When we are children, we take so much for granted.  We assume everyone can hear, see, taste, smell, and connect lovingly.   Our world is awesome, because the sky is the limit.  Fast forward, we begin to interact with more people, places, and things than just our loving parents or family members.  Slowly we learn the pain of getting hurt, or being ignored, or smelling bad things.  We learn to adjust to the smells of foods, the environmental odors of the earth, plants, and misty rains.  Our world of fragrance, the sight of running pets, and the awesomeness of butterflies whirling around us expose us to new stimuli.  We usually can see the details on the smalls bugs, and earthworms.  We can see far away and observe the changes happening around us.  If one is lucky their actual site opens up the world of learning.  By adulthood, we may be cynical and toughened to feel the joys that we once felt.  Is that what you want?  How can that be changed?  Are you comfortable where you are at in life or do you want new challenges and ways to contribute to the world around you?



Several years ago, I locked myself out of the house.  I laid down on the front lawn with my dog, who was also locked out with me.  Suddenly my perspective changed completely.  The dried pieces of grass were pinching my legs, the fresh grass was waving with the wind, and the world looked so different at the dog’s eye level.  I could react to the movement of the nearby squirrels and relate to the blowing dandelion fluff in the air and across the street.  Although I don’t remember how I got back into the house, I do recall the clarity and vision I had at that level and often would say to our dog “so what are you seeing that I am missing?”

     An eye level view!

Clarity comes to us in the words that we hear, through the people we meet, and of course, in the books that we read.  We take in the details and expand our knowledge to fit the work we are called to do.  Where do you need clarity in your life?  Are you looking for guidance and direction from others or searching for it on the internet?  Are you called by God to expand your vision or are you satisfied to stay where you are at in life?   Watching the inquisitive of children is so exciting for me.  I hope I never lose the ability to grow and question the world I live in each and every day.  Every person, situation, and challenge one faces imprints and impacts us.  There is a trace of influence or a new concept to absorb.  How cool is that?

Morning Flowers greet us!

Now is the beginning of new clarity and vision.  Literally we need to see the world around.  We need to feel the joy and life giving spirit that thrives in children, relationships, and with our pets.  We need to learn by taking a step forward into something new, it can put you onto the escalator of success. Join us here midweek and on Friday’s for our weekly podcast on finding the fulfilling minor moments that grace us with mini miracles.  Or connect with us at Delight in Living, Ltd.

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