Preparing for Greatness

Jim Haisler welcomes everyone today to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments with Linda Gullo. Enjoy this week’s information and the ideas for journaling.    Here is a quick review, but certainly not word-for-word.


1-Physical battlefields include several.  Perhaps it is healthy eating, or physically moving more. What limitations do you have? So from physical battlefields, we move into how we may be thinking!

2-Intellectual processes are going on constantly.  Are you listening to others? Are your thoughts coming from you or from others?  Do you need to be better read or more involved with your community?  What thoughts do you have to pitch because they are no longer serving you to be the best version of yourself? Is it time to change belief systems that are no longer relevant?  Turn to meditation and spirituality as another battlefield.

3-Spirituality takes on many levels.  Are you prayerful?  Do you have fidelity to what you do or to the other people in your life?  Do you give from your abundance, from values you believe in, or are you living apart from others?  We often think we have nothing to share, but we have plenty!  Do you follow the basic ten commandments that so many of us follow?

4-Emotional battlefields are often leading us down the wrong path. What are they leading you to do that may not be good?  Are your emotions wiping out wholesome thinking?  Is anger, jealousy, or laziness keeping you from doing what you KNOW is the right thing to pursue?  As a resut you may self critical and not realize it. 


Linda shares a story about a Squirrel who visited her yard. The story lends us inspiration to be on task. This squirrel sets an example for each of us on following customs. We need to follow systems that work. He showed being prepared. Also, this squirrel was good about being consistent. Do you have backup plans? Enjoy this story on being ready and having backup options in places.

Book Review

Book review – by Seth Godin, a marketing guru. Today we learn about a little book that teaches us when to quit or when to stick through something in the book The Dip.   Enjoy the short review on a book that may end you inside.  He has a variety of books available. He is known for great quotes like the following one.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”
Seth Godin


Do you need to reset attitudes? Are you changing boundaries with groups you are in? Are you aware that one’s behaviors of helping others may be limited? What attitudes do you need to alter? Are you in need of learning to switch from being at work to be focused on those at home? Do you need to find time alone?

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