What have you lost?

In a world of constant change, we are all dealing with losses.  Some are temporary losses like a job, but we still feel the impact on our pride and certainly our pocketbooks.  There are losses of companionship.  Divorce can be devouring.  Daily rituals disturbed by illness or health issues leave us weak and broken.  Yet there is a lot to learn from losses and today’s podcast addresses those things.


One thing we all share as people is the pain or emotion that comes from loss. What have you lost lately? Is there a loss of a job? Have you intentionally quit? Linda shares how she intentionally quite a job because of a family situation that was calling for her attention. It still affected her as if she had been let go because she relished the people she worked with the job she had been doing. She was in pain, lonely, and had enjoyed her job. It was an emotional loss indeed. She was grieving.

Life is a maze.

Life is like a maze. How do we fill the voids when we go through grieving? What are the things you have to look at? Are these things happening to you directly?

Often sleep is inconsistent and we don’t do well with little or interrupted sleep. We need the rest to be our strongest and to think clearly. Losses often cause us to lose our focus and clarity. When we have a person who dies, we can also be sabotaged.

Hang On!

Looking for people to help us through these times do exist. Find opportunities to redirect your attention to because it will lift you up and out of sadness. Isolating ourselves is really a danger. Look for good books to read.  Go to the library: meet a friend at the bookstore.  Make it a good experience to reconnect with others.

Accept the stages of grief and recognize that this maze can be shortened or endured with a little less emotional pain. Connect with people from your church, from your work, from your neighborhood community.  Volunteer in your community.  There are always food pantries, senior citizen needs, and bingo.  These may be temporary placeholders to help you move ahead.

Visually place good things around you that can lift you up. Listen to music to lift your spirits. Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success.