Gardens of Life

Gardens of Life

The Gardens of Life can become moments of great growth.  As a child, one learns to grow plants from seeds and cuttings.  We see how beans can sprout and avocado seeds begin to develop roots.  All of these things seem so new and refreshing.  We wait with anticipation and enjoy each stage of growth.  But what happens as we age?  Suddenly everyone is at the local nursery buying seedlings and plantings that are already well established.  We come home and put them in the garden expecting them to look lovely throughout the whole season.  We dread the times we need to water them unlike the child-like moments of carrying the sprinkling can and watering the little plantings. Maybe this is a sign for us to slow down and go back to the days of our childhood when we were able to play and be amused as things popped up well on their own.   What other things do we rush through as we age?   Do you rush through books or put aside the pen and paper?  Rather we listen to books on tape to save time.  We go to the computer to write that note in the form of an email rather than sending a handwritten thank you to a friend who has stopped by for a visit.

Natural Beauty

Since this is a hot and sunny day in the Northern Illinois area, I have decided to go outside and water our plantings.  Some did begin by seed and others were purchased as plantings, I admit.  I will take the time, however, to write a few personal notes and catch up on seeing friends this week.  Thank goodness the Covid times are disappearing and we can once engage with each other in a direct contact manner. 

Enjoy this Sunday, relax, rest, or be with your loved ones.  Harvest the mini-miracles from the minor moments as gifts from above.

Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.

Moving Ahead with a Joyful Spirit

Moving Ahead with a Joyful Spirit

Moving Ahead with a Joyful Spirit

Conveniences are all around us.  It is up to us to select and decide how to use our time wisely.

Making Choices happens over and over ahead.

Review of the book Juror #3

How different our sleeping patterns have become.  Here is another resource for locking down better periods of rest.

Traveling with FigmentWalt Disney is quoted as saying “Taking a Chance.”  This is a wonderful book about dreaming bigger and learning more about applying your dreams into reality.  This man MartySklar was a Disney Legend.  It says is is an Imagineering Ambassador

Linda shares about McCleod Daughters


Feeling Scattered

Feeling Scattered

Yes, good morning everyone.  I am sitting at the computer in the office having my morning decaf coffee and a protein drink.  I don’t know what you are doing, but I hope you have your day set up to be productive and promising. I am in the process of working on workshops. Everything seems so tentative these days.  It is hard to know what day this is!

These workshops probably will not be happening for a few weeks.  Unfortunately, everyone is dealing with other issues.  I have to say we are all feeling scattered in some way. For the people who are able to proceed with their jobs or connections, God Bless You!  You are probably the ones who are helping to keep the rest of us balanced.  It is making me think a lot about my purpose and what God wants me to be doing.  Even my prayer life is a bit different.  Less formal prayer is coming out of my mouth these days.  I am having conversations with God and finding the Psalms are speaking to me.

I took a picture of this mishap earlier this week when I accidentally slide the plastic talcum powder off the counter.  What a mess!  Even the nearby dark wooden cabinet has powder on it.

I accidentally dropped a container of powder on our bathroom floor.

Yes just like this scattered powder,  many of us are feeling scattered too.  We are feeling confused and our thinking is not as focused as it could be.   We are looking at options as to what to do next. I was able to vacuum this up with a little handheld cleaner, but our vacuum is also internally white now too. The room had a lovely fragrance from it, but that was not my intention.  Actually the picture fails to show the extent of the mess.   Like so many things that we deal with, this was annoying, but it was not a biggie.  It was just an inconvenience that I didn’t really like.   It is good to keep a perspective when it comes to the ongoing changes in life.  Perhaps prayerfulness and staying engaged with one another helps us do that.   We need to recognize the reality of what we do and how we do it too.

This past week I have talked with a number of people.  Thank goodness that we have technology working to help us stay connected.  Thank goodness for social media, news options, and the telephone.   Thank goodness for the doctors, nurses, communication experts, the everyday workers at the stores, and postal services.  We really have so much going on around us to entertain an distract us from getting depressed.  Know that I am around and still working to help people go from a place of discomfort into a place to strength and hope.

Have a great day!   I always appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks to those who continue to send in photos for our blogs and other projects.  My best, Linda

Take the first step forward, it may put you on the Escalator of Success.

How to Design Your Life

How to Design Your Life

How to Design your Life

Mini MIRACLES from Minor Moments invites you to recognize the small moments in life that become Mini Miracles!

1:30 Setting goals and having a daily focus begins with intentionality Focusing into what is important begins with writing down what seems insignificant.

2:30 Redefining your goals helps us define. Being accountable helps us stay on task without a lot of effort.

4:30 Taking the small steps to discover habits that are in need of replacement helps us.

6:00 Finding companions on the journey can help several people develop your goals.

7:30 Celebrate your successes!


8:30 The ongoing process of learning calls us to dump all thoughts and replace with new updates

10:00 The medical world is always finding through research new information.

10:30 Be open to new learning, and learning from other wizards in the industry.


11:40 Looking to children for advancing in coping with life.

Taking the first step forward may put you on the escalator of success.

