Balancing a Happy Life

Balancing a happy life takes time and effort.  Perhaps you are trying to reorganize and keep in check the things that are most important to you.  These may be things at work,  times with the family, and/or personal objectives like your health.

Maintaining balance in a variety of places.

Keeping up with the times is essential.  Many of us are now going out to restaurants and meeting up with others.  This interaction is so needed.  We are all trying to balance expenses, maintain the property, and keep ourselves up-to-date.  What are you trying to balance?

1-  Seeing others on a regular basis?

2- Self-care includes taking care of our skin, our diets, and exercise.

3-  Are you consistent with reading, working, and completing projects?

4-  How are you adapting to tech changes?

One can eliminate stress by being organized.

Linda talks about organizing her pantry.  This came up in a conversation with a friend who needed to put things in some order.  Here she shares a few tips she has found useful.  She then talks about the office.  Being organized helps us do things in a timely manner and also allows our minds to function better. 

What brings you joy?

Now, this may sound silly, but many people can’t figure out the answer to what brings them joy. They may not have created hobbies or put some aside.  That is often due to other things that have taken our attention.  I used to sew a great deal.  My focus has been on business and on other issues.   Now I have brought it back into my life.  

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