Oh boy, we seem to be living in a World of Distractions.  

Everyone knows it and those who are achievers are constantly trying to keep focused. Here are some bits of help to encourage you to filter some of them out. None of us are exempt from the phone calls, interruptions, and getting caught up in an unproductive mode. First of all, I must say that some people are better at staying focused than others.   It takes effort, practice, and a few tools.  Perhaps we are creating a whole new generation of attention deficit individuals.   Too much to do and so hard to direct our attention to just one thing.

Here are a few clues that might help.

Do only one thing at a time.  Prioritize and schedule!  If you are working on washing the dishes, do just that one chore.  Finish and move on.
If you are driving, by all means, put that cell phone away.  We all get distracted.  Put it on the dash, with the phone upside down.  If you carry a purse or briefcase, put it inside.  If you do need to use it, stop in a parking lot or safe place, take care of the issue or call and put it away.
Disconnect your E-mail for the moment.   Make time to direct your attention to emails. Clean up the loose ends, and dump the garbage.  Once a week, I go through and dump all the Clutter.   Set up an extra email if that will help separate unwanted messages. Communicate your needs and timeline to connect with others.

A serviceman for my garage door, called with his situation.   It gives me peace to know the schedule and his intentions.  Be good to those you work with or for by communicating changes in time or your specific needs! Be sure to express your schedule and keep it in check.
If necessary turn off the music or radio in the car or office.   It is easy to begin listening to the announcer or music and now focusing on the tasks at hand.
Turn off the computer sounds, because it signals incoming emails and can defocus you.

Write down and carry your lists with you to keep focused on running errands.   It is easy to see something in a store and get sidetracked, but a list will get you the things you needed in the first place.  I tend to figure out in my head the pathway to being efficient and list my chores in that order; it helps because distractions pop up even driving.   It is easy to be impulsive and then one forgets the places you meant to stop.

Complete the project at hand. This allows a person to proceed clearly into the next item.
Lastly, discard the unnecessary, delegate if possible, and deliver what you can on a timely basis.  The day is yours, make it a pleasant one and savor for the small gains!

Taken from: All rights reserved ©2020 Mini Miracles from Minor Moments