We are not much different from one another!

We are not much different from one another!

We are not much different from one another.  Let me explain.  There is a lovely clerk at our Walgreens store. She is always very charming with a welcome greeting as one enters the store. I thought it might be a store policy, until I realized she is the only one who seems to do it. It makes me look for her each time. She is just so genuine with the smile to match!  It puts me in a better mood.

It doesn’t take much to realize how much we have in common with other people.  While visiting a local nursing center, I noticed how much pain and the desire to be noticed was evident all around me.  People want attention.  It doesn’t need to be much.  Just a simple “hello, you look so well today” will do the trick to begin a conversation and help a person who has no one around to pay attention.

Whether it is a finding a spot to park or having someone greet us, it makes us happy.

Often reaching out to the visitors there too is important.   Everyone is rushing around trying to be supportive, but they are due a courtesy “hello” as well. Yesterday, as visitors were leaving, I intentionally made it a point to say “have a good night” as they were walking out from their time at the rehab center.  Every single one of them pleasantly replied.  When I returned home I too was greeted by Rosy and it made my day complete.

Always on duty to greet  me or alert me to intruders, my dog is attentive!

It is that mere acknowledgement that we all need. You know the feeling yourself when you are recognized at a store when searching for a product; it feels good to have a helping hand when you are in a hurry and you are trying to find a product. Our local ACE is also very welcoming. It beats the bigger stores because of its customer service.

It is the same feeling you had as a kid when you were picked to be on a team.  You felt seen.  Or when you were recognized for doing well on a project, you felt inspired to keep working.   Recognition is needed by everyone.   Let’s reach out to each other.  Make that call, visit that friend, and have a Blessed Sunday!


How Are You Juggling “Life” this Week?

How Are You Juggling “Life” this Week?

Fall is a time for change and calls us to be at our best.   It is currently a time for me to adapt many of my learned skills now.  I need to put into place a priority list.  I have noticed so many of you are also juggling schedules, responsibilities, and family duties.   It can feel overwhelming, but you can do it well.  Hang in there and listen to Linda’s short and powerful inspiration.

Juggling many things can keep us balanced!

What are the things you can change?   What is holding you back?  Can you plan ahead?  How are you keeping yourself well?

Take one step at a time and keep moving forward.  It will put you on the escalator of success.   You’ll be surprised at how well things work out.   Have a blessed week.

Teaming Up is a Great Idea

Teaming Up is a Great Idea

Over the many generations, the idea of teaming up has made sense.   In the days of adventure, when people needed to hunt for their food, it was common that warriors and hunters teamed up either with another person or a companion dog to catch their prey.   In the development of religions, people worked together to go into remote areas together for safety.

Team Work is Fun and    Profitable

Growing up we were taught to meet up with friends and stay connected.  Today that should be easier, but I am not sure it is that easy.   Yes, we have our phones and many other ways of communication, but going places and doing things together isn’t always easy.  Schedules, work demands, and family obligations often demand we split up.  Parents pick up one child while the other parent takes care of dinner.  We just find ourselves split and doing less together.  Figuring out how to “Pair Up” again is a good idea.   After all we can save on fuel, feel connected, and prioritize.

Memories are made and recorded when two or more people are enjoying things together.   In my late 30’s, I worked with a Franciscan Nun who was always going out of her way to make people feel better.   Often she would bake something special or gather items needed for the elderly couples nearby.   These people we often farming people who were shut in due to injuries or ailments.   She’d tell me, “we are going to visit …” and away we would go.   She had been taught from her order to always go with someone and she followed through with that understanding.   I must say even though she has passed on, I still have vivid memories of running these purposeful errands of mercy as a team.

Teaming up goes beyond physically being with another person.   We can team up in business to make things run smoother for our clients.   We can team up as parents and provide a united front for our children.   It makes us more consistent and simplifies family rules.

We can team up in approaching community needs.  Our local Crystal Lake Kiwanis runs a yearly Santa Run on the first Sunday of December.  We do it in conjunction with many other groups who work together.   We have teamed up to help one anothers causes and make the Community even stronger.  In the process, we have come to appreciate one another more.   It is great fun with a great purpose, as well.

Take the one step forward today to team up, it may put you on the escalator of success!

Thanks to Jo Anne Ollerenshaw for the photograph!





Random Thoughts to Move Ahead

Random Thoughts to Move Ahead

This is Podcast #98 and this is Linda Gullo from Mini Miracles from Minor Moments.

This is Podcast #98 and This is Linda Gullo from Mini Miracles from Minor Moments. I am here to welcome you to the weekend. It’s coming up mighty fast and there is so much we want to do while the summer is still fresh and alive. So many people are getting ready to go back to school already. Teachers are already back in the classrooms, and as August goes forward our college kids leave and so many things in the world are going on. Today I want to look at the minor things going on in your life and how wonderful they are and ow we have mini miracles popping up around us. Stay tuned for a whole mess of ideas that will help you have a great weekend.


Random Thoughts

Linda addresses frustration and how she dealt with it yesterday! Linda asks you a few pertinent questions about your own life and how plugged in you are today.


