Welcome to Podcast 222 which talks about resilience, moving forward, and staying connected.


Developing resilience is really essential to being happy and moving forward.   Are you a happy person?  Why do some people have resilience and others don’t?  Learning to adapt to change and stay upbeat requires recognizing our attitudes and self-talk.  Are you able to toss all your old thoughts and replace them with up-to-date information?  Who do you hang around on a daily basis that is educated, wise, and happy?  Are they good mentors for you? Do you have hobbies and fun things to do not only when you are alone, but when you are with other people?

Kids entertain themselves and one another.

Watching children who are content and successful help us see things differently.  Watching children and well-balanced people are good examples of who can become mentors for us.   Kids create their own games; they find things to do.

Are you faith-filled and attending a worship service on a regular and frequent basis?  Faith-filled individuals are kind and peaceful. They know they cannot control everything.   They are also involved in many things.  They team up like kids on a teeter-totter who balance one another out.  Everybody has a cross to bear, but with teamwork and being with others we are able to walk through things.  We must not isolate. Staying connected is essential.  Avoid being isolated and get involved.  How do you do that?  Do you have hobbies?  Are you in a group at your local church?  Do you play tennis, golf, volleyball, or have a workout group?

Do you gather with friends on a regular basis?  Maybe they are neighbors who share a common boundary or share an interest in gardening.

Making a Bucket List

We all need to create a vision for doing more; for doing different things.   We learn to develop our thinking by doing different activities.  We make bucket lists.  Make your list and keep updating it.  Things like traveling and learning about other cultures. Learning to play an instrument or going into another profession.  Be visionary and list 50 things you want to do.  You won’t regret it.

 We learn by seeing people and how others have walked down the path you are walking down at the current time.   Sometimes we learn not to go in one direction, but to rather wait.  We need to trust others.   Linda shares in this podcast how she and her husband trusted a man called POPS.   Tony merely gave POPS a 20-dollar bill and he kept a promise to them that ended up changing their lives.

Give yourself space.  Keep your thinking open.  Ask yourself many questions.  Decide how you want to spend your money. and your time on earth.   Who do you have to connect with?  How can I figure things out?  Where do I get the information I need?   What do you need to investigate?

What Things Are Changing Around You?

Are you reconnecting with other people after these Covid years?  We all need to help one another feel essential again.  We need to celebrate the good times and divide the negative moments.  We need to see the kids as they gather and play together.  The times when they go places together.

Remember that asking is wisdom, not weakness. 

“Take the first step, it may put you on the Escalator of Success!”  Linda Gullo