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Sacks, Bags, & Luggage?

Where are you going?   I see a closet filled with sacks, bags, and luggage.  Where did they come from?  Let’s see?  Some were given to me.  There are a few new ones I received as gifts.   There are some with a history of numerous trips.   I have a bunch in my car that are cloth for groceries. In the pantry are plastic ones from miscellaneous purchases to use for garbage cans. The spare closet has luggage, big purses, and bags for the gym.  I keep giving them away and they multiply.  

Here’s a disclaimer:   I do love purses and containers of all sizes for they do help us carry the important things with us.

We all have containers.   Right?  Where have yours come from?  What do you intend to go?  Have you recently bought anything? How many have come to you during this Christmas season?

Well, let me switch to emotional baggage now.   Where has yours come from?   Broken marriages,  illnesses,  joyful times, memories of a great childhood?  I think baggage is useful!   It all serves to teach us and to help us see who we are becoming.   I like the prettier bags with times of happiness and good news, but I am not naive to think they are all so pretty.

Like baggage that has taken you on trips, it is scraped up and dirty.  It serves one well and gets us to and from our destinations.  It can even make us thankful.   Some of it breaks apart and the contents spills.  I recall a trip on a cruise many years ago.  Our luggage was new and broke between the ship and flight to California.  We had it temporarily repaired, but it had to be discarded.   In the process, we tried to desperately save the contents.  We also bought straps that helped keep it together.  Then and ever since I recognize that security straps are essential.

Ever been there?   Saving the contents, that is?   Trying to claim the best of the best and hang on to the rest somehow?   Now is the time to discard the old negative feelings, heal, forgive, and pack in new hope and joy for the next year.  Pray, focus, work on relationships.   Scrap  the old and bind up what you have that can be enhanced.

Look for the Mini Miracles and smile.   Travel well, pack carefully, and plan ahead.

Exploded Expectations?

We all have “bad hair days” or bad days!  It may be a day when the littlest things seem to blow up in our faces.   A time when we have a full agenda or when we have been on a high!  I recall one New Year’s Eve where the kids decided to come out and spend an evening of playing games.   Just as they were about to leave, my son-in-law went out to warm the car, and there was a flat tire on their car. Thank goodness he was easy going and just changed it without much ado.   It could have wrecked an otherwise great night.file-dec-09-8-28-26-am

Life happens and it isn’t always according to our expectations.   Expectations are dangerous, because when things don’t play out as we want them too, we are disappointed.  Perhaps our disappointments make us act inappropriately.   We lash out at others, slam doors, drive foolishly, or just lose it.   Some people pout and become terrible to be around.

It takes a decision on our part to change our behaviors.   Not always easy as we are all creatures of habit and just react.  Do you know what habits you’d like to break?  Working on one at a time is the way to go.

That is particularly true with business and when we want to keep on schedule, but something steps in our way.  The telephone calls start taking priority.  Today I have a combination of business and play that I plan to do, but who knows as I begin seeing white flakes come down.   Learning to be adaptive and working through obstacles is what it is all about.

Today’s the big news story is on John Glenn who died at 95.   The news tells us he was a calm and relaxed man.  He orbited the planet in 1962 and I remember the thrill of it all.   Our eyes were focused on the skies and our prayers were with him.   So many things we now take for granted; the Space Programs for #1.  So many advances have been made that we are able to fly, take trains, buses and cars everywhere!   What joy there is in traveling.

It was my thought that we should all strive to be less anxious; to be more relaxed.   We all need to focus on the here and now and now worry about what will happen next week.  Personal experience tells me that when you get to next week, you’ll have what you need available to deal with the problem. 

So enjoy your day and “delight in living” everyday of the year.  Peace be with you.   And watch for the Mini Miracles from Minor Moments unfolding around you.


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