Questions to Answer

Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments on this bright, shining day in July.  Today Linda has a series of questions to ask you. Questions to help you live a happier lifestyle and stay connected with others.

If you are a reader, what are you reading?   If you are not a reader, who or what supplies your news, insights, and daily needs?  Linda reports on recent books she is reading.

Where are you going this summer for a break?   Are you taking a vacation?  Looking to visit with family, friends, or business acquaintances?   Are you flying or driving? Are you taking a one-day break? Travels to Portugal on a trip in 2013 helped us develop cultural moments and see great architecture!

How do you set margins in your life? Things that are fruitful,  control your life, and provide a variety help us thrive. What kind of hospitality to give to others, but forget to give yourself?  Check out this podcast!

Asking for help is WISDOM, not weakness!