Mini Miracles from Minor Moments brings you educational tidbits, motivation, and spirituality that  intersect to make your life happier. Becoming the person we want to be starts with vision.  Linda talks about her life and  how we develop because of the families we come from; we take on so many of the practices and understandings from our past.   We all have have special stories.  Enjoy what you have.

We all have portable equity and things that we are proud of doing.   We learn from doing, seeing others, and taking things one step at a time.  Gather your precious moments too!  God does equip us with the tools we need to succeed.

What do you have a love for doing?  Linda shares how learning was and still drives her.  Do you practice and enjoy the hobbies and things that propel you forward?  When are you the happiest?  Is it connecting with an old friend or learning “the rest of the story” about someone in your past?

The Lord is my flashlight in times of darkness!

Leading the best life you can can be difficult. A man sharing a story in line at the store suddenly had a group discussing the things that consume us.  Do you need to slow down and develop interior peace?

Ideas for living past 100:  1.Concentrate on one thing at a time.  2. Enjoy one small thing that you need to do every day.  3. Nurture a friendship  4.  Stop hurrying.  5..Be Optimistic.  6. Eat  and sleep properly. Enjoy your food.  7. Keep yourself busy with making something.   8. Smell the  freshness in your garden.

Happy Labor Day


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