We are not much different from one another.  Let me explain.  There is a lovely clerk at our Walgreens store. She is always very charming with a welcome greeting as one enters the store. I thought it might be a store policy, until I realized she is the only one who seems to do it. It makes me look for her each time. She is just so genuine with the smile to match!  It puts me in a better mood.

It doesn’t take much to realize how much we have in common with other people.  While visiting a local nursing center, I noticed how much pain and the desire to be noticed was evident all around me.  People want attention.  It doesn’t need to be much.  Just a simple “hello, you look so well today” will do the trick to begin a conversation and help a person who has no one around to pay attention.

Whether it is a finding a spot to park or having someone greet us, it makes us happy.

Often reaching out to the visitors there too is important.   Everyone is rushing around trying to be supportive, but they are due a courtesy “hello” as well. Yesterday, as visitors were leaving, I intentionally made it a point to say “have a good night” as they were walking out from their time at the rehab center.  Every single one of them pleasantly replied.  When I returned home I too was greeted by Rosy and it made my day complete.

Always on duty to greet  me or alert me to intruders, my dog is attentive!

It is that mere acknowledgement that we all need. You know the feeling yourself when you are recognized at a store when searching for a product; it feels good to have a helping hand when you are in a hurry and you are trying to find a product. Our local ACE is also very welcoming. It beats the bigger stores because of its customer service.

It is the same feeling you had as a kid when you were picked to be on a team.  You felt seen.  Or when you were recognized for doing well on a project, you felt inspired to keep working.   Recognition is needed by everyone.   Let’s reach out to each other.  Make that call, visit that friend, and have a Blessed Sunday!


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