A red light turned on in the vaporizer last week.   It is usually green and stays light.  It began to flicker and then stay on red, not green.   So did we just ignore it?

Often one can find themselves in trouble if they don’t respect signs.   Signs may be an indication of danger or warning of some sort.   Although they can be visual and read, they may also appear in other ways.  An example would be:  Watch for standing water and don’t drive into it.   It may have a sink hole, open sewer, or deeper than it looks.  There is no written sign to tell you that, but rather common sense and perhaps knowing that from seeing something on TV!   I know that because as a child, our area used to flood easily.  I became aware of the danger that flooding can create.

Signs are placed around us for a purpose.   When I am Podcasting, the door is closed with a sign that says THIS DOOR IS LOCKED, PLEASE RETURN LATER.  People are usually respectful and don’t start pulling or knocking.  A DO NOT SMOKE sign could be keeping a smoker safe from a flammable area.  Or someone inside could be on OXYGEN and it would create danger for all.

Not all places are Open to Everyone.

Not everything a person does is for the world to see.   We have PRIVATE as a word in our English vocabulary, because it is an important one meant to set boundaries.   Can you recall the first time, you saw a sign like this?  We have all seen PRIVATE signs  on a television mystery shows or at a business or doctors office when I was a child.   Private tells us not to enter, or to knock, or maybe even avoid.

If you are traveling, signs of warning or advice are displayed differently. It might be an icon instead of a word.   Often one sees this at the intersections of streets in Chicago or other large cities.  People do not always observe these and cause accidents.   Prudence dictates we pay attention before learning the hard way!  

What other kinds of signs must we recognize?   Are the signs of illness?   Signs that our car is ready to overheat or be out of gas?  Signs that we need more training or understanding before we tackle a piece of dangerous equipment in the garage?   Signs that our business is about to fail or the company we work with is beginning to lay people off of work? Signs from God that we have prayed for?

Knowing how to see signs and then read them correctly can save us time and trouble.  It is good to teach your children to recognize the power they hold. Expand your influence by becoming a good example.  In that way, you will help yourself and others to  “Delight in Living!”




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