The Circle of Life

Sleeping Simba during a             rehearsal break!

In the Magical World of Disney, we learn about the Circle of Life that begins with Simba, a small lion cub.

Baby & his buddy

It made me think of how our lives keep rolling forward.  With so many people checking out their roots and learning about their Ancestors, we also learn about our place in the circle of life.  Where are you?   Are you the father of a small child or a mother of 10 with grown up children?  Are you a well known celebrity with many people following you?  What role do you want to play in your family, business, or community?

Freshly Powdered

Losses in our lives causes us to reevaluate what are role is supposed to be.   Linda shares that the highs and lows that move us forward!

Pebbles in her prime.

       Living life well calls us to enjoy all the highlights and small moments in our lives.   Look for them and think about the joys they bring!



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