The Gardens of Life can become moments of great growth.  As a child, one learns to grow plants from seeds and cuttings.  We see how beans can sprout and avocado seeds begin to develop roots.  All of these things seem so new and refreshing.  We wait with anticipation and enjoy each stage of growth.  But what happens as we age?  Suddenly everyone is at the local nursery buying seedlings and plantings that are already well established.  We come home and put them in the garden expecting them to look lovely throughout the whole season.  We dread the times we need to water them unlike the child-like moments of carrying the sprinkling can and watering the little plantings. Maybe this is a sign for us to slow down and go back to the days of our childhood when we were able to play and be amused as things popped up well on their own.   What other things do we rush through as we age?   Do you rush through books or put aside the pen and paper?  Rather we listen to books on tape to save time.  We go to the computer to write that note in the form of an email rather than sending a handwritten thank you to a friend who has stopped by for a visit.

Natural Beauty

Since this is a hot and sunny day in the Northern Illinois area, I have decided to go outside and water our plantings.  Some did begin by seed and others were purchased as plantings, I admit.  I will take the time, however, to write a few personal notes and catch up on seeing friends this week.  Thank goodness the Covid times are disappearing and we can once engage with each other in a direct contact manner. 

Enjoy this Sunday, relax, rest, or be with your loved ones.  Harvest the mini-miracles from the minor moments as gifts from above.

Take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.