Memories in the Making

Welcome to this week’s podcast of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments with Linda Gullo. Jim Haisler welcomes all of you to our 200th podcast. Linda shares a trip to Carmel, Indiana. This town was very joyful, safe, and took on the look of a Hallmark story. Here she made memories with friends and family.   The people there were cordial; the visit was comfy and fun.   You too might enjoy a trip there. And they had many statues on the street that we embraced with laughter.  Enjoy this section.

Wow, Bread

Feeling connected

Bub’s Burgers is getting a free advertisement here. Because we enjoyed a couple of lunches there it may be a place for you to check out!

Stay on Target

Treasure chests hold valuable things. Here we have a chest of rocks with words on them that hold value. Encouragement comes in many ways. Find a word that inspires you and mount it on your refrigerator on under the glass on your desk. Think about the customs and traditions that led you forward.  These stones were given to me at various times and made special memories for me as well that I absolutely loved.  They may inspire you.

Our Treasure Chest becomes yours too!

Join us at Winner’s Circle link or call our office for help, direction, and joy. Linda helps you with issues you are dealing with, losses in your life, or resolving problems. We promise you’ll feel better after discarding issues in conversation.

Book Suggestion

This week’s book review this week is called START YOUNG.  It is great if you are raising children or have special children in your life that you want to cultivate.

Just “Taking the first step may put you on the escalator of success!”  Join us every two weeks for a new podcast.  Next week’s is on taking the ONE STEP that will lead you to success.