Fight the Charging Beast and Win

Welcome to Mini Miracles and all the wonderful doors that are ready to open for you. The smallest things can be very significant. the people you meet and the opportunities ahead are awesome.

Declutter Your Mind

Welcome to Podcast 233 and learn some strategies that can carry you forward.  We need to look at the beliefs we have and how to declutter our minds.  Building healthy habits takes time and energy.  So how do we remove confusion?   Listen to this week’s podcast and maybe you will find some opportunities.  It is time to shift your thinking.  We all need to do that!

Life may be like a charging beast.  Changes break us down and often compromise our thinking in a clear way.  When it rains it pours usually refers to when things go poorly, but here we talk about raining may bring good times too.   Some things that may help include:  Laying out options. Talking with positive people. Listening to their stories and find the things that helped them. Asking your prayer partners for help to carry the loads.  Trying not to be embarrassed with your emotions, confusion, or problems, but actually share them with good friends.  Look at the good times and the small things to celebrate even in difficult times.

“Taking the first step forward may put you on the Escalator of Success.”