Strengths, Feelings, and Overwhelm

There are times when we are tested to discover our strengths.  Challenges come flying at us and there are so many things to resolve.   Whether it is a large corporation that you work for that makes a big decision. I know of one that suddenly decided to let many of it faithful workers go without a warning. Or perhaps you are a person that just encountered a health issue and the repercussions affect your entire family.


The feelings that come along in any challenge aren’t right or wrong.  There are feelings that overcome us that seemingly come out of no where.   The problem is that we often become emotional and let the emotions rule our behaviors.  Instead it is wise to reflect and act with prudence.  Laughing out loud as I write this, because it is not easy to hold back the tears, call a friend and complain, or throw a dish at the wall.  We all need a healthy mindset to go forward.  Linda shares how even going out with a friend for a quick lunch can give her space on how to deal with problems and the overwhelming feelings of having too much to do.  How about you?   How do you slow down and recoup when things seem out of hand?

Linda talks about feeling overwhelmed.  What and where do these feelings that overwhelm us come from?   Were does it come from for you?  Does it help you to turn to other people and get some insight and space to figure things out.   What puts things in perspective for you?   What slows you down?

Rest when you need it: ask for help and be grateful!

Getting help when you need it.    A shout out to  K & S Computers on 101 North Main in Crystal Lake, IL who helped me in here last week.

We are all learning even if we are not formally registered in classes.   We are building our vocabulary, our skills, our thinking, and our connections with one another.

Take the first step forward, it can put you on the escalator of success.


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