Welcome to this week’s Podcast of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments with Linda Gullo.  This week we talk about losses.  Particularly losing a loved one.   Death is a topic that we all avoid and yet it is one that could bring comfort.  Let’s talk about losses.  It can help a lot.

Graveyards across the world recall the people who set great examples for us.

In a recent conversation with a teenager who was working in a Memory Care center as a greeter prompted this topic.  She had lost a dear grandfather who meant the most to her and also to an Aunt who suffered from cancer.  She missed High School classes as a result of these two losses and yet no one reached out to hear her reasons for being defocused or to help her share her feelings and remembrances. Sometimes just being present is needed.

Taking time to honor those who have died can be very comforting.

In the last few weeks several other people have had similar conversations with me.  So here are a few random stories and thoughts. Hope they help you begin talking to others.  I am always privileged to discuss things of this nature.

Taking the first step forward may put you on the escalator of success!