“Thanks Linda – you continue to be a light and inspiration to me- I feel lots of peace and that usually means I am on the right trace- and I really believe this is God’s perfect will.”
~ KW ~

“Thank you for helping me on my journey to wellness! God Bless.”
~ EM ~

“Linda, I wanted to thank you for your professional listening and evaluation. Things are good for me. I have set strong goals for my career and firm boundaries in my personal relationships. I have referred 2 girlfriends to you.”

“Linda I can’t thank you enough for all all your loving support and encouragement. You were definitely “heaven sent”. What a wonderful process of acceptance, hope, and faith. You helped me walk this path.”
~ K ~

“Many thanks for you insights about our son’s situation. He now goes to AA every Sunday.”
~ R ~

“Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.   I am now actively seeking full time employment.”
~ K & D ~

“Thanks especially for helping my mom through things.”
~ HZ ~

“Your hard work seems to be helping the family. How can our lives become so complicated?”
~ D ~

“Thank you for all that you have done; the patience, advice, sharing thoughts and your knowledge and calls to check in on me after my surgery.”
~ L ~

“I’m so grateful for your recent comforting words.”
~ BS ~

“I’m having coffee and thinking about your “words of wisdom”! thanks for being such a blessing!”
~ E ~

“Thank you so very much for your support and encouragement. It has been a difficult time. I am very aware of the need to stay prayerful.
~ TB ~

“You have helped me a great deal–can’t tell you how much. Are looking forward to seeing you again.”
~ ABL ~

“I want to thank you for all your excellent advise. As always greatly appreciated. I don’t know if I could get on my life without you.” Regarding relationships, I will take it slowly; again your advise!
~ EH ~

“I had every intention of writing you a note sooner than this to thank you for your guidance, your wisdom, your humor, and everything you did to get me back on track. I appreciate it all so very much.
~ L ~