Being Mindful to discover the Solutions that are all around!

How do you solve problems?   What are you dealing with now?   Here are a few thoughts on that matter.  Have you ever found the answer to something you looking for and suddenly you have that “Ah-ha” moment?  It is like finding a lost item.  Bingo.  You find it and the world seems so much better.  What are the things you need to do to trust your own judgment and resolve a problem?  Are you controlling part of finding the solution?  Taking that step forward can happen easily.  Listen now.


Tomorrow is another Day!

Sharing your positive thoughts with other people is something that is so appreciated.  We all want to be acknowledged and recognized.  Everyone has issues and getting through them is made easier when one doesn’t feel isolated!  Challenges of our own allow us to help others being challenged.

Perhaps you are being harassed by mental stress, physical pain, or a difficult job?  We are running around putting out fires for our teenagers, grabbing groceries so our refrigerators are full, and preparing for the next day or next week. Sometimes worrying about what we are to wear to the next event. Our concerns are with what others are thinking. Our minds are racing and seldom relaxing until we crash in front of the television or from exhaustion. How can we be playful and happy when we are so confused?

My husband was and continues to do one thing at a time. Now he does it out of necessity because of health issues, but he has always done things with deliberation. He takes breaks and yet gets so much done.

When we were in our 20’s, we moved into a new home. A home that was a frame with parts of it to still be built. We had property without any trees or vegetation. It was a canvas for creating an environment we wanted. I look out the window NOW, these many years later and notice all the trees, plants, and beautiful groupings. I think of how we began by moving boulders, accepting plants from others, and working hard to make it our own.

We can also do that with our personalities. We can slowly, but with intent and passion create the ideal life; a life you want. We all have unique looks, gifts, and interests.  We need to appreciate and share what we have received.

Are you appreciative of who you are? I have been thinking about that and how we are always trying to be better, smarter, and productive.

That brings me to a couple of simple solutions.

The first is Mindfulness. Much has been studied about Mindfulness. It does not require you to follow any particular belief. Nor is there is a leader to follow. Yet the effects of mindfulness include a reduction of stress, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, physical pain, risk of major medical issues, psoriasis, overeating, smoking, drinking, and loneliness.

Why is it then that we don’t exercise the simple remedy of stopping, sitting, and practicing mindfulness? It does not cost money. It can be practiced alone or with others around you. There is no risk. It is free for the taking, but so few of us take it.

Be mindful. Yes, I am laughing. Being rushed and overwhelmed is more common than not. In listening to a talk on mindfulness, one is reminded to keep the mind full. If you have ever held a baby, one just relaxes and melts. We often become as tranquil as the baby. We are aware of the beauty of a human person.

In this world, it is easy to be distracted. We are urged to read more, do more, earn more, and go more. We are engaged and thinking about the future. We are urged to watch the clock and be places.
Mindfulness focuses a person on the moment. It allows us to fully engaged at the moment. To have fuller moments.


Now I said there was another option and that is prayer. A prayer is also a form of focusing and relaxing. We can center our thoughts on the needs of others. We can communicate with God about our feelings, concerns, and desires to help others. We call upon a supreme being to help us make sense of things that are seemingly wrong. The person you love is ill, or the child you raised is striving for a scholarship. The job you wanted is serving you well and you find a sense of gratefulness for the path that led you there. You may want to relish and share the good things that happened in your week.

My dad would stop at the door of the church each week and bless himself. He would just stand there and seemed so tranquil. He would tell me that he was so thankful to be back and have time to pray and think.

To this day, I find prayer and also times of mindfulness very filling. I find it is where I get recharged and refocussed and I would love for you to have that same sensation and satisfaction.


“We deal with our mind from morning till evening and it can be our best friend or our worst enemy.” Matthieu Ricard

Take the first step forward, it may put you on the escalator of success!  Linda’s own!