Using Portable Equity to Move Forward

Welcome to today’s podcast on Portable Equity.  Linda begins by sharing a story about a  group of men who had lost their jobs and how she helped them move forward.  Now she shares this with the listeners.   We all have skills that we don’t even recognize and experience that can transfer into different jobs.  Skills we are able to use in different ways may be sitting dormant.   Knowledge is ours to share, grow, and transfer into different areas of employment.

You’ll be surprised at how many qualities you have!

Next a few minutes about dealing with traumas and how to reframe our situation.  She talks about untangling problems.  What problems do you have to untangle?

Please join us on Saturday mornings for a new Group of Brainstorming.   Every week we talk and resolve ongoing problems, become friends, and learn new things.  It is designed to be a welcoming and fun group.

Take the next step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.