Be Bold, Be Blessed, Build Confidence

For years I prayed for boldness.   It wasn’t until watching our dog, Rosy, charge after rabbits or seeking out a possum that I realized how instinctive that was for her.  She was brave and just forged ahead.   With the exception of getting bit in the eye from a ground of yellow jackets, boldness and the fearlessness had worked in her favor.  She had the sense of adventure that was what I wanted to experience.  I just heard on PBS a show on the advantages of taking risk.  Taking risks can do a lot to help us.  Check out the 7 Reasons Why Risks can lead to success.

Our Love!

Rosy stands guard

If you find yourself stalling, ask why?   Are you sitting back and passing up opportunities? Or are you just waiting and hoping that by some miracle, they will come to you?  Are you filled with reservations or myths that you aren’t able to pursue something?   Are you fearful of failing? Brendan Burchard is an inspirational guru who says, “Most fears these days are just poor management of your mind.” We are all responsible for ourselves and we need to empower ourselves.  You can do it and profit by developing confidence.  Let the criticisms you receive and the opportunities to engage with learned people, help you grow and succeed.


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