The Jobs that Keep Paying You Forward

The experience that pays you the most in life is not always recognized.  Hopefully you’ll find a few take-aways as Linda shares some of the earliest jobs she had encountered.   Where are you in your career?  Have you tried a number of different things and find they all have some of the same ingredients?   Are they all mechanical in nature?   Are they in one industry?  Are they jobs where you are in control of your own time?  Are you a person who likes to be in the car and out and about in sales?   Knowing the common characteristics helps us determine professional or corporate jobs that we might prefer.

Some occupations are designed around our environment!

Locations, our age, and the economy all help dictate the types of job that makes sense.   There are times when our proximity to certain industries give us the advantage to learning.  We may be at an age when our vitality allows us to lift heavy products. We may have the energy to do lots of physical work.   Our needs change as we move throughout life and the desires to be involved with certain industries increase.  Let these moments in time work for you and not against you.   If money and time are on your side, traveling occupations may allow you to learn about different cultures or provide training for you that will be valuable later in life.  Take advantage of these conditions to put you in a good position for advancement or success.

Vision sometimes becomes clearer as we assemble our thoughts and experiences.

Enjoy this week as you step forward, may it put you on the escalator of success.

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