Changes in Family Dynamics

Changes in the dynamics of families are always evolving as each person grows.  Some family members may be taking on new careers.  Members are moving to different areas of the country. Commitments and expectations of one another change.  Being aware of that is healthy even if the family appears to be going in a negative direction.  The changes allow us to grow and adapt.  Instead of wondering what is next, we need to move forward with joy and pray that each person will develop fully. Join us as we talk about the opportunities for growth.


The first step in resolving an issue may be awkward!

Here Linda shares several little stories that hopefully will encourage you to ask for help.libsyn

Seeking confirmation!

          Seeking confirmation!

Problems are problems, but they open opportunities to grow, reshape our thinking, and allow us to be more understanding of those around us.  When things go astray, what can you give away?   What insight have you obtained that allows you to be more empathetic? Who can you turn to for insight?  Can you find humor in the midst of the conflicts and changes?

We all have limitations and issues.  Many are limitations in how we think. Will you ask for assistance?  Will you search out others who you may help?  Are you seeking confirmation like Pearl is doing here?

Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of Success.