Are you the person who says YES to everything? Be aware about using the word NO; it can be very helpful to help you with your temperament and feeling better. Don’t be a monster from taking on too many things. Learning to know our own limits is very valuable.


Mastering self control means something different to each of us. Do you know what you want to control in your life?


Inspirational sayings and how you use them? Linda addresses kindness and an upcoming segment called DID YOU KNOW?  Look forward to this, it should be fun!

See you next week.



Restoring Ourselves When Running on Empty

Restoring Ourselves When Running on Empty

Restoring ourselves when running on empty can be as easy as filling your car with fuel.  Here are a few ways to do it.

If you have ever had someone close you die, there is an empty feeling that wells up inside  You may end of with their material possessions, but there is a loss beyond words. The ending is so permanent and the feelings of emptiness so overwhelming.   I have had this experience on 3 different occasions.  After many years, the wholesome and beautiful memories do flood back. The lovely thoughts have filled the void.

When one finally goes through their possessions, the experience can lend you insight.  I have a lovely 3 tier corner shelf that my grandmother gave to me when she was ill. She was in the hospital and we were conversing.   She said, “I know you have always loved my corner piece, so be sure you keep it as a wedding gift.”  I did not know that she was about to pass from this world.  She was not there for my wedding, as a matter of fact, she never returned home to her small apartment.   I still treasure that piece, because I see it daily and think of all her qualities that I need to replicate in some manner.   I don’t feel empty, but still very close to her.

After my parents died, I gathered their daily silverware out of the kitchen drawer.   It was the same silverware I had polished as a teenager; the same pattern I had seen everyday of my life. The memories came flooding back of shared dinners we had experienced together.  There was comfort in the memories that helped carry me through the last 36 years.  Loneliness can be replaced by a small token or repeating a habit someone has taught you.

My mother was a prayerful lady who silently worked.   When  I packed up their home, I found a prayer card here and there.  So many of them that I ended up with a handful.   Some were cards from wakes with people’s names on them; others were with special prayers.  They were tucked in drawers, cabinets, and purses.   It dawned on me that Mother had been praying throughout here day at every turn.    What a beautiful habit.

Emotionally we can be running on empty. It would be the same as if  we had forgotten to fill our cars with gas.  Learning to keep our cars fueled, our bodies nourished, and minds mentally focused calls for balancing our lives well.   We’d all like to think that we have those things covered most of the time, but it is really hard to stay balanced.  So eat well, move often, stay connected to a variety of people, and develop new hobbies.

Emotional baggage can cause depression and a sense of worthlessness.   It can keep us from getting out of bed, from making important phone calls, or living the life we want to enjoy.  Remember to dump all of these thoughts in the garbage.  How do you do that?  Well you simply change the tempo of the day by dumping the wastebasket and say “with this I dump all the bad thoughts.”    Replicate physically what you want to emotionally control.  Get out of the house.   Call a friend.   Just move ahead.

Create the person you want to be by taking the first step.  It will put you on the escalator of success.



Consulting with A Friend?

Consulting with a friend is always a good idea.   It gives us a quick perspective that isn’t necessarily our own.   It lends us support and can be a moral support when we can confer or talk with someone we trust.

On a deeper level, many of us are believers in a higher power.   We talk and pray with God and feel secure in that relationship.   When we are threatened or confused, we seek out help from people and professionals around us.  We feel supported all the time and understand that our lives have a design and plan that can’t be seen for now.

Here we have a young adult who is conferring with her trusted friend, Zoey.   Our pets have a way of understanding that people do not offer.   They give us reassurance, but not necessarily advice.   Sometimes we already have knowledge, but lack the confidence.   Our loyal companions fill the voids in our lives.  Zoey can’t make a decision for her, but he is able to be a reassurance and sparks a moment of levity during an UNO game.  Then again, maybe they have a secret formula to winning, who knows?


What do you think?

Consulting with someone who keeps things private!

God has given us people and a way of understanding.   That is why we gather together to celebrate our Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, and other significant religious holidays.  We share one another’s joys and walk with one another during times of sorrow.  We witness for each other the way to emerge through challenges.  Being alone can become a dangerous habit.  We are meant to team up and be in community.

United in service and with ideas helps everyone involved.   Together we are stronger and able to help one another.   It helps to have someone at the other end of a seesaw to fully enjoy being on the playground.   The same holds true in balancing our lives.   We enjoy the company of a spouse, the time in sports with our children, and the playing time with our pets.  It’s the time sitting with a friend and enjoying lemonade that makes a hot summer day more pleasant and relaxing.

As the years pass, it is the siblings that are able to laugh and share funny childhood stories about mom and dad.   It is the cousins laughing about falling out of the tree house or the hide-and-seek games of youth. So remember that consulting with a friend, a counselor, or a family member will restore joy.   It can bring  resilience to an ailing person.   Loneliness is monster that robs us of emotional support, mental energy, and fun.

Enjoy your weekend.  Pick up the phone and call someone who is alone.  Reach out and wave to a neighbor as you pass bye.  Smile at the young mom struggling with small children as a sign of encouragement.

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