Surrounding yourself with beauty can be easy.  Earlier this morning I was listening to a radio show.  The host was on a Pilgrimage to Central Europe and the group was visiting Vienna, Austria for the day.    Immediately my thoughts took me to a beautiful morning when I visited there many years ago.   I recall a bright sunny morning on the cool side filled with beauty.

We were in a metropolitan area of the city walking along the shops.   A coffee shop had their tables spilling out the doors onto the street where people were sitting and engaged in lively conversations.   A dog was laying down under the table near the feet of its owner.   Another store, not yet opened, had its windows filled with handbags and shoes.   I would have stopped in if they were open to see the beautiful pieces.


Color, Fragrance & Beauty

A  stroll down the street eventually took us to the apartment where we were lodged for the day.     The street had a block of variety of floral shops with friendly owners caring for their blooms.   Even though we were in Vienna for only a short time, seeing the Ferris Wheel in the distance and taking in the early morning complexion for the day was awesome.  I immediately found myself buying assorted fresh flowers.

I will forever remember the fragrances, the beauty, and the freshness of the city.   Surrounding myself with life giving times is part of how I chose to live.  I enjoy nice things, simple pleasures, and prayer-filled moments.  I radiate colors, soft music, and lovely architectural times into my life.   Style and beauty is all around.  I like order and simplicity.   It manifests itself in the art, culture, and joy of people gathering together to break bread and share a drink.  It comes to us in the kindnesses and words from other people.

This year our lilac bushes were sparse from a trimming last year, but what blossomed smelled so lovely.   The green field of Lilies-of-the-Valley scented our yard, and the Peony Bushes currently in bloom continue to open with the busyness of small ants on parade.  One may have a one room apartment or a simple trailer to live in, but making your environment beautiful impacts your life. The joy you gain can be shared by the  your uplifted disposition.  That’s why we pump music into waiting rooms and the smell of fresh leathers in our cars.   We unconsciously thrive on making our environments clean and welcoming.

Do something to make your home, your workplace, and your environment cleaner.   Neaten up and refine what helps you be the best person possible.   Share your creations and the joys your encounter with those in your midst.   Make you own memories come alive.  Find a book to read.  My suggestion is one by Alexander Stoddard who talks about decorating and bringing beauty into one’s day.

Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success.  Have a Blessed Day!


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