Creating Good Relationships

Being Present for One Another

Make connections count!

  • Give one another space
  • Look at one another when conversing
  • Respond well and on time
  • Give others a pat on the back
  • Be supportive
  • Be willing to help spontaneously
  • Look for ways to redeem the wrong.

                  Feeling connected

Make each day count.

  • We don’t know what others are going through so we need to be patient and courteous.
  • Be kind to others at all times – Do unto others as we’d like them to respond to us!
  • Find opportunities to help others move forward and you’ll find yourself moving forward as well.
  • Give good feedback that is sincere and honest.
  • The power of suggestion may mislead you or take you down the wrong path.
  • Be aware of the media and ideas being shared with you.   Are you in agreement?

    We need to lean on one another!

“Elevate caring above competing.”   Stephen Covey