Avoiding Mistakes

Asking for help is wisdom, not weakness.

Welcome to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments. Today Linda tells us about ways to move forward and how to avoid mistakes.  What are your goals?  Are there limitations? What are the reasons or excuses you don’t succeed?  If we want to do something enough we figure out a way to accomplish it! Do you truly desire to succeed in some area?

Today I want to address goals and limitations.    What stops a person from excelling? Is it not wanting to travel? Is it a lack of interest? Perhaps not knowing where to get funding for a project? What excuses do you give?

When one has a finished product or project in mind clearly, things come together to make it a reality.  It takes time and planning.  It calls for a course of action that can’t be rushed.  All the steps need to fall into place at the right time to get the project done correctly.

Our lives are like that in many ways.  We need to have an education or training in the area in which we want to succeed.  It may call for internships and having mentors around us to teach us the skills we need.   The limitations are the things we short-change.  They are the steps we skip over or forget to do that cause us frustration.  Limitations are often of our own making.  Sometimes we meet with failure when we don’t take things in order.

Set aside time, be specific, set a few steps that are easy to do.   So here are some limitations to avoid and watch out for and ways to move ahead!

1-Setting aside enough time to do a project on a regular basis.

2-Being specific with your WHY and the goal you want to reach.

Make whatever you want a priority and not just wishful thinking.

3-Start in even if there is a fear of failure.

4-Jumping in an environment where those around you will be helpful.  We all need support.  

5-Try finding the resources you’ll need upfront.  Where will you go for help?

6-When you find yourself getting stuck or falling short, talk to someone for guidance.   Asking for help is wisdom, not weakness!

Scheduling & Notations!

Find a word that means something to you.  Assign it to yourself for the next 3 months.  It will be a big help.  Linda says her word for the first quarter was Voyage. It has helped her move through surgery and a few other major things.

Have a great week and enjoy!