Making Mistakes Can Be Good

Good morning.  Today I am talking about something that affects every single one of us  and that is mistakes. Making mistakes is a normal part of life.  We need to be responsible and face up to our mistakes as we hopefully learn along the way.  We don’t want to error in the same way over and over again.  The problem is that we often over criticize ourselves.  We see ourselves as failing and do not recognize all the good things we do.

So here are a couple of mistakes many people make. 1- Forgetting to put on our turning signals and then realizing it after the fact! 2- Finding the mail in our sun visor that we thought we mailed the week before. 3- Misplacing our keys and therefore running late. 4- Rushing and forgetting to turn off a light.  The list can go on and on.

Mistakes happen because we are not fully focused  or there is a problem on our minds.  In this sections we talk about a few simple mistakes that we make and offers steps to follow that may help.  Things like Minimizing screen time,  Focusing on exciting things like puppies, and reflecting on possible ways to keep moving. The last portion of the podcast talks about reframing behaviors.  What do you need to do to get to the next level.  How do you stay refreshed?  Who is your accountability person?

Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.