Decision Making

Welcome to the Autumn Season and all the wonderful colors that magically appear.   Today’s podcast is on making decisions and staying happy.  Mini Miracles from Minor Moments happen all the time.   Recognizing the smallest joys can be so uplifting. Saying yes, no, or maybe so can change your beliefs about many things.

Making purchases has changed over the years for us and for many people. Shopping used to take place by us going into stores, comparing prices, or learning about what was available. We would talk to our friends and ask about the best deal. Nowadays, one goes on the computer to do research. We talk less to people in the know. We are making decisions without engaging with one another. Do you miss this?

How do these decisions affect us, our businesses, our children, or other occupations? Do you think you spend money differently?  YES?   Are you happier? NO? or MAYBE SO?

Finding ways to be happier

How do you set your goals? Have you refined your manners? How about learning new skills?  Are you connecting with other people more or less than in the past? Does your environment lift you up or keep you stymied? Linda suggests trying to move things around in your home or office. It can be very uplifting to your spirit and how you think. Finding or creating an uplifting life is beneficial and helps us stretch. It can be hard to accommodate when things are happening to you. Even if something seems insignificant.  Small things can make us depressed or they can be uplifting and a mini-miracle.

Finding comedy relief helps greatly!

Linda shares about a dog her family enjoyed and how to deal with disappointments that happen all the time. How do you deal with them? They don’t need to be big things. There isn’t a simple black-and-white way to remedy disappointments. Time, resources, and talents allow us to find comedy relief.

Be thankful for the people around you. Try to be good to them as well.  Check out our past Podcasts as well and send in ideas for us to consider.   Soon we will be having guests back again.  We enjoy taking that step.

Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success.

Here are your choices: Yes     No    or   Maybe So