

There are many celebrations are around events like birthdays, life celebrations, or religious times. Many daily achievements should also be celebrated too. What are your daily wins? What have you gotten done that makes your week full? Laugh more, love more, enjoy more!!!

What has made you happy this week?

Take the next step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success!

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