Using Power Cooking & Air Fryers may help!

Just where does good health come from?  Science tells us that some parts of the world are healthier than others due to the foods that are eaten. In Israel, we learn that a diet rich in vegetables, fish, and unsaturated fat helps people stay well.  In Japan,  we learn that the people eat until they are only 80 % full.  In the Italian culture, the Mediterranean diet is looked to for attaining an ideal weight, higher energy levels, and to control inflammation. In America, we are fortunate to have a variety of fruits and vegetables available to us in any given season.  Here are apples grown in Illinois used for both baking and eating.

The All American Apple

In recent months many people have looked to cooking foods in a variety of ways.  The pressure cooker has evolved into the instant pots.   They really are a wonder.  As a long time user of the Old Fashioned Pressure cooker, I wondered how these might be different?  Many people had suggested them to me and so I went out and purchased one for myself and my daughter.

I love the easiness of using them and the speed of delivering a great dinner in literally minutes. They are easy to clean, too!  Hot sudsy water does the trick.  Recipes are included with many of them but for me I find if I use my old recipes they still work well.  With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, you might try corned beef brisket.   It turns out tender and oh, so yummy.  Add in your potatoes and cabbage if you desire!

Another favorite recipe is for Beef Stew.   Instant Pots are awesome.   Enjoy!


Another new invention are air fryers that make food taste fried without all the added grease.  Cooking healthy and using some of the newest kitchen tools is great.  One of my favorite people on U Tube is Chef AJ    Her all vegetable approach to eating is most interesting.  She is one of the people who is an advocate for using  air fryers. Check out these appliances on Amazon and see if they might help you.

Perhaps it is little changes that we make and the extra steps we take toward being healthier that give us the confidence that we are helping control over our health.

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