Today’s Podcast discusses a number of things.   The first is about nourishing our bodies. Listening to what our body needs will look different for each of us. We all come from different cultures, different experiences, and different food traditions. How and what we eat is connected to our mindsets, beliefs, and of course, our habits. One thing to recognize is that we are an accumulation of our habits. Those small steps that we do every day often unconsciously move us forward or stall us. It is like making a pot of grandma’s soup. We just do it because that is how it has been done. But now, we need to think differently about what we put into our stomachs. Are we feeding an emotion like anger, anxiety, or just boredom? As a Health Coach, I help people look at their nutrition as one part of the solution. We need to think about how we see and vision food as well. Do you see a large amount of food as nourishing or is there one small plateful that really fills you up?

Eating Well

Several years ago I bought a stack of 9-inch plates from Pier One Imports that really are a perfect size. A complete meal fits comfortably on it and keeps me in check.  The American Diabetic Association suggests a 9-inch plate for us so I felt good with this decision.

Simply focusing on freshly cooked or steamed vegetables is filling and can help a person feel healthy. Our skin, our digestion, and our attitudes about junk foods seem to disappear. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a burger, roasted chicken, or a favorite fish. Those things are wonderful proteins that give us strength and should remain part of our diets. Eating well means giving our bodies the nutrients and fuels it needs. We all want to flourish and the quality of our eating can then be supplemented with great hydration. Fresh water and moving complement our bodies. What visions do you have for food?  Is it just to fill you up?

Mental Health Check-ups!

Find a good counselor or psychotherapist to keep yourself mentally well.  We are ready to help you in this regard!  Changes continue to challenge us to grow!  So here are a few of the newsy things to read.

A few thoughts regarding last week’s Crain’s News

Just a few thoughts on a couple of articles that may ignite your thinking.  Enjoy this section.  The looks at Malls as they become apartments.   And what are the shortages now.  Manufacturers having problems getting metals, woods, and chips.   It is affecting all of us.

Education – Where do you get yours?

Nelson Mandela has said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I do believe that. But I wanted to say that there are many forms of education. Education to think for oneself, education to learn a wide variety of skills and plateaus and education that is from self-experience. Not all education comes from going to a school and copying what someone else knows as the truth. We need to learn vicariously, but not necessarily regurgitate what is shared with us. Books offer us the content to read, absorb, or claim. It also allows us to disagree and question. Today I hope the young are not just learning from the internet that is often incorrect in one direction or another. We need to be resourceful and question the things coming our way. The basics of reading, writing, and being kind and sociable are also part of the educational system. We need to be respectful of all people as the commandments of God teach us, but we need to protect ourselves and our families also. The secret to a good life is learning to be content with yourself and your own choices.

Education can be Formal from a University, learned on a job, or experienced in life!

Reframing  & Adapting to Change

Linda talks about looking out of a window.  It can be refreshing and offer many opportunities for clearer thinking. Changes give us opportunities.  Linda shares a story about her father’s car being crushed by a cornice and a number of changes that can be for us or seemingly against us.  It is the way we frame change.  Now to look at the generations around you!

Look to the Generations Around You

Looking to different generations offers us a good perspective.  We can be there for one another.  We can be mentored by others if we are open to changes.

Our podcast is meant to drop pieces of Education, Motivation, and Spirituality into your pathway to use as needed.  We are here to help you.  We plant seeds of kindness, opportunities to grow, and the best of everything.   Listen often as we drop pieces of newsworthy information for you.   Remember to take the first step, it may put you on the escalator of success.

Have a great week and join us here or at the podcast Mini Miracles from Minor Moments about every two weeks.

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