What pathway are you taking?

What direction do you want to go in in life?   Do you need to learn something new?  Linda shares how food poisoning changed her thinking this week.  What road do you have to take to go forward in your work or with personal issues?

What do you take for granted?

Do you take things for granted?   Linda’s mom did not drive so she learned how normal it was to walk more when she was a kid and how her mom accommodated her needs of being a homemaker.  Exercise can become a natural part of our lives.  Think of ways to move more and incorporate it into your life.

How are you Adapting to Change?

Constantly we are all making decisions.  How are you getting chores done?   When do you schedule things?  Are there days that are just overwhelming?  Caring for our family needs or our jobs change by the moment and challenges us to keep on top of everything.   Where are you getting support?

Mini Miracles from Minor Moments

We are richly blessed with Mini Miracles and do not even realize it.  A new store opened next to our Office Mart that saved me a trip across town.   A simple mini miracle that saved me time and energy.  

Decision Making

What triggered you to make the last purchase?  Was it a commercial on QVC?  Was it a food item you saw on TV?  Are you comparing yourself to a neighbor?  Where do you go for insights? Linda gives us a few ideas.  

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