Labor Day helps us Transition into a New Season

Transitions can be awesome and generate energy into our lives.  Getting married, starting a new job, or easing into a new season quarterly are great times to feel energized and alive.  So why is it then that people go into a new arena with skepticism and fear?   Why do we put off change?

The power of the internet has allowed so many of us to stay connected.  Obviously it isn’t the same as sitting across from someone with a cup of coffee, but it does have certain advantages.  I find that in the office it allows me to transition from an in-office appointment to a meeting online easier.  It allows me to meet up with some people earlier or even later in the evening when I might not otherwise want to be there in the dark come the shorter days.

The advantage of different jobs is that we learn new routines and the different expectations companies present to their workers.  A friend shared how much more he recognized the freedom in a former job over the one he now has taken on.  There are more people to be in touch with and boundaries are more defined.  It is different, but not necessarily bad.

The changes from one season to another help us grow.  As the Chicago weather brings on cooler days, the outside landscape takes on enhanced colors.   Suddenly the bushes and trees are already changing.  Partially due to the previous weeks of extreme heat some of the landscape has changed, into pinks and embers.   Not all bad.  This season brings on a change in the foods we enjoy eating, it transitions us into the house a bit earlier in the evening and allows children time to read, listen to music, and take on a new instrument or social group.  People may take time to pick apples together and make the cider or applesauce that is a tradition for their family. 

Today I am making a pot of zucchini puree soup.  It is a family favorite that can be frozen and pasta can be added into it in the middle of the winter.   It is the first of many soups I will be making.  How about you?   What are your favorite Fall dinners?  Perhaps Chili, grilling outside, or a nice roast?

Have a super weekend as we glide into 2020 Labor Day.  Be safe and enjoy the transitions.