Asking for help

Asking for help isn’t always easy.   In the last 2 1/2 years we have been learning firsthand how difficult and sad life can be when we cannot be with one another.  We needed to see the expressions on one another’s faces but couldn’t with masks.  Everyone became isolated and sad.   This has been a period of transition.  We are people who want to help one another. We need to be together.

Smile, Laugh, and Offer

When we have issues it is important to learn how to ask for help.  Yet most of us are reluctant to ask for help.  Why is that? When we do reach out, often there will be people who want to help us.   We will grow closer, laugh more, and find things to smile about each day.  Connecting with others is good for both parties.  We want to be helpful to others and to pass along favors and knowledge.  It makes both parties happier in the long run.

Transitions teach us to ask for help.  I am a transitions counselor who helps others deal with change. This is a grandson who was a huge help when I came home from a hip replacement surgery.  He was willing to get me ice, pick up the stuff I dropped, and get messages to others in the family. We grew closer.

Take the first step forward.  It may put you on the escalator of